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Trinity  Indonesia's leading travel writer & blogger. Author of 13 bestselling books, incl "The Naked Traveler" series that have been adapted into #TTNTmovie.

I'm proud to be participated in 14th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival on 25-29 October 2017!
@ubudwritersfest is the biggest literary festival in Southeast Asia and one of the world’s most celebrated literary and artistic events - an annual pilgrimage for lovers of literature and conversation.
It's gonna be my 3rd time here and I'm so excited! Meet me up! 💙 ---
@Regrann from @ubudwritersfest - Buku seri The Naked Traveler selalu laku terjual sejak pertama kali diterbitkan tahun 2007. Membaca buku tersebut seakan kita ikut berpetualang bersama @trinitytraveler menjelajahi pedalaman Indonesia, menyelam bersama hiu, atau bahkan naik motor membelah jalanan Israel bersama orang tak dikenal. Trinity sukses membakar gairah berpetualang bangsa Indonesia dan membuat kita semua jatuh cinta kembali dengan negara ini. Dengar kisah-kisah Trinity dari perjalanannya mengelilingi dunia dan mengapa ia berkesimpulan bahwa Indonesia adalah tempat terindah di dunia ini, hanya di #UWRF17 bulan Oktober mendatang. Beli tiket Anda sekarang juga! - #regrann

Happy Independence Day, my beloved country Indonesia! 😘

Pengin lebih mengapresiasi Indonesia? Traveling aja, baik domestik maupun luar negeri, apalagi kalo suka diving. You'll find out why! 💙

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Pic by @agushong

#throwback to one of my most bizarre diving experiences: diving in a cenote in Mexico!
Cenote is a natural sinkhole created where a cave ceiling has collapsed. Cenotes were the only source of water in the jungle for the Mayan civilization and are considered sacred by the Mayan people. The Mayan consider cenotes to be an entrance to their "underworld" or "Xibalba" where their gods live and their spirits reside after death.

Baca kisahnya di buku 'The Naked Traveler: 1 Year Round-the-World Trip part 2'! Beli #TNTrtw di toko buku atau @mizanstore.
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Trench Town is the birthplace of my idol, Bob Marley. This yard is where he learned to play guitar by Vincent 'Tata' Ford and together they wrote a very popular song 'No Woman No Cry'. Couldn't help myself to take a picture with Marley statue there. One of my bucket lists checked! 😍

Nonton deh trip saya ke Jamaika dan 21 negara lainnya di Food Travel TV (MNC/Indovision) setiap hari kerja jam 14.00 dan 01.30, atau di YouTube/TheNakedTraveler, dan baca kisah lengkapnya di buku "The Naked Traveler: 1 Year Round-the-World Trip" part 2 (beli di toko buku atau @mizanstore). #throwback #TNTrtw #trenchtown #kingston #jamaica #bobmarley #reggae #music #TheNakedTraveler

#throwback my 1 Year Round-the-World Trip at the magnificent Iguaçu Falls, Brazil. A UNESCO Heritage Site, it's made up around 275 waterfalls within 2.7 kilometers wide area!

Watch my journey on or Food Travel TV channel, and read on my book "The Naked Traveler: 1 Year Round-the-World Trip" #TNTrtw.
#iguacufalls #waterfall #brazil #southamerica

I just knew that "Naked Traveler" has been re-runing on 'Food Travel' TV channel (MNC/Indovision) every weekday at 2 pm and 1.30 am. The travel program that I hosted was based on my 1 Year Round-the-World Trip to 22 countries, e.g. in this spectacular Patagonia, Chile!
If you can't watch it on the TV cable, you can read it on my books titled "The Naked Traveler: 1 Year Round-the-World Trip" #TNTrtw in 2 parts. Get them now in the nearest book stores or buy online at @mizanstore.
#throwback #mountain #glacier #lake #torresdelpaine #patagonia #Chile #southamerica #TheNakedTraveler

Wales has more castles per square mile than anywhere on earth. With red dragon as their symbol, I felt like going back in time.
Baca kisah ttg kastil2 Wales di #TNTblog (link di bio) ya?
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Wales has over 2,700 km of coastline and is largely mountainous. I miss walking on its beautiful rugged coast, like this one on the tip of Llyn Peninsula. 💚

Baca ttg epic-nya Wales di #TNTblog (link di bio) yuk!
#coast #hill #beach #aberdaron #llynpeninsula #wales #unitedkingdom #visitwales #visitbritain #lovegreatbritain #OMGB #FindYourEpic #AyokeUK

I'm dreaming of a tropical beach! 💙💚
Been isolated for almost 2 weeks due to this damn chickenpox (at very late age)! My mind keeps wandering to the beaches. Maybe because the high fever and the itchiness that I feel like swimming. But then I'd look like a human dalmatian! 😢

#thirdworldproblems #beach #island #sea #pfotropical

ALZHIR, abbreviated in Russian as "Akmol Labour Camp for Wives of Traitors of the Motherland" was the largest women’s camp in the Soviet Union where wives, mothers, daughters or sisters were considered as guilty as their husbands by association. In 1937-1953, Soviet forced labor camp operated to imprison more than 18,000 women, many of them were intellectuals, doctors, actresses and artists who deemed traitors. 
It's like Concentration Camp in Auschwitz but only for female! Again, I was in tears visiting this ex camp now museum. 😢

Btw, udah tau belom gimana caranya ke Kazakhstan? Gimana visanya? Terbang ke mana? Baca aja di #TNTblog (link di boo). #alzhir #akmol #kazakhstan #museum #throwback

I signed up a fiction writing class taught by one of my most favorite writers, Leila S. Chudori. The class organized by has started last week and I really enjoyed it!
I've been asked by many 'why?' because I am already a writer. Well, why not? I always love to learn something new, broaden my knowledge, enhance my skills, anything towards better me.
Unfortunately I couldn't attend the class today. Can't believe I'm having chickenpox at a very late age! 😭
To make me feel happy, I post this pic that was taken last week in Tempo office. I hope I can catch up in the next class! 🙏

When you're a solo traveler and having dinner alone in a restaurant then you're sitting face to face with a mirror. 👀
How I love my date! 💋

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