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Junkie Joe Joyce  Thank You Taker.

Happy birthday to one of the greatest ever, the guy who's been at the top for over 12 years, John Cena.

People automatically assume that I'm a dick based on the things that I say on here which is kinda stupid. I'm only ever gonna be a dick to you if you're a dick to me. I'll disagree with people all the time but I'll never call them anything just because they disagree with me.

How much of a cunt do you have to be to post personal photos of someone without their permission? All of these #IsGoneParty hashtags piss me off. People claim that they "don't want drama" but then participate in some shit like this, fucking idiots.

1000 posts. It's been that long already? Here's to another 1000 posts lads.

People are calling Vince a dick over this, but why? He literally said "Do whatever you want," not "you're not allowed to do that." Sure, he said "If it goes too overboard, I'll pull you back." But that's fine, it's clear that he never pulled him back so Vince must've had full faith in the gimmick. Vince isn't a dick, people will find any reason to call Vince a dick when he isn't.

Today is RVD's favourite day of the year, also known as 4/20. I'm not a stoner so today is just gonna be the same as any other day lmao.

I honestly think it's stupid that people claim Jinder takes steroids even though there's no solid evidence to prove it.

Am I the only one who's fine with Jinder winning? Sure, it was very random and I think it should've been Harper but this is fine. Jinder is underrated, the guy has been playing a great heel character for the past few weeks, if not months.

Roman Reigns' brother Matthew Anoa'i, more commonly known as "Rosey" has sadly passed away at the age of 47. My thoughts are with Roman and his family.

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