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Tristan Tales  ⬆️watch my Stories! |adventure|comedy|creativity| 🌴STAY DIZZY! 🖌sometimes I doodle on my insta story 👻 ⬇️Scope the Merch!

When your friend gets blamed for something you did (😈@alexlange) (📸: @jessicache)

(📸: @ari.weiss)

Looking at your friend and saying, "I'll do it if you do it..."

Two seconds after this pic was taken I stepped on seaweed, and that's when I discovered my scream is the exact same when I am about to be eaten by a shark as it is when my foot accidentally touches seaweed.
📸: @jessicache

I get wayyyyy too into it when I tell stories.. CAPTION THIS:

"Clear the dance floor"
"Sir, this is a landing pad"
"It will be once I land these sick moves"

If you don't send your friends 853 memes a day, are you even friends? TAG SOMEONE WHO IS ADDICTED TO MEMES! 🙎🏼: @katjaglieson

Still don't know how I got rejected from Hogwarts
📸: @jessicache

Nothin like a nice warm cup of coffee in the mor-- ok tbh this cup is empty. I found it on the beach and was like this is a cool cup. Then I made @jessicache take a pic of me holding it. So hmu if this is your cup, I'm not gonna give it back, but just want you to know it's in a loving home now.

I love when people call me "Sir" - even when it's followed by "get down from there immediately." Time to fly my Sky Viper Spider-Drone across the city skyline ;). Check out @SkyViperDrones account tonight for some surprises!! #Ad #SpiderManHomecoming

When your friend's mom asks if you two are behaving yourselves 📸: @jessicache

Fastest way to ruin someone's knock knock joke: just yell "It's open!" (COMMENT A KNOCK KNOCK JOKE) 📸: @jessicache

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