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Trinity  Indonesia's leading travel writer & blogger (since 2005) whose life story became a movie. Author of 14 books incl "The Naked Traveler" series.

My second time having my self picture taken by @sweet.escape. After Madrid, now Penang. Yes, they have a network of local photographers from all over the world. So if you're on vacation, book your photoshoot, then they'll connect you to local photographer. In 3 business days, voila... you're ready to download high resolution and edited photos!
Don't miss 50$ discount by using my promo code: "TRINITY"!
PS. Mayan langsingan ya gue? ☺️
#sweetescapemoments #penang #malaysia
#ootd #shirt by @wearyoga #wearyoga

Happy Eid from the Djajadisastras! 🙏
Our family Eid tradition is to travel somewhere together, and this year we went to Penang. Not everybody could come but 13 of us flew in from different countries.
It's our first time having pictures taken by a local professional photographer. Shout out to @sweet.escape who made this possible!
It's quite hard to organize a big group of amateur models from 1 to 75 years old, but the photographer was very patient we so ended up having fun at the shooting. Most importantly, all the pictures are great!

For you who wants to book @sweet.escape (for holiday/family/pre-wedding/honeymoon pictures in 400+ cities around the world), use my promo code "TRINITY" to get 50$ discount!
#sweetescapemoments #SweetEscapePenang #eid #family #familygoals #penang #malaysia

Been to Penang many times and visited all attractions, so that afternoon around old town I was just following the crowd. It turned out that they were looking for murals so each time I queued with other 5-10 people (they're with summer dresses, big hats, selfie sticks) to take pictures.
While we were passing some museums, they didn't go in. "Mural is free, museum is not. Murals are more Instagram worthy!" said one.

Any thoughts?

#penang #mural #malaysia #instaplace #motorbike
📷: @riniraharjanti

Eid Mubarak!
Selamat Hari Raya Idulfitri!
I'm spending my #Eid holiday in #Penang with my big, loud extended families. Instead of visiting one elderly at his/her house in Jakarta, every Eid we (20+ people from 1 to 75 years old) travel together somewhere to celebrate.
Have a blessed Eid and I hope you have a nice holiday with your families and friends too!
Eh, gue masih mirip anaknya Gus Dur ga?
Pic by @indrafeb using my phone

This used to be a nice beach in Penang but now they're doing a land reclamation where they will build high rise luxury apartments and shopping malls!
5 years from now I won't see the beach but hundreds of buildings. 😢😢 #penang #beach #reclamation #malaysia

This is our village house in #Sukabumi where we used to celebrate Eid with our grandma. But after she passed away, we celebrate Eid by traveling together with 20+ multicultural members of the family.
Can you guess where we're going next week?
Anyway, happy long holiday, folks! Selamat mudik! Selamat menikmati Jakarta at its best! Have fun with your families and friends! Stay safe! 🙏
PS. Kisah rumah ini ada di buku "The Naked Traveler 2". Belum tau? Beli aja di @mizanstore atau di ya! #tetepjualan

Deeply saddened by the loss of @anthonybourdain yesterday.
When he was a chef, he started writing then became big on TV. His passion for culinary and travel, his outspoken commentary, his open-mindedness, his trueself, has inspired me to be a better traveler and writer.

Many think that he has the best job in the world, get paid to travel and taste food around the world. But who knows what pain inside his world. 😢

To pay a tribute, here's a restaurant in Hanoi that I went where he and @barackobama had lunch together over a delicious 5$ noodle soup.

#ripanthonybourdain #myidol #throwback #hanoi #restaurant #vietnam

It was a bright sunny day at 24°C in Nami Island and my blue mirrored @policelifestyleid sunglass from @optikseis made my day!
Modelnya cocok untuk hidung pesek macam gue! ☺️
Gimana? Kece kan?
#throwback #policelifestyle #optikseis #sunglass #namiisland #southkorea #TNTkorea
Pic by @i_aditama using my phone.

Every beach has its own beauty and character, so I hate to be asked something like "which one is better: the beach in Maldives or Indonesia?". First, you can't generalize one beach to one whole country. Second, the beach for what? To swim, dive, sunbathe, pictures, or?

#beach #swing #coconuttree #whitesand #sea #sun #summer #beautifuldestinations #weareinmaldives #fulidhoo #Maldives #TNTmaldives

Siapa yang pas mau posting foto traveling, eh keliatan ada sampah plastiknya, lalu diedit jadi "bersih"? Atau bela-belain cari angle lain biar nggak keliatan sampahnya? Hayo ngaku!
Padahal sampah itu harusnya dibuang pada tempatnya dan diolah dengan benar, bukan diedit.
Oh ya, kemarin saya sempat bahas tentang sampah plastik kan? Pas banget ternyata @aqualestari dan @sehatAQUA punya movement #BijakBerplastik. Saya bangga sama brand yang berani bikin movement kayak gini karena menyadarkan kita untuk harus mulai dari diri sendiri buat ikut andil dalam lingkungan yang nyaman serta keindahan Indonesia.
Jadi Danone-AQUA bikin instalasi tentang alur pengolahan serta pengelolaan sampah secara detail, hingga contoh hasil daur ulang sampah yang sebenernya bisa banget untuk dilakukan. Seru banget deh instalasinya! Buat kamu yang penasaran gimana cara sampah diolah, dipilah, dan akhirnya jadi barang yg bisa dipakai lagi, mampir deh ke booth-nya di Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta. Cuma sampai 10 Juni doang lho! Yuk lah!

Love picnicking under cherry blossom trees in Amsterdam last spring! 🌸
In 2000, 400 cherry blossom trees were given by the Japanese community to be planted in Amsterdam so now every spring people celebrate the Sakura festival here. Good idea!

#throwback #spring #cherryblossom #sakura #treestagram #cherryblossomfestival #trees #amsterdam #netherlands #TNTnetherlands

Masih belum move on dari perjalanan naik kapal sambil diving selama 16 hari dari Kaimana sampai Ambon! Aduh, luar biasa cantiknya Indonesia! 💖
Meski pergi ke pelosok Indonesia yang susah sinyal, sayangnya masih aja nemu orang yang buang sampah sembarangan. Kesal pas diving lautnya kotor, kasian juga sama ikannya.
Kita memang harus bersikap bijak terhadap sampah terutama sampah plastik karena tahu kan bahwa sampah plastik itu susah terurai? Sikap bijak yang gimana sih? Ya kita bisa mulai dengan mengurangi penggunaan plastik, sesederhana seperti sebisa mungkin nggak pake sedotan plastik yang sekali buang. Minum bisa langsung dari mulut kan? Yuk mulai #BijakBerplastik dari sekarang!

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