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💞Jasmine Gregoire💞  Triplet #2 😇 Bestie's: Nicki, Vicki, Hannah & Kori Living life to the fullest. Fam: triplet #1 & #3 Morgan&Shauna. CHHS 2019 🎷

Happy 17th birthday to my ride 👊🏾or die ☠️the Bonnie to my Clyde the foundation to my empire 🏤🏢this. I love you 💕💕so much and I miss you and even though I don't get to see you as much any more I'm always going to be here for u 👭and I know I can always count on u. I'm sorry this is so late in the day but my phone is broken 📱and this is basically my only way of communicating but just no that u shall forever be my body guard 👌🏾and we are both queens👸🏾👸🏼 who shall one day become rulers/ dictators 👑lol which ever one u prefer I love you 💘and I hope we can send so many more of your birthdays together love u ❤️teddy bear 🐻*also sorry about this being an old pic u still look hot 🔥anyway... plus this isn't my phone 📱..😇😘

Follow my aunt #youthm4l @saveasoul365 she's trying to do something positive not only for those in need in her community but nation wide help her out and please spread the word #youthm4l also get this shirt that I helped make the hashtag for 😂😂☠️💖💖

This baby is sad and cute it's like I don't know wether to cry or say awe so I'm going to choose the middle and do both😢😍. This is also when you get out the Bible 🙏🏾. @againstmalaria

Happy Father's Day to a loving caring father we may have our ups and downs and don't always see eye to eye on everything but at the end of the day your the best father anyone could ask for you always made sure we looked nice you always tried to put a smile on our face when we are feeling down and even when you have worked all day and feeling tired you still managed to make it to our performances and there's not to many kids that could say the same about theirs. We are so thankful for a father like you especially with all of us kids we may not show that we are grateful for you but trust and believe we really are. We love seeing a smile on your face when we do something for you and when we are miles away from you on Father's Day and all we can do is call or FaceTime you and say happy Father's Day you still look happy with the little effort we do for you and that's all a kid could ask for is for a father like you, you taught us so much in life as we grow older we love spending time with you and getting to put a smile on your face with the little stupid jokes we tell thanks for always being here for us. Happy Father's Day 👨🏾 we love you ~from all of your children😂😂

Happy National best friends day🎊 to the most amazing people 🎉I have ever met. Sorry to those who I didn't have pic of lol I had to start improvising after a while😊. Anyways thank you so much to these people you have all truly left your marks in my life and made me a better person🌎. Without you guys I don't know where or even who I would be🦋. I'm so grateful to all of them especially mom⭐️ because she will always be my best friend. I'm also extremely grateful for my triplets #powerpuffgirls 😂😂 and Corey for sticking with me through thick and thin and making me smile even in my worst of days. I love all of you guys so much and thanks for putting up with me for so long lol. Only the lord knows how bipolar and blunt🙏🏾 I can be sometimes.😇😇❤️❤️

Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing women in the 🌎 world. She is our inspiration our rock our night in shining armor our friend our enemy and most important our mom. God🙏🏾 has given us the greatest gift in the world and that is giving us you. You are an angel😇from up above handpicked by god himself just for us. We are so grateful that God gave you to us to love and care for us. You put up with so much crap 💩 from us but at the end of the day you love ❤️ us relentlessly and ask for nothing in exchange. You are our superwoman the one who helps us when we fall through the cracks when we get hurt and when we feel discouraged you build us up to our very best 🌸and for that we are forever grateful. You are the brightest star in our eyes and we love you 😘to the moon🌙 and back a trillion billion times.🌸🌹 Happy Mother's Day🌷🌺 mommy we love you❤️

Happy birthday to this ugly child lol jk. But for real happy 16th birthday triplet #1 . I love you sometimes because you really like to get on my nerves but I hope you had a great birthday and that there's many more to come.

Last concert of the year was absolutely amazing we were so awesome yayyyyyy😍😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Happy Birthday 🎉 to my gorgeous and amazing mother❤️. There is no one greater than her, I thank the lord everyday for the blessed 16 years I have gotten to spend with her🙏🏾. The lord has created an angel 👼🏽and gave it to us and for that we are thankful. She some how puts up with my siblings and I and even though we are hard to deal with she still manages to love us no matter how silly and crazy 🤦🏾‍♀️we act. Her smiles brings joy to all those around her 👸🏽and I don't know what I would do without her I love you ❤️mommy forever and always and I hope that you have an amazing birthday week and many more to come.🎉🎁🎊

It feels amazing to finally be 16 thank u to all of those who wished me a🎉🎁💎 Happy Birthday💎🎊🎁, as well as those who lifted me up when I was down. Its been an amazing 16yrs on this earth 🌏 and I'm thankful for all the amazing ppl in my life even the salty ones that's always throwing shade but your haters will forever be your motivators🔐. I hope I'm blessed with many more years so I can leave my mark on this world. Love you all💖

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