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Trinidad Jame$  New Merch & Website now LIVE. #DAD

I figure i can go shopping or go to the studio. Boots cost a 1000 a pop. Studio cost 100 a hour. I make more money or making music than I do from dropping so you do the math. @youngfyre I had to mess around with it. The 90s was so goooodddd. #DAD 🕺🏿🕺🏿🇹🇹

Stop to think right now. Are you a friend worth doing this for ? #DAD

Red White and Evil. Tomorrow. @childishmajor x @herotheband x #DAD #GODSTODAY Music for Listeners.

Perspectives and Opinions Below Please. Sorry that Kanye got involved but aye my nigga. Trump your partner. You brought that nigga to the party so you gotta hold all this smoke. And once again I don’t have all the answers. I just wanna see the bigger pictures because maybe I missed it or am missing it. Is this a distraction for something ? This is Operation Wetback all over again. Do your research on that. It was a real thing in America 1954. Stop recycling hate. I’m disappointed. Our tactics are disgusting for Making America Great Again. How can anybody allow this to start. Children of color keep getting this shitty stick and everybody keep acting like we crazy. Ok. Now you got my attention so LETS GO ! #DAD

Friday Myself x @herotheband x @childishmajor drop a record for the People. Records like these are the ones that people sleep on. But for the people who listen. I promise you will enjoy. Thank you #GODSTODAY #DAD 🔥🕺🏿🚨

My new merch make people $o Di$respectful. GO TO WEBSITE IN MY LINK NOW AND SEE WHATS NEW. We selling confidence here people. #DAD 🇹🇹🕺🏿

We have the love. They can’t take that from us. #DAD

Am I the only person who never heard of this till today ? Learn something everyday. Crazy. #DAD

Found em. Thank$ guys. @triathalon

Please let our young people get a chance to see the bigger picture. Amen. #DAD

Soccer #DAD by @giani.martin 🇹🇹

Just Incase you Fathers Need a Soundtrack for today. Your welcome. #DAD 🎥 - @mikemarasco

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