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The IWC in a nutshell.

I really don't know what to post on this account anymore. I'm too busy to post on this all the time and even at that, I have no clue as to what to post. I can't even rant, because there's nothing in wrestling that I actually hate right now. This account is just fucked tbh.

If one of his songs end up as a PPV theme, I swear I'm gonna fucking flip. Just let him appear on Raw and have some heel kick the shit out of him.

Now, for a less serious post.

Ten years ago today, the most tragic and shocking thing in wrestling history happened. Chris Benoit killed himself after murdering his wife and son, it was a moment that changed the wrestling business forever.
I remember back then, all of a sudden Chris Benoit wasn't on TV anymore, I'd always ask my parents about it, but they wouldn't tell me why. Now I know. I liked him as a wrestler, but as a human being, what he did was unforgivable.

Gotta rock these sunglasses when I'm shooting up the school

What a fucking photo this is.
Also, why does Eminem look like Batista now?

If you were a fighter in the UFC, what would your walkout song be? Honestly, I'd have to go with All Eyez on me by Tupac, just such a badass song.

Holy fuck. I was talking with a friend a few days after Wrestlemania about how I think WWE are gonna do a rematch and know this is rumoured to happen at Summerslam. I'm down. Make it HIAC while you're at it WWE. This Summerslam could be the best in years with the matches that are rumoured to happen! I'm not gonna get my hopes up though, it is a rumour after all.

I know this sounds cliché as fuck, but if I were to change one thing about WWE, it would be to change it to TV-14. I don't think PG is the problem with WWE, they can still produce compelling stories, but being TV-14 would give creative a lot more freedom to write more edgy content, which would result in higher ratings and overall better stories. Characters like Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose would work so much better in a non-pg environment. Fans also wouldn't be disappointed with No-DQ matches because more extreme things will be able to take place. I just feel that the product overall would be much better. Some fans just need to learn to not get offended by certain things that wrestlers say, they're just characters after all, so there's no need to be so fucking offended by that shit. I could go into more detail about how WWE could benefit from TV-14 but I really can't be arsed.

Exactly two weeks from now, I'll begin training as a pro wrestler. I'm excited, yet nervous at the same time, hopefully it all goes well. It's the same school that Finn Balor was trained in, and Jordan Devlin is a trainer there.

Anyone know the song name? Clue: It's a Biggie song.
So you wanna be hardcore
With your hat to the back
Talking about the gats in your raps
But I can't feel that hardcore
Appeal that you're screaming
Maybe I'm dreaming
This ain't Christopher Williams, still some
MC's got to feel one
Caps, I got to peel some
To let niggas know
That if you fuck with big-and-heavy
I get up in that ass like a wedgie
Says who - says me, the lyrical
Niggas saying: "Biggie off the street, it's a miracle!"
Left the drugs alone, took the thugs along with me
Just for niggas acting shifty
Sticks and stones break bones, but the gat'll kill you quicker
Especially when I'm drunk off the liquor
Smoking funk by the boxes, packing Glocks
It's natural to eat you niggas like chocolates
The funk, baby

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