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Trini Foundation  Teaching yoga to individuals suffering from addiction 🤸🏼‍♀️⭐️ We teach yoga in treatment centers 🏨 10$ donation can help save a life 💌

Trini students recognize the transformational power of yoga in sobriety. What can you do to help? 🧘🏾‍♂️Set up a RECURRING DONATION and pay a student’s yoga tuition for an entire year! 🧘🏿‍♀️For as little as $50 per month, YOU can fund someone’s journey of recovery through yoga and SAVE A LIFE! (link in bio)

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the #ActualizeYogaChallenge and helped raise $2000 for yoga students in recovery from addiction! We’ve been inspired by your enthusiasm. ✨✨✨Please, keep in touch and STAY INFORMED about Trini programming and fundraising events by signing up for our mailing list at ✨✨✨
Enormous gratitude to @omstarsofficial @werkshop @kinoyoga and @josepharmstrongyoga for your generosity!
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We had a goal of 2000 people registering, and over 2500 of you did! I want to send a final big time thank you to everyone who participated in the #actualizeyogachallenge. Omstars will be announcing those chosen for prizes soon enough. And very importantly our sponsors @omstarsofficial and the amazing @werkshop will be donating in full to our charity, @taylorhuntyoga and his @trinifoundation. ♥️ I have to thank @kinoyoga who offered me a pure and simple support, a sincere belief in my ability, and an inspiring model for living in my own life. ♥️ I’ve been so moved by all the posts and all that you’ve written and shared over the last 10 days. I failed at everything I tried until I found yoga, because I had not touched my passion or tapped my potential. But through my relationship with my practice and my students I feel fulfilled, because It seems I can finally be of service to myself and to another. Thank you. #existgently

#ActualizeYogaChallenge Day 10: Meditation

The great gift of yoga is the ability to quiet the mind, to find steadiness in the midst of turbulence. Everyone struggling to stay sober could benefit from this. Unfortunately, many can’t afford studio yoga classes while they are struggling to rebuild lives that were shattered by addiction. That’s why we are committed to offering yoga tuition scholarships to as many people in recovery as possible.
__ ✨✨✨YOU CAN HELP REBUILD LIVES! We’re raising $10,000 during the month of April to increase the number of scholarships we offer. MAKE A DONATION TODAY! (link in bio✨✨✨ Thank you, thank you, thank you @omstarsofficial @werkshop @kinoyoga and @josepharmstrongyoga for making Trini the beneficiary of this challenge and helping us meet our April goal!!!

#ActualizeYogaChallenge Days 8 & 9
We’re having so much fun reading your challenge posts! Thank you for participating! __
Want to stay up to date with our programming and news about how you can help Trini offer yoga to more individuals in recovery from addiction? SIGN UP FOR OUR MAILLING LIST at
We are so grateful for the support of @omstarsofficial @werkshop @kinoyoga and @josepharmstrongyoga

#ActualizeYogaChallenge Day 7

The numbing effects of drug and alcohol addiction result in decreased body awareness. As Trini students learn to still the breath and the mind through yoga, they begin to reconnect to body sensations and understand how every activity impacts health. Our mission extends well beyond the yoga mat to include the overall wellness of every single student. ✨✨✨
Thank you for supporting sobriety @omstarsofficial @werkshop @kinoyoga and @josepharmstrongyoga

#ActualizeYogaChallenge Day 6


Sibling, parent, child, grandparent, partner, cousin, friend. Everyone struggling with addiction is also in one or more of these roles. The pain is not only personal – it affects every single relationship. Recovery creates an opportunity to heal relationships and reconnect to love.
✨✨✨ You can SUPPORT SOMEONE’S LOVING RELATIONSHIPS by donating to fund yoga classes for individuals battling addiction. (link in bio)✨✨✨
Thanks for your generosity @omstarsofficial @werkshop @kinoyoga and
@josepharmstrongyoga 🙏🏽❤️

#ActualizeYogaChallenge Day 5: ustrasana
Early recovery is a raw and vulnerable period. Trini yoga classes provide a safe space for students to experience powerful emotions and begin to heal.
✨✨✨YOU CAN HELP! Click the link in our bio to fund a yoga class for someone struggling to stay sober today! ✨✨✨ Thanks for your support @omstarsofficial @werkshop @kinoyoga and @josepharmstrongyoga

#ActualizeYogaChallenge Day 4: figure four chair pose __
April marks Alcohol Awareness Month and our 30-day campaign to raise $10,000 to expand our treatment center yoga classes! We teach in both inpatient and outpatient programs. While many students are not yet ready to fully embrace a yoga practice at that point in their recovery journeys, we aim to plant a tiny seed that will later grow into a yoga lifestyle that supports sobriety. Of course, some students are ready and are immediately awarded yoga tuition scholarships after release so that they can continue to practice at a local studio without financial strain.
WE NEED YOUR HELP to reach more people who are struggling to stay sober! Click the link in our bio to donate and become part of the solution. ✨✨✨
Thanks @omstarsofficial @werkshop @kinoyoga and @josepharmstrongyoga for kicking things off with your generous donation!

#ActualizeYogaChallenge Day 3: baddha konasana
__ “Ashtanga has been one of the strongest grounding forces of my life. The stability that I have gained has also created an unexpected effect – my heart has grown, expanded, doubled in size. I kept myself closed off for so long. Years of self-doubt and an inability to see my own value made me avoid my life and my past. This practice is teaching me to love myself. Value myself. Take my self-care seriously. This practice has opened my heart.” –Trini scholarship student
__ ✨✨✨
YOU can give the GIFT OF SELF LOVE to someone today! Click the link in our bio to donate to our yoga tuition scholarship program. ✨✨✨

Thank you for supporting our scholarship program for students in recovery from addiction @omstarsofficial @werkshop @kinoyoga and @josepharmstrongyoga 🙏🏽

#ActualizeYogaChallenge Day 2: plank pose
__ “Our experiences have taught us that change is always possible and that yoga is a healing practice. We want to share a message of hope with as many people as possible. It’s part of our ongoing twelfth step work.” @taylorhuntyoga in #awayfromdarkness on the roots of @trinifoundation.
This is why we teach in treatment centers and fund yoga tuition scholarships to students in recovery from addiction.
YOUR DONATION will provide hope to someone who is struggling today! (link in bio) ✨✨✨
Thank you for generously supporting this LIFE SAVING work @omstarsofficial @werkshop @kinoyoga and @josepharmstrongyoga 🙏🏽

We’ll be having some fun with the #actualizeyogachallenge poses over the next 10 days! Join the challenge to help us raise money for yoga students in recovery. @omstarsofficial and @werkshop will donate $1 for each person who registers for the challenge (details below). We
are so grateful for their support along with @kinoyoga and @josepharmstrongyoga 🙏🏽 #Repost @josepharmstrongyoga
The inner work of yoga is about self actualization. Just 1 month ago I gave away or sold most of my belongings and left the US. With only 3 bags and my dog, I embarked on an exciting and terrifying new adventure. We’ve made a new home for ourselves, here beneath these beautiful volcanos and among these smiling, welcoming people. There have been times when the transition felt so magical, easy and comfortable. And there have been some rough patches, where it felt so hard. ♥️ The highs and lows of this life can sometimes seem overwhelming, so I’m glad to have practices like the Vagus Nerve Meditation that I’ve included in the premiere episode of my Actualize series on Omstars. I crafted this practice as a means for you to get to know yourself better, to know better the great power you can lovingly assert. This meditation helps me in very real ways, to remember that I do have control over how I’m feeling. ♥️ Did you guys enjoy the meditation? Can you imagine some situations where accessing the Relaxation Response of the Vagus Nerve might help you be your best self? How it might help you realize your full potential? That’s my hope. That someone in need might find these practices that have transformed my life and be equally as touched by them. ♥️ Day 1 of #actualizeyogachallenge is Malasana. Click the link in my bio to register for free. For every person who does @werkshop and @omstarsofficial will donate to @trinifoundation. We hope to get at least $2000 dollars together and supporting this powerful organization that changes lives. You have to register so that our sponsors can donate in your name; so click the link in my bio and sign up if you haven’t already. It’s free. :) #existgently 📸@dreamnowfilms

Happy birthday @butlerraines!
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42 years on this planet we call Earth.
I can remember a time not so long ago; a time that seemed to last forever where I saw no point to life and often questioned if I wanted to live it. I felt this way over 20 years. Yet there was always something inside of me asking to be found.

I'd describe him as a little boy and wonder where he went. He was kind and full of love. He worked hard, studied and enjoyed solving hard problems. He was lost to the world and the only one who could find him was me.

I believe inside of someone stuggling with addiction there are no less than three identities: the addict, the human and your true Self. The battle between the addict and the human is so hard, the true Self has little hope. The addict can take control anytime and the human is just trying to survive.

I am very fortunate this little boy, my true Self, never gave up on me. Why I am so fortunate to have found @balanceyogaatlanta , Dr. Flores, a love for philosophy and an army of friends to support me I'll never understand.
However, here I am. And I'll do anything I can to help those struggling and to help those who love them understand. Recovery is possible.
For my birthday if you'd please consider following and supporting @taylorhuntyoga, @jessyogi and the @trinifoundation it would mean the world to me. [donation link in bio]

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