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Trinity  Indonesia's leading travel writer & blogger. Author of 13 bestselling books, incl "The Naked Traveler" series that have been adapted into #TTNTmovie.

Pasukan Oranye (The Orange Troops) is cleaning up Pesanggrahan River nearby my house even on Sunday and public holiday.
#pasukanoranye #river #Jakarta #WonderfulIndonesia

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Ramadan! πŸ™

#throwback #esfahan #mosque #iran
Pic by @indrafeb

The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you will go. ~Dr. Seus

Saya beruntung punya orang tua yang menanamkan kebiasaan membaca sejak kecil. Karena suka membaca lah saya terinspirasi untuk menjelajah dunia dan menjadi penulis - salah satu bukunya #TNT7 yang saya pegang ini. Namun tidak semua anak seberuntung saya.
Karena alasan itu, saya ingin berbagi kebaikan melalui #BukuUntukIndonesia di @GoodLifeBCA. Saya ingin anak-anak Indonesia banyak membaca buku dan mendapatkan inspirasi dari buku-buku yang mereka baca. Masa depan bangsa kita ada di tangan mereka.
Mari ikut berbagi kebaikan bersama #BukuUntukIndonesia dengan klik langsung di (tautan ada di profil saya). Satu buku saja bisa mengubah hidup mereka.

When you want to have yourself in the city night picture but your hair looks like an octopus. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Pic by @ferryrusli
#dwsunsetparty #nightshot #citylights #city #Jakarta #WonderfulIndonesia

Just found out that there's a traditional tofu factory in my neighborhood.
Tofu is a common dish in Indonesia, especially in Java. Ironically most of the soybean is imported, mainly from USA.
Inside is very hot that most of the male workers go topless. 😊

#tofu #factory #hot #Jakarta #WonderfulIndonesia

Every weekend morning, Tanah Kusir cemetery turns into a market and children playground.
1. After Jakarta government cleaned the river and the area, it became locals' favorite place to hang out.
Swipe left for more pics to zoom in what's happening.
2. The smiling ladies who sell traditional Indonesian breakfast like Lontong Sayur and Nasi Uduk.
3. Bought some fresh vegetables from this lady.
4. Swagger boy who sells sandals.
5. Kids play 'Odong-Odong'.
6. Fishing plastic fish.
#tanahkusir #Jakarta #market #people #kids #river #playground #WonderfulIndonesia

Apart from the political situation, let's not forget how beautiful #Indonesia is! πŸ’Ÿ
To travel (both domestic and overseas) is the best way to appreciate your country more.
Selamat Hari Kebangkitan Nasional!
#throwback #misool #rajaampat #westpapua #WonderfulIndonesia
Pic by @amrazing

Grand Hotel with its Chinese classical building is the landmark of Taipei. The huge lobby is impressive! Built in 1954, Dwight Eisenhower and Elizabeth Taylor have stayed here.
Baca deh #TNTblog ttg 5 Alasan Taiwan itu Menyenangkan di (link di bio). #hotel #lobby #red #taipei #taiwan #throwback

Standing on @indonesiastockexchange podium where the President of Republic Indonesia leads the opening and closing bell ceremony every year. 😁

Tadi dalam rangka Hari Buku Nasional, saya jadi pembicara sharing session antarkaryawan BEI ttg pentingnya membaca dan menulis. Salut dg program mereka yg memberi allowance utk beli buku! Semoga semua perusahaan di Indonesia bisa begitu. πŸ‘

#IDX #podium #stockexchange #Jakarta #Indonesia #takenwithmyphone

Please be environmentally responsible! πŸŸπŸšπŸ™πŸ  ---
@Regrann from @wwf_id - Wisata bahari yang bertanggung jawab? - Trinity menceritakan pengalaman prakteknya. #TemanTamanLaut

Not at Nabawi Mosque in Medina, but at the Central Mosque in Kuala Lumpur. πŸ’š those umbrellas!
Tapi cerita ttg naik haji dari kaca mata seorang traveler ada lho di buku "The Naked Traveler 7" yg ditulis oleh sahabat saya si Yasmin ttg #YasminNaikHaji! #TNT7
#mosque #umbrella #kualalumpur #malaysia

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