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Good morning from Miami Florida :)

@holding__space was my first #QHHT session ever in San Jose , California this year. La Donna was my second one ⭐️ she does not have to be in person for the session & offers her services online also! I suggest you to call ... or text like I did! After texting another, I then called her & figured out all information I needed! You Check her out 💫 @yoursoulrecovery ✨ QHHT has helped so much!

Good morning :) #trinamasonphotography

Preparing for a 5 hour drive to Miami! I’ll be in south Florida this weekend visiting family & bringing @87sparker with me! This is one of many things planned for our adventure! #miami #reiki #spiritualretreat

Release your fear. Release your false chains that imprison you thanks to your belief - you be live - you live what you create. Focus & pay attention to your framework. The mental & behavioral patterns. Study mindfulness. Be kind to yourself. FORGIVE. forgive yourself & others unconditionally. It is never the person it’s their conditioning. It’s a CULTure of LIES. Know your truth. You have to speak it & BE iT & LIVE IT! What you say & what you do & think has to all please correlate with one another. You say you want this , do you truly choose it? Do you know what comes WITH it? Pro & con? Are you still willing? Even if you’re the only one willing to die paying the price of your life spending your time to do this passion? Pass ions. Quest for ions. Questions. Study linguistics. SPELLing. Watch your thoughts. Your body language. In ancient Egypt ..:. Oh how the ages & time lines have changed. We are getting there. Keep keep keeping on don’t stop come on..... align up with those who truly are of your dedication to the same passion & intentions. Align stars , chakras , ley lines, meridians, dimension, et. Recognize real lies. Accept those who lie will never say that they will lie just like thieves will never prewarn you they will steal & cheats that they will cheat. Listen to your intuition / inner voice. Accept be yourself. Do diligence. You’re not just going to randomly going to get a feeling, thought or vibe that someone has bad intentions. Do the same things you’re doing for same results or break the cycle of the insanity. @rendawriter says “your comfort zone will kill you” don’t give up before you die dude! You got this. Live your life as you choose. Don’t believe the lies you tell yourself. You are glorious. You can & will create. ENJOY! It’s a process & doesn’t happen overnight. Take your time for yourself - go slow. Does it create more freedom or imprisonment? Set yourself free. Inspired by ACE ♠️ 🙏 #trinamasonphotography #artbytrinamason 🌊🌊🌊 #pisces #poet #poetry #release #writing #artbygod #creation #iamacreator #writer #abundance #opossum #possums #possumsforpetsnotstew #childhood #healing #trauma #peacefuldisorder #holistic

Show your gratitude. Be grateful for all. Judge none. Go slow. Be humble. Graceful. Grateful. Wisdom from each experience. I’m loving you & getting better everyday in every way. Refining retention. Rhetoric. Congruent congruencies. Enlightening. You are love. Enjoy every moment with delight. Stay conscious & focus your attention on your intentions. You have the power. Create. #trinamasonphotography #artbytrinamason 🌞🌞🌞 #inspired #inspiration #reptilian #nibiru #unacknowledgedfilm #iloveanimals

We all have an expiration date

Updating my onlyfans websites today :) for $99 per month you can be a member of or $20 per month for ❤️ Join now to gain access to my portfolio , imagery & videography collection xo TCM

“I respect my mother
With every step I take
She was there for my first step
In the first place
Everybody wants out on their own
Now that I'm grown
I wanna be back home
In a world full of vipers
Only my mother's love was righteous
I feel I've been to hell and back three times
I could never sum it up with these rhymes
Looking for a story to share
With somebody, but they never seem to care
While I'm looking for this person everywhere
I'm slippin', cause my mom is right here
Life moves along so fast
When I see real love at last it's past
That ain't gonna happen to me
I can hear my conscience rapping to me
It's like “Hey, you've only got one real friend
From the cradle, to the grave, and back again.”
With unconditional love
That's my mother I'm speakin' of.”

Give me somethin red ❤️🌹👠🎒⛑💋

Mom 🦋

Wake up 👁

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