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Trinity  Indonesia's leading travel writer & blogger. Author of 13 bestselling books, incl "The Naked Traveler" series that have been adapted into #TTNTmovie.


At the bottom of Sharyn Canyon (the top is on my previous post) lies 3 km long Valley of Castles that's known for its unusual rock formations. They say it's the 'Lil brother' of Grand Canyon.
#sharyn #canyon #almaty #visitalmaty #kazakhstan

Impressive Sharyn Canyon, 200 km from Almaty near the border of China.
I'm so proud of myself that I could go down to the bottom and up again with my crippled leg. πŸ™†

Pic by @rimademensah
#sharyn #canyon #almaty #visitalmaty #kazakhstan

Yeayyy, I'm in the country #81: Kazakhstan! πŸ™†
It's also my first time traveling with a stick due to the injury of my knee. Now I know how hard it feels to be a disabled person. 😒
Despite of that, here I am making my way up to 3,200 meter height of Taglar Pass where we can find snow even in summer.
#shymbulak #taglarpass #mountain #snow #visitalmaty #almaty #kazakhstan

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Eid! πŸ™

Today is my third Eid being away from my family and first time having Eid in the plane! I was planning to celebrate Eid in @mercuremanadotatelibeachresort with my aunties, brothers and cousins @reregaol @jordanugrah @jeanmingkid @ameirdian @endamiakarina @zarameliala @indrafeb etc but I can't resist to go to the country #81! πŸ™

PS. Gue kok mirip anaknya Gus Dur πŸ™ˆ

#eid #throwback #esfahan #iran #hijab

Having a maid is common in Indonesia, but having a good, honest, loyal maid is rare.
I'm blessed having Ati (56) who's been working in my family for 27 years, even after both of my parents passed away. She cooks, cleans, gardens, fixes things, etc. "She even barks!" said my late mom.
In this Eid holiday like most of the maids, she goes home to her village in Central Java. I jokingly told her to come back fast and not to get married again. She replied, "If my life doesn't get better after having a husband, why should I get married?" I grin and am proud that she's been 'raised' well. πŸ‘πŸ˜€
Happy Eid! Happy holiday! Happy cleaning!

Playing with the waves at Maeoe Beach! πŸ’™

Today is the last day of working before 1-week Eid holiday, the biggest human migration in #Indonesia.
Happy holiday! Stay safe!
Pic by @chwistie
#maeoe #beach #island #waves #bikini #rote #eastnusatenggara #WonderfulIndonesia

Mr. Yeremias is a maestro of Sasando, a traditional music string instrument native to Rote Island. His workshop in Kupang is open for public so you can see how sasando is made and played.
#sasando #music #rote #Kupang #eastnusatenggara #WonderfulIndonesia

Abandoned dance hall turned into mural street art in Kupang. πŸ’™

Pic by @pinneng
#mural #Kupang #eastnusatenggara #WonderfulIndonesia

Se'i is a typical smoked meat of Timorese people. I drove 30 km south of Kupang to taste where it started in Baun.
This is how pork se'i traditionally made, by smoking it over Lamtoro wood and Kusambing leaves.
Served with rice and sambal, oh I think I'm in heaven! 🐽

#sei #pork #food #foodgasm #baun #Kupang #eastnusatenggara #WonderfulIndonesia

There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.
~Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Saya suka menjelajah ke pelosok Indonesia. Saya sering bertemu anak-anak lokal dan mengobrol dengan mereka. Ternyata banyak yang tidak pernah membaca, bahkan melihat buku yang bukan buku pelajaran sekolah. Padahal dengan membaca buku, dunia dapat diperluas, juga daya imajinasi dan kreativitas dapat berkembang.
Untuk itu saya ingin membantu masa depan anak-anak Indonesia dengan program #BukuUntukIndonesia dari @GoodLifeBCA. Anda pun dapat berkontribusi dengan klik www.bukuuntukindonesia.com atau klik di profil saya. Satu buku saja bisa mengubah hidup mereka.

4 tiers waterfall in the jungle. πŸ’š

#oenesu #waterfall #Kupang #eastnusatenggara #WonderfulIndonesia

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