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Trip Jennings  DP, Camera Operator and Producer focusing on documentary production and reality television from the wildest wilderness to the urban jungle.

Very fresh snow leopard tracks, high on the Tibetan Plateau. We tracked this fellow right down the road until it turned left up a beautiful grassy slope. It had just stopped raining so we were only minutes behind. I set up my camera on a ridge nearby and waited all day but didn't see hair nor hide of the elusive cat. What an amazing place and it's China's first centrally controlled national park. Local officials are trying hard to do this right, to protect the ecology and the indigenous Tibetans. I'll be reporting for the next week on how it's unfolding. #snowleopard #tibet #allcatsarebeautiful #china #mekong

Just arrived at the put in for the Mekong Headwaters with Last Descents River Expeditions, reporting for @natgeotravel on the creation of China's first centrally controlled national park system. This could be a very exciting new land use designation of it's done right. I'm here to find out how it's going. So far so good, the 5 same proposed for this stretch of river have been cancelled and it looks like that will stick. Can't wait to share more. #onassignment #13,000ftabovesealevel

A gibbon makes an amazing leap out of a fig tree in southern Thailand. Gibbons are lesser apes and are the fastest and most agile of all tree dwelling mammals that don't fly. They also love figs which this one was enjoying before it took this 10 meter drop. Scroll right to see the series of #framegrab from video #apes #wildlifephotography #gibbon #unreal #hala-bala #onassignment

This is where hornbills live. Halabala Wildlife Reserve is a pretty large protected area of intact forest on the boarder of Malaysia and Thailand. It's home to eight species of hornbill including helmeted hornbill... Which it turns out are very shy. Just spent 3 days at Halabala working with a local drone operator and sitting in a blind high up in a fruiting fig tree. So many monkeys! #wildlife #Halabala #hornbill

So. Many. Leeches. So worth it! The Hornbill Project showed us a very productive helmeted hornbill nest deep in the jungle where we camped for 4 days. The male delivered food to his mate and chick 9 times the second day allowing us to capture lots of good images. BUT, there were more leeches than anywhere Tim or I have been. Sitting in the blind, I could see them inching toward me for 10 min before climbing up my leg and being tossed out, only to start inching toward me again! One even crawled through my tent mesh & bit me in my sleep. Filled with my blood, it was then too big to fit back through. #leeches #thailand #nationalgeographic #gross #hornbill #conservation #corne

It's a beautiful morning in Thailand! Got up at 3:15 in the AM to shoot video of a helmeted hornbill bringing food to his chick and mate who plasters herself into a tree cavity for months to last an egg and hatch their chick. This species is critically endangered due to a sudden rise in poaching for their ivory-like bill. Unlike other hornbills, the bump on their bill is solid and can be carved. #onassignment #nationalgeographic #thailand #birding #hornbill #waiting #jungle

Eastern Oregon is awesome! Just got back from rafting the Owyhee River with some wonderful folks. I hope everyone had a good weekend... Though it was real hard coming back to Portland news. #lovethesun #owyheeriver #inspiredbywilderness

Fun day shooting in the Columbia Gorge. No doubt that spring has sprung! It's sooo beautiful.

Sweet ride in Oaxaca with my love @perlita_louise

A morning flight over the DAPL drill site looks pretty quiet. There is one backhoe working but no sign of horizontal drilling. The Army corps announced they would issue the final easement needed to complete the pipeline yesterday which sparked actions all over the world for today, February 8th. There are reports of veterans arriving last night. It is clear the fight is not over yet. #NoDAPL #waterislife #mniwaconi #trump #resist

Pronghorns are the fastest land mammal in North America, topping out at nearly 55mph! I shot this yesterday while working on a film about the amazing recovery of a wildlife refuge after cattle grazing was stopped in 1990. Just after this shot a pack of coyotes closed in and the herd of 60 Pronghorns easily left them in the dust. #natureisawesome #wildliferefuge #antelope

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