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Trinity Bree  Androgynous model ✨ 22 ✨ Seattle WeSpeakNY signed 🌟 Published below πŸ’Œ

I like this one better :3
Shot by @delaneyhawley !!!

Amazing work with @devonation_art and @michaelbmaine !
This is Devon Yan's Artistian 2017 collection! I had an amazing night being a part of his fashion line, this dress was my absolute favorite of the bunch! 🎨


Shot by the wonderful @godsavecarolynjean ! (I am so excited that I have my normal hair color again!)

Shot by @ryancainphoto !
I'm getting my natural hair color back today, so very excited to go back to work! If you'd like to collaborate please dm me! I'm really looking forward to doing more colorful photoshoots now that the weather is getting warm! πŸ’β˜€οΈ

Tulle dreams πŸ•Š

I'm still in love with the shoot I had with @laneyluv__ !!! They shot me so feminine, and it's something I barely touch on being so incredibly androgynous, so happy I got this opportunity and had such a fun time with someone so creative!

Shot by @wilclaussen !
On another note I had an amazing time at SakuraCon this year, I met so many friends from here on Instagram and you guys are the sweetest ever! I love you so much! 😭 I hope you all liked my cosplay! I'm not too good at it yet but it's a lot of fun for me to choose cosplays that my face fits with! πŸ˜† I wonder what I should be next year! (Debating Dellinger from One Piece)

Thank you everyone who sent me such wonderful messages yesterday regarding me being a signed model now! 😭 Your support means the entire world to me, my heart feels so warm! πŸ’Œ
This shot is by the amazing @messinaphotos !!! (I can't wait to have my normal hair color next week!)

This incredible shot is by @delaneyhawley ! 🌟

It's official! πŸ’Œ I have joined with @wespeakny and am so excited and appreciative of this opportunity to be a part of their modeling agency! As a petite model, it means the absolute world to me to join an agency that wants me for me (even if I am a couple inches short of being typical model height!) and to encourage me to be the best version of me (which is a healthy me)! Body positivity is so important to me, and I am ecstatic to see what lies ahead of me! Thank you so much!!! I'd also love to thank all the amazingly talented people who I have worked with, who have helped me come this far! This year has given me so many opportunities, to collaborate with photographers, designers, makeup artists, and even doing runway! I love you guys so much as well as everyone who has been with me along my journey, your support is everything!!! πŸ’—

Mellow yellow 🍌✨ Shot by @godsavecarolynjean !

Had an incredible week back from my vacation, was able to meet and have a shoot with @wilclaussen and he is so talented and amazing to work with!!! I also am in the process right now of being signed to an agency, I can't wait to announce to you guys next week when everything is set into stone!!! 🌟

Breathe it in ☁️ Shot by @godsavecarolynjean on top of the Old Rainier Brewery (thanks to @sunmotherseattle !) My shoes always are too small or a lil too big nothing perfect 😭

Take the edge off. 🚬

Worked with the amazing @godsavecarolynjean yesterday, with the kindness of being able to work at @sunmotherseattle 's location and rooftops!
I really wanted to bring out a James Dean vibe with these, something vintage and fun! So excited about them!

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