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The power of @nature 🌊 Nazaré, Portugal. Video by @javier.goya Surfer: @sebastiansurfs

Follow @tripfever: Adorable @nature scene ✨ Nairobi, Kenya. Photo by ©️John Burgess

Follow @tripfever: Mount Rainier sightseeing along the city 🏔 Seattle, Washington. Photo by @alberthbyang

Good times 🎄 Prague, Czech Republic. Photo by @inn_praha

Follow @tripfever: The beauty of @nature ❄️ Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo by @samuel_lethier

Follow @tripfever: Floating walkway/bridge in Xuan’en Country of central China’s Hubei Province. The wooden walkway runs through the middle of the river and extends for 500 meters.

Staring death in the face 🦁 Tanzania. Photo by @shaazjung

Follow @tripfever: Tunnel of love ❤️ Hokkaido, Japan. Photo by @hayate555

Warm morning lights ✨ Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. Photo by @edinburghphotowalks

Follow @tripfever: Majestic statue 🍃 Buda Tian Tian, Hong Kong.
Photo by @baruch_gabsu

Follow @tripfever: Hanging with some friends 💕 Flamingo Beach, Aruba, Caribean sea. Video by @nexttripblog

Christmastime in sky ☃ Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Photo by @arjsun

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