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TreySongz Fanpage❤️  Welcome Angels❤️ Trey reposted 2x😍Trey liked 8x😏met trey 6.20.15 and 3.7.17😭trey commented 2x😂💦yeah I danced on YouTube wit trey songz🤣💀

which one would you like, country or city boy??👀👀

what would you say to him??👀

goodmorning😍(say it back)

Trey at Pusha T wedding today😭😂ankles out🤤
via @upscale_vandal (#treysongz)

My mans got the ankles out today wassss gooodt😍
via @youngmoney_yawn (#treysongz)

im just goin leave this here😩

2015 or 2016ish, miss him on Snapchat back to back😩
via @treyology101 (#treysongz)

goodmorning (say it back) (#treysongz)

can we get dis a lul clearer😭😭portrait MODE😭

Who wants Trey at their wedding??👀😭

comment for the left, like for the right side😩😩

Which hair cut y’all mess wit HEAVY👀👀??

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