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Trinity  Indonesia's leading travel writer w/ 13 bestselling books incl "The Naked Traveler" series whose life story became a movie​. Travel blogger since 2005


In the case of a vlogger vs. a hotel owner in Dublin, I think they're both overreacted.
Sometimes a social media influencer asks for free stay, sometimes a hotel offers the influencer to stay for free. Both ways are mutually beneficial: the influencer gets to stay free, the hotel gets to be promoted. It's normal if either one rejects the deal, so no need drama.
Pengen tau soal etika travel blogger, silakan baca di buku saya "The Naked Traveler 7" #TNT7 hal. 18-22.
At the end, here's the principle: if you can't afford to travel yourself, then you can't travel.
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Pic by @commaditya for @iwashere_id and @prasanabyarjaniresorts project

Liburan bareng saya ke Maldives yuk!
Cuman Rp 7 jutaan (termasuk pesawat pp, hotel berbintang, makan, island hopping, snorkeling, plus kita bisa ngobrol nyantei jadi bisa nanya2 ato selfie). Murmer ini! 😍
Catet tanggalnya 23-26 Maret 2018, jadi ambil cuti cuman 2 hari aja.

Cara daftar dan info lebih lanjut, langsung aja hubungi @maldiveshemat atau www.maldives-hemat.com. Buruan karena tempat terbatas!

See you soon! *jumpalitan kaki di atas*

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My heart sank when I saw one of my most favorite beaches in Bali look like this! πŸ’” Supposedly a gorgeous half kilometers white sandy beach, Balangan Beach now is in dirty condition with full of trashes.

Some say it only happens in the rainy season, some say the trash comes from other island... But whatever the reason is, I think we seriously need to do something about this. There are bigger problems to be solved than just beach cleaning. 😒

Any thoughts?

#beach #island #trash #balangan #bali #wonderfulindonesia

When I try to pose like a sexy Instagram celebrity in the bathtub but I fail because I have a beard! 🀣

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Pic by @murni.ridha

On my background is variety of tea leaves. Tea is generally divided into categories based on how it is processed (e.g. white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc) but they are all the same from Camellia sinensis plant. I learned that from @baliteagallery which produces Bali's own tea from their plantation and factory in Tabanan.
#tea #iwhcreator #bali #wonderfulindonesia
Pic by @commaditya

First time going to this beach in Bali which is still empty. I can't tell you the name or tag the location, but I was taken here by @prasanabyarjaniresorts 😍

#iwhcreator #beach #island #bikini #bali #wonderfulindonesia
Pic by @commaditya

I'm blessed to be invited to @prasanabyarjaniresorts for #iwhcreator so I need to do my signature pose! 😍
Go to @iwashere_id Instastory now to know how we keep creating engaging travel content with @ramonytungka @debbzie_leksono @commaditya @vabyo.

I always wonder how a couple met each other for the first time. Did you know how this celebrity couple @dionwiyoko and @fionaanthony met? They met on Twitter!
How-we-met love stories are unbelievable nowadays, even some couples met on dating apps! Have you tried? Was it successful? Well, not for me! πŸ˜†

Baca deh pengalaman saya pake aplikasi kencan online di Eropa. Kalau Anda sudah berusia 17 tahun ke atas, klik naked-traveler.com (link di bio).
Jangan lupa baca komen2 para pembaca yg speak up. Seru!

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Have you ever used a dating app? Is it only for hooked up?

I just blogged "Kencan Online di Eropa" about my experience using a dating app in Europe! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Kalau Anda berusia 17 tahun ke atas, baca #TNTblog di naked-traveler.com atau langsung klik link di profil. πŸ™ˆ

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#throwback Sumba Island before Instagram era.

I went there as a guest star of "Archipelago" travel program on @metrotv hosted by @pritalaura.lulu. Back then Sumba was unknown so we kinda stopped anywhere with gorgeous view. It's one of the best trips I had! 😍

Kisah serunya ada di buku "The Naked Traveler 3". Bisa dibeli di toko2 buku atau di @mizanstore.

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I'm overwhelmed by all your warm birthday wishes!
And I'm deeply humbled by your gift on my birthday by supporting book-starve children of NTT through donation at https://kitabisa.com/bukudaritrinity (link on my profile, still opens until 31 Jan).
Thank you so much! πŸ™

I've been asked why fundraising NTT and why book?
It's simply because NTT is my most favorite province in Indonesia and I'm an author. 😍

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