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It's no professional photo, but this was such a pretty camping spot a few weeks ago with the wildflowers and snow up in the cliffs.

Too good not to share.

You can literally work this business from anywhere. Like... while relaxing on the beach. I love the simplicity. The extra paycheck is pretty sweet too!

Have you ever loved anything as much as this kid loves milk?

This past weekend I jogged past this pasture and stopped to enjoy the view. Owning a piece of property like this has been a dream of ours for so long. I am so grateful for the supplemental income we earn that is making these kind of dreams a reality and allowing us to dream even bigger. What's a dream of yours that you'd like to achieve?

Action - the secret sauce to success.

We have been traveling A LOT lately. Between vacations and out-of-town doctor appointments for both Kylee and Brody, we have more than tripled our normal travel budget. It is such a blessing to have our supplemental income cover the unplanned expenses so we can enjoy our vacations and trips without being stressed about the money.

Just chilling on the beach with our lunch today. Like a boss.

A bad day on the river is still better than a good day at the office.

This was a good reminder this morning! There are some goals and dreams I have that have just felt unattainable lately. But the only way to fail is to quit. Watch me or join me, but I will work my dreams into a reality.

Great day fly fishing with a great friend and brother.

That moment when you're hanging out on the beach and earn a weekend bonus. Earning a supplemental income from your phone is simple. And I can show you how to get it done. Shoot me a message!

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