Braun Strowman is the best thing to happen to WWE in a long time. When he returns, Raw will be fucking perfect. Brock will be on TV, Braun will be on TV, and Kurt Fucking Angle is the GM. WWE is great right now, honestly.

Fuck me I used to be a cunt. I've just kinda accepted the fact that people can actually like other things. And even at that, I liked Zayn vs Nakamura. The fact that I attacked others for their opinion or even just criticised them for it was stupid.

Hmm, let me see.
Wyatt - Not credible enough yet, find him kinda boring tbh. I don't really want him to win.
Reigns - Would be a good choice, but not now. Save Reigns/Lesnar 2 for a bigger stage.
Joe - I'd absolutely love to see Joe win, he's been great since his debut and I'd love to see him and Brock kick the absolute shit out of each other.
Rollins - Again, Rollins would be a great choice. He's got some momentum and I think he and Brock could put on a great match.
Balor - Now, here's the final man. I'd absolutely love to see Balor win. I think him and Brock could put on a great David vs Goliath match.
Pretty much, I'm excited for this match. People are saying the MITB match is gonna be better but I disagree. This one has more star-power and just looks better imo.

Happy birthday to one of the best wrestlers of this generation, Seth Freakin' Rollins! Seth was the reason WWE's main event scene was so good in 2015, his title reign was genuinely great. I'd be happy to see him win the Fatal 5 Way at Extreme Rules, I'd love to see a Lesnar/Rollins match where Seth gets in some offense. Anyway, happy birthday to the man.

"Now fuck off, I need a piss." - @tylerbate_97

How does this make sense? That NXT photo wasn't even real πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This just shows how dead my page is. Only 33 likes and it's doing better than 95% of my recent posts, and I have over 6.5k followers. Fuck.

1 year ago today that bastard gorilla was shot dead. Time flies tbh, feels like just yesterday everyone was in a frenzy over this.

This match is criminally underrated. No one ever talks about it. Not only was the build up amazing, but the in-ring action was fast paced, intense and all round fucking brilliant. Their match the following was pretty lacklustre but this was a prime example of how good these two are.

I really need to start using dms more. I barely ever use them tbh, same with stories. I'm not sure why, but I just don't use them.

This is amazing! 😍😍😍 Drawing by @steph11barca

Happy Birthday to Roman Reigns! He's probably the most controversial superstar of the past few years, many hate him, but many love him as well, either way, you do have to respect him.

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