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Going out with my mates today but my hair is a mess

Do you believe in a god? Yes or no?
I don't (Pls don't argue just say yes or no)

Well that took fucking ages to sew
(It's a creeper patch which is a band,, not just a random back patch)

I kinda just let my hair do what it wants nowadays


Me swearing at god for creating orange juice with bits in it (Pulp for those of you who don't live in England)

Do you guys believe in the paranormal/ghost/demons/ouija board stuff? Cos I don't believe in any of that shit lol

I look so different with my hair back LMAO

Sat down and took a fat load of selfies cos my fat lip isn't quite as fat as it was in it's fat prime.
Anyway what's ur favourite Nirvana album? Been rewatching a shit ton of interviews and live performances and,, I'm such a slut for Nirvana
My favourite album is probably Bleach but Nevermind is just,,,, nutworthy

Okay no lie tho but Alex Bertie is a proper fucking legend. Been watching his videos for fucking ages and I saw him and I was like "ALEX" and he was like "yeah" and I asked for a picture.. and then I asked him if we could take a picture of him pointing at our rainbow pants and he said that's probably the weirdest thing he's been asked but sure.
He's so lovely and such a blessing?

Look who we bumped into

If you see us come say hi.
And if you're too scared to say hi just stare at us and we'll get the memo

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