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Trinity  Indonesia's leading travel writer & blogger whose life story became #TTNTmovie. Author of 13 bestselling books, incl "The Naked Traveler" series.

At the summit of Mount Anak Krakatau in #lampung .
Why Krakatoa is a legend? Watch @trinitythenekadtraveler movie! Not only you'll see the spectacular views, but also it teaches you something.
Mumpung weekend, buruan nonton film @trinitythenekadtraveler di bioskop krn keburu layarnya habis! Cek jadwal di situs 21cineplex, CGV, Cinemaxx.
#trinitythenekadtraveler #TTNTmovie #harpiknas #travelingkebioskop #filmnasional #tujuhbintangsinema

Let's go to Maldives! πŸ’™

1. Modal Rp 35.000 bisa jalan-jalan ke Maldives dg nonton film @trinitythenekadtraveler di bioskop. Jadwal cek di situs 21cineplex, CGV dan Cinemaxx.
2. Selfie dg tiket bioskop, ikutan #kuisttntmaldives #trinitythenekadtraveler dg tag @trinitythenekadtraveler utk menangin liburan gratis ke #Maldives .

Have you watched @trinitythenekadtraveler movie?
Directed by @rizalmantovani, the movie features the beauty shots of #Indonesia as well as #Maldives ! Guaranteed that you will start packing and go traveling! πŸ’™
How about the budget? The annual leave? Find the answers in the movie!
Buruan nonton di bioskop seluruh Indonesia ya?
Simpan tiket bioskop, selfie sama tiketnya, tag/mention @trinitythenekadtraveler #trinitythenekadtraveler #kuisttntmaldives , dan dapatkan kesempatan utk liburan gratis ke @clubmedkani!

Go watch @trinitythenekadtraveler movie NOW in the nearest theaters around Indonesia!
I promise that you'll love the movie. Satisfaction guarantee!
Dari hasil feedback puluhan ribu penonton, efek yang ditimbulkan pas nonton ini, antara lain: pengen segera traveling, ngakak, terhibur, pengen berani keluar dari zona nyaman, merasa senasib sepenanggungan, terinspirasi, termotivasi, terbebaskan, merinding, mewek, baper, semakin cinta Indonesia.
Yuk ah buruan capcus ke bioskop!
#trinitythenekadtraveler #TTNTmovie #travelingkebioskop

TODAY "Trinity, The Nekad Traveler" movie is out in the cinema around Indonesia!

Just blogged about the movie and why @maudyayunda, read #TNTblog at (link on my bio). . .
Selfie with your movie tickets to win free holiday to @clubmedkani #Maldives and tag @trinitythenekadtraveler #trinitythenekadtraveler .
Info on Meet & Greet with all the casts, go to @trinitythenekadtraveler.
I will be in Plaza Semanggi on 17 March, Mal Panakukang show 1&2 and TSM show 3&4 #Makassar on 19 March. See you there!
#harpiknas (hari piknik nasional) #travelingkebioskop #TTNTmovie #filmnasional #tujuhbintangsinema #filmIndonesia

My first published book is "The Naked Traveler" in 2007 with blue cover, based on my blog at Then republished with yellow cover in 2014. Since the book has been adapted to @trinitythenekadtraveler movie (out in the cinema on 16 March 2017), the cover has changed to the movie poster - special edition! Yeah, @maudyayunda plays me in the movie!
FYI, this book is Indonesia's number one bestselling travel book ever until today! πŸ’™
Go get it in the book stores or buy online at @mizanstore.
Read the book, then watch the movie! #bacabukunyanontonfilmnya
If you've watched the movie and you ask "Who's Mr. X?" then you need to read the book. 😁

#TheNakedTraveler #TNT1 #book #trinitythenekadtraveler #TTNTmovie

From the gala premiere of @trinitythenekadtraveler movie on Thursday in Jakarta.
I personally love the movie. I can't think of any better casts and crews! Especially @maudyayunda, she played me very well! πŸ’•
So, don't forget to watch @trinitythenekadtraveler on 16 March 2017!

#trinitythenekadtraveler #TTNTmovie #harpiknas #travelingkebioskop #filmnasional #tujuhbintangsinema
My red dress by @puranaindonesia
Make up by @stellatjia
Pic by @babambramaditia, @kingkin_jiwanggo, @tujuhbintangsinema

Have a happiest birthday, @hamishdw - the most humble and gentleman actor I've known. Shine bright, buddy!
Don't forget to watch him plays in @trinitythenekadtraveler movie starting on 16 March 2017 in the nearest theaters around Indonesia! His acting gives me chill!
#trinitythenekadtraveler #TTNTmovie #harpiknas #travelingkebioskop
My dress by @puranaindonesia
Make up by @stellatjia
Pic by @juandus

After a long-awaited time, finally last night @trinitythenekadtraveler movie launched in Lampung!
Thank you Governor @mridhoficardo and friends in Lampung for hosting us! πŸ‘
Thank you @hamishdw, @anggikabolsterli, @auroramanda95, @babecabiita, @je.bioone, @rizalmantovani, @rahabimandra @ajunperwira, @stuartcollin, @xlelatresnax, @agungsaputrabm, @ronny_irawan, etc for making this event fun!
Other gala premieres will be held in Yogyakarta on 6 March, Solo on 7 March and Jakarta on 9 March.
For public, will be out in the cinemas starting on 16 March.
See you all!
Some pics by @juandus
#TrinityTheNekadTraveler #HARPIKNAS #TravelingKeBioskop #TTNTLampung #PiknikLampung

One of my bucket lists since I was a kid finally checked off in 2013: Machu Picchu!
If you can dream it, you can do it! πŸ’ͺ
Kisah ttg perjalanan ke Machu Picchu bisa dibaca di buku saya berjudul "The Naked Traveler: 1 Year Round-the-World Trip" #TNTrtw . Tersedia di toko buku terdekat, atau beli online di @mizanstore.
#throwback #machupicchu #archeologicalsite #mountain #Peru #southamerica

We're supporting the launch of #MarineBuddies app from @WWF_ID today.
Actress @nadinelist, Miss Scuba 2016 @devinamahendriyani, me, Miss Scuba 2012 @jovitaayu had a talk show and Sand Animator @aberubio9 performed.
Download #MarineBuddies app, visit marine conservation park in Indonesia, monitor the conditions, rate it on the app, then #wwfindonesia will report to the government to be followed up.
Jadilah #TemanTamanLaut ! πŸ’™

Lake Lungern may not well-known but there are 7000 lakes in Switzerland.
Touristy and non touristy places both have pros and cons. I wrote about it on my blog at (link on my bio). #throwback #lake #lungern #switzerland

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