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Trini Foundation  Teaching yoga to individuals suffering from addiction 🤸🏼‍♀️⭐️ We teach yoga in treatment centers 🏨 10$ donation can help save a life 💌

🙏🏽❤️@Regrann from @fogel7374 - I've been carrying this exchange around with me in my head for a couple weeks. I don't get to spend a lot of time getting to know the students in my recovery yoga classes, but I understand that when they don't show up, there's a chance that things have taken a bad turn; a really high chance in fact, given how hard it is to actually overcome this disease. I think this exchange stuck with me because I do see these students as real people with real potential. I want them to succeed and fulfill that potential. But I also think that it's a reminder to myself that no matter how hard I think my life is or how much I'm struggling with my stuff or my practice, there's always someone else who is struggling with something way more difficult. Grateful to be part of @trinifoundation to try and be part of the solution, no matter how small. #yogasaveslives #bringyourasstoclass

@Regrann from @fogel7374 - My teacher making front page news. @taylorhuntyoga has an very inspiring story of recovery from addiction to heroin, which this article highlights. His recovery was largely supported by his discovery of Ashtanga yoga, and now he shares this life changing process with students like me @ashtangacbus and also through @trinifoundation which brings yoga to recovery communities across the country. It's this mission to be a part of a solution and to be part of something bigger than me that led me to teach for the foundation as well. Learn more about the foundation's efforts at #yogasaveslives #bringyourasstoclass

There is a lot of debate around whether or not officers should carry naloxone, an opioid overdose reversal drug that saves hundreds, if not thousands, of lives every year. In Butler County, Ohio drug overdose is the leading cause of death; however the Sheriff has no plans to have his officers carry it according to a recent Huffington Post article []. This shows the stigma of drug addiction is still as much of a problem as the epidemic itself. Until we can change the perception, the problem will continue. This is #trinifoundation 's biggest purpose. To bring humanness into the disease. #stopthecycle #trinistandsforrecovery #trinifoundation #saveyourcommunity #yogahelps #addiction #opioidepidemic #changethestory

Amazon's Prime Day is here! Deals run all day long. When you shop Prime Day today, shop at and Amazon will donate to Trini Foundation.
When you #StartWithaSmile on #PrimeDay, Amazon donates to Trini Foundation. Shop for great deals at #trinifoundation #amazonsmile #amazonprimeday

This is our work @trinifoundation helping people through a difficult time. 🙏🏽 @Regrann from @taylorhuntyoga - Getting sober is the hardest thing that I’ve done in my entire life. Truly showing up in my life is hard. But that’s what is required for me to be sober and stay focused on being healthy. Everyday I wake up with this disease that tries to trick me into believing my own lies. “You’re normal.” “You haven’t drank alcohol for 11 years; you can have one” This practice is easy in comparison. Photo by @peachhouseproductions

These are the top 25 cities in the US who report the highest rate of opioids abuse. (From WNC News in North Carolina). The highest rates are found in the Southern US.) "A new report mapped out the top 25 worst cities in the US for opioid abuse and North Carolina shows up 4 times on that list.

The report, from Castlight Health, analyzed up-to-date anonymous health data from nearly a million people covered by employer-based insurance. The report also found nearly one out of every three opioid prescriptions, insured by employers, is being abused." Find the most detailed report here :
#opioidcrisis #stopthecycle #trinifoundation #trinistandsforrecovery #yogasaveslives #substanceabuse #addiction #opioidepidemic

I remember back in the day, I said to a group of yoga friends that I would be stuck at half primary for the rest of my life. I was almost celebrating it. I walked away from telling them that and felt like I shouldn’t have said it. Who was I to know where my path was going? I was planning to be stuck for the rest of my life. So instead of fulfilling that expectation, I changed my behaviors. I started eating better, getting the right amount of rest, and taking care of myself on a different level. I also upped my commitment. I went from 5 days of practice to 6 days, which was actually a bigger shift than I expected. It worked though! I lost a little weight and that 6th day sent me over the edge. It changed everything. I started living up to my potential. Don’t sell yourself short. Work hard and smart. Photo by @peachhouseproductions #trinifoundation #yogasaveslives #practiceyogachangeyourworld

Some sad stats from Lucas County in Ohio. This is what we are up against. The number of deaths from overdose are increasing at an alarming rate. This is representative of what is happening all over the country. You can be the person that pulls someone to the other side and helps them to get the services they need. Our mission is to teach people the transformational practice of yoga, but it is only when people like you are fed up with numbers like this that we can make a difference. To make a donation or host a class visit us at #yogahelps #trinifoundation #trinistandsforrecovery #stopthecycle #yogasaveslives

The month of September is National Recovery Month and our biggest fundraiser of the year.
The Trini Foundation has joined with 250 yoga studios to host donation based classes all over the world.
This problem is an epidemic and not enough people are paying attention. We need all hands on deck.
Will you teach a class for Trini?
Will you be part of the solution? Email us at to get involved. #trinifoundation #trinistandsforrecovery #nationalrecoverymonth #yogateacher #recovery #sober

Columbus residents, help us spread the word about these free yoga classes for young people in recovery!

One of the most powerful things our Foundation provides is scholarships for those in recovery who cannot afford yoga classes. #yogahelps #trinifoundation #trinistandsforrecovery

You guys are what make the foundation special. We get letters all the time thanking the foundation for all the hard work towards fighting addiction. But the truth is, it’s YOU! It’s not us. Your donations, your support, your sharing of our posts is what makes you the hero. We couldn’t do ANYTHING without your help. For the cost of one yoga class….. you can help fund a class at a local addiction treatment center. Your donation provides the life changing tool of yoga to someone who would otherwise would be living on the streets without the tools they need. #helpsomeonegetsober #supporttreatmentcenterclasses#makeadifference photo credit @kahakupiec 🙏🏽

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