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Founder of the RDS  And then God said, "let there be an eleventh commandment, thou shalt not hate on Roman."


Me and the lads are looking to start a podcast called Talking Shite. We're looking for a few guests so drop a few names you'd like to see on it and we'll consider it.

Did anyone else see those retards cheer when Charlotte's shorts got pulled down? Lads, I welcome you all to the #Virgin4Lyfe club.

Happy birthday to my main man Fergus! He's one of the best lads I've met on here and I can't wait to meet the fucker. Have a good one you smashing young chap. @shootingstarspecialist

Apollo Crews honestly deserves a push. He's so underused, he's great in the ring and on the mic. #PushApolloCrews

So, what does everyone think of Roman now? Honestly, I still think he's one of the top guys in the company, great in-ring worker and has drastically improved on the mic. Not only that, he also gets the biggest reaction from the crowd every night, (except for Braun sometimes) doesn't matter if it's a negative reaction, because let's be honest, he's hardly a face now.

It's shit that Tyson isn't able to wrestle anymore, but at least he's able to still be involved with WWE in some way. He hasn't announced his retirement yet but he's more than likely done with in-ring action.

DAMN! These graphics look fucking mad! Can't wait for this game now!

There's gonna be some big changes coming to this account, I mean it this time. I'm not here for the followers or anything but when you're getting literally zero feedback on your posts it can get very boring. So I'm gonna do what I can to get this account back to the heights it was once at and give myself more motivation to post more often.

Say what you want about this, but the matches these two had are up there with some of my favourite matches ever. The chemistry they had was unbelievable, these were the matches that 100% made me a fan of Roman, it established him as a top worker. All the run-ins throughout both the matches just made it even more unpredictable. While people may have been soured on their matches because of the outcome, I was fine with it. These matches were perfect.

Happy 48th birthday to the greatest of all time, Triple H. Throughout all my time of being a wrestling fan, there's never been someone that I've looked up to so much, that I've been entertained by so much, than this man. Heel or face, he always knows how to keep a crowd in the palm of his hand, and put on a brilliant match while doing it. I just wanna say thank you, to the man.

WWE wouldn't cancel Talking Smack without a good reason to, chances are, WWE aren't profiting from the show, therefore it's a waste of time to produce. I hasn't even been good since The Miz went to Raw, so I'm fine with it being cancelled. People are completely overreacting, your life will be just fine without 20 minutes of the same promos over and over again.

Haven't been able to give my opinion on it yet, but GBOF was honestly a great show. Strowman vs Reigns was my favourite match of the night, there wasn't really a bad match apart from Slater and Hawkins. Joe vs Lesnar may have ended very quickly, but everything leading up to that was great. I'd rate GBOF a solid 8/10!

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