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LaFache  Actor, lawyer, director, writer, friend, person, "Well, I guess I picked the wrong time to be a human being" 💫🌟✨🌟 "Heathers" -1988

#Us me and my boo @angeliquecabral stepping out to celebrate LOVE @jazmynsimon & @dulehill a toast 🥂 to you and your epic LOVE blessed 🙏🏽🙏🏾 to be a small part of it. THANKS to @brittdrose & @theblg for hosting an amazing celebration of LOVE ❤️ #spreadlove #dominatethehate #letsbeonek? #newyork #california #soproudhowwerepforlove #callmealibtard #illbethatbisch

Feels strange posting about a tv show for me right now. Nothing witty to say. Tonight is the series finale of Doubt on CBS. Two episodes. 8 & 9 p.m. Loved every second playing this character. Even though she is a meanie. And we do not need any more meanness in this world. #prayingforhumanity #sillytrelfiemashup

When your insides match your outside.

#Tb I don't always play a B....but when I do. #thisonessouthern #and60s #andwigged CBS #ColdCase and I love mah boo Kathryn Morris to death. I'm pretty sure she was the first woman to be #1 on the call sheet on a network drama.

Tell me who you loyal too

When you text bestie @jazmynsimon a photo demonstrating you and @dulehill trailers are next to each other for the day and she's says he just sent her the same pic but you haven't even seen each other on set!!! 😂😂TWO episodes of Doubt tonight. Dule & the lovely @dreamadew 💕 will be in both. I'll be on at 9 pm. CBS. 8 pm #Doubt

It might be Friday ....

I do not love this pic but I do love my bestie @audralynne222 who posted it to her insta story. Also this was the best day. My first film role EVA!!! Garden State. I still remember buying the soundtrack (on CD) and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge listening to it. Zach Braff asking me at the premiere if I liked the film and me cursing him out (not really) but telling him I was livid bc my name appeared as Kelly (my character's name) LaFrache (who even is that) in the credits. Him telling me it would be fixed in the reprint and DVDs (it was) and Natalie Portman telling me I was hot (what even) ... Oh time. She flies.

Stand up. Storytelling. #4 so precious to me. Whatever bisch got jokes duh...thank you to everyone who came out 'tis I know @parallelthinkingtheshow @edpko @rachelgermaine thanks for having me bisch 🎧📸cred @angeliquecabral

Tuesday 8/1 @ 8. No drink minimum. No bull sh#t. Ok probably a lot of bull sh#t

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