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Trini Foundation  Teaching yoga to those suffering from addiction. 🤸🏼‍♀️⭐️ We teach yoga in treatment centers 🏨 10$ donation can help save a life 💌


One of the most powerful things our Foundation provides is scholarships for those in recovery who cannot afford yoga classes. #yogahelps #trinifoundation #trinistandsforrecovery

You guys are what make the foundation special. We get letters all the time thanking the foundation for all the hard work towards fighting addiction. But the truth is, it’s YOU! It’s not us. Your donations, your support, your sharing of our posts is what makes you the hero. We couldn’t do ANYTHING without your help. For the cost of one yoga class….. you can help fund a class at a local addiction treatment center. Your donation provides the life changing tool of yoga to someone who would otherwise would be living on the streets without the tools they need. #helpsomeonegetsober #supporttreatmentcenterclasses#makeadifference photo credit @kahakupiec 🙏🏽

The executive director of the trini foundation Taylor Hunt recently started a podcast called the Heartbreak Kids. Taylor talks with his students about their life, the struggles and why yoga helps on their journey. Episode 4 is the first time he highlighted a Trini Foundation scholarship student. John Klarer has been practicing yoga since he started on his path to soberiety. He currently attends yoga classes and 12 step meeting to help him stay in sobriety. Listen to the podcast now on iTunes and SoundCloud.
Donations from you help people like John find and stay sober. #trinistandsforrecovery #trinifoundation #yogahelps #taylorhuntyoga #thisistheheartbreakkids

Thank you @shaunjones - I just wrapped up another class at a recovery center for the Trini Foundation. The idea of surrender keeps popping up on and off the mat this week. I am amazed and inspired by the people in these classes. It takes a lot of surrender for them to even be on a path of recovery to begin with, but even more surrender when you add yoga to the equation. They put a lot of trust in me as I guide them through a challenging practice. I appreciate their hunger for positive change. I see them sweating through sun salutations each week and I realize I have no excuses left. Limitations can melt away. Motivations can come and go. Some days hurt. Some days bring up all of the feelings, but I am hungry to be my best version of my self too, and I'm the only one who can get in the way of that.
My body changes a lot in this practice, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. Forward folds have been an ongoing challenge even as my body opened up to them. This week something changed though. My body has opened up to folding, but my mind hasn't. Even though I can fold deep, I panic and resist. But, what if I surrender? What if I let the sensations permeate me without freaking out? What happens is surprising: chin to shin, and it even felt kind of good. Same thing in backbends. Tight lats are a real barrier, but they are opening. So what if I breath deep and press into that sensation a little more? The sensation doesn't go away, but I can bring my hands closer to my feet. Drop-backs? What if I will trust my teacher and just drop back? I didn't die. It didn't even hurt. The pain came from resistance and fear. This week I surrendered to the Ashtanga method once again. I surrendered as deeply as I could in all of the postures. I am still here to talk about it. I feel energized and my body feels full of awareness.

I surrender to the wisdom of my teachers. I surrender to reality instead of fear. I surrender to a discipline that makes me better and better every day.
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So happy to be partnering with @hamsayogaschool @courtneylouise_1 🙏🏽❤️ After reading @taylorhuntyoga's book for the first time, I knew he was my teacher. After reading it for the second time, I knew that I had help continue his work and be a part of his foundation @trinifoundation in some way.
@hamsayogaschool has recently joined together with the Trini Foundation as a partner studio, which gives us the ability to help provide scholarships for our Ashtanga Mysore program to students in active recovery from drug/alcohol addiction. Also, it gives us the opportunity to teach weekly ashtanga classes in local recovery centers. I'm so grateful for the platform the ashtanga community at @hamsayogaschool is providing so we can bring this work into San Antonio! On top of that, getting to witness how impactful Ashtanga can be from the very beginning is incredible. .

If you are interested in learning more about the foundation, or making a donation visit their page @trinifoundation and click the link in their bio. Below is their mission statement:
The Trini Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the life-changing practice of Ashtanga yoga to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. It's our mission to provide yoga as a tool to aide in the recovery process and help those who are suffering maintain long-term sobriety.
#sanantonioashtanga #sanantonioyoga #yogahelps #trinifoundation #bringyourasstoclass #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #commitment #community

The first time I went to Mysore, I walked into the shala and knew that it was home. I had found my teacher. I’ve practiced with Sharath every year since.
Six years later, I find myself sitting in Sharath’s office and he wants to be part of the Foundation. It’s such an honor. He has been a teacher, a guide, and now he is an honorary director showing us the way.
We have worked with Sharath on our programs and our fundraising efforts. It means a lot to have the Guru of Ashtanga yoga watching over us and helping us build the infrastructure to support thousands of teachers and students who are either struggling with addiction, or want to be part of the solution. Thank you @sharathjoisr for your support.
#yogahelps #trinifoundation #ashtangayoga #soberyogi #recovery #taylorhuntyoga

One of the challenges of teaching in a recovery center is high turnover. Each moment is important. Each class is important. Trini Foundation teachers are trained to approach each class as though it is saving a life. Because it is.
It is because of YOU these skilled teachers are able to teach in recovery centers around the country each week. Donate today. Help get more teachers get more moments.
They may not get a second chance. #trinifoundation #trinistandsforrecovery #yogahelps #yogateacher

"Teaching in a recovery setting can be equal parts challenging and rewarding. Few programs are on-going where you have an extended length of time to work with the same group of people. It's challenging because as a teacher, you want to impress upon the people how useful a tool Ashtanga can be in the recovery process, but with high turnover in some places, you really have to hone your message to get it through on the first encounter. You may not get a second chance. But once you've got your message down, and you can say it in a way that makes an impact, you can connect with just one person in that short time, you feel as if you've done something to help them succeed down the road. In centers where the programs are residential or long-term, you can see the rewards tenfold. I've seen Mysore style classes really have an impact on the participants. Just as we "normal" folks can see huge transformations in ourselves with a consistent practice, these folks are reconnecting with their bodies, working through past trauma, and most importantly, rebuilding their self-confidence to move forward and improve every aspect of their lives. I recently went to an awards banquet for one of the women's programs I've helped with. All of the women who had lead roles in the program (performing in skits, reciting poems written for the occasion, spotlight videos on their success stories) were part of the Mysore program in their center. Through their programs and yoga, they found the tools they needed to turn their future around and be leaders in their community. What could be better than that?" - Trini teacher Amber Fogel @fogel7374
Our teachers are highly trained to teach in a recovery setting and in local shalas around the country.
Teachers often ask how they can get involved. Here's how- sign up for the Ashtanga and Addiction Forum in November with @taylorhuntyoga. Link in bio ☝🏼 or contact us at info@Trinifoundation.org
You can gain the skills to save someone's life. #trinistandsforrecovery #trinifoundation #ashtangaandaddictionforum #yogahelps #yogateacher

I know that there are people in this world like YOU - the people that want to help.
Every night on the news, we see the how the destructive power of drugs and alcohol are impacting our communities. Sadly, there is a lack of resources for the people suffering. There are people who want a way out, but they don’t have one. Most of the time, if they do find one, they can’t afford it. That’s where people like YOU come in. Recently, John, a Trini scholarship student, said to me, “I don’t know if I could have gotten sober without yoga and the clarity it brings.” You can be the person who supports people like John in getting the tools they need to find sobriety. You can provide the way out.
Make a donation today. #savealife #givethetoolofyoga #trinifoundation #trinistandsforrecovery #giveupyourclasspass #yogahelps #recovery
Photo by @sigismondiphotography

It is because of people like you, that people in recovery are able to receive the transformational practice of yoga. It is because of you they can stay sober. Thank you for your support. 🙏🏼#trinistandsforrecovery #trinifoundation #yogahelps

Without the support of the studios who believe in the power of this practice, Trini would not exist. Our partner studios are the ones who give addicts a place to learn and provide community.
Ekam Yoga and Wellness was the first studio outside of Ashtanga Yoga Columbus to provide scholarships, host donation classes and provide space for recovering addicts to call home. Owned by Kory and David Scheffer, this studio believes in spreading the power of practice. Kory herself is in her 4th year of sobriety, and credits Ashtanga yoga as the catalyst for sustaining her sobriety and opening up a yoga studio and leaving her corporate job. Come to find out, the space she opened @ekamyogaandwellness in was an old AA center called the Alano Club for 15 years. It seems to be meant to be that the building would continue to provide space for those in recovery. We are grateful for this community for the work they do on a consistent basis- even now, they are preparing to work with Napa State Hospital and their substance abuse patients as well as treatment centers in the greater Napa area. For more information on this amazing studio and Kory- visit their website at ekamyogaandwellness.com.
If you are interested in becoming a partner studio, please email us at info@trinifoundation.org.

When you donate the cost of a class pass to the @trinifoundation, you give someone a second chance. And if you donate monthly, you ensure they can keep going. Donors like you help an addict start and stay on the path of recovery.
Start today. Save someone's life for $20 a month. Simply go to trinifoundation.org/donate and pick the amount you want to give and select "recurring" option. 🙏🏼 #trinistandsforrecovery #giveupyourclasspass #yogahelps #recovery #yogasaveslives

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