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As I flew back from Coron I looked out the window of the plane, closed my eyes and gave thanks. Thanks that after all my trials I still have the ability to love me, to date me, to take me on adventures, to meet new people, to see new beautiful and exciting places. God is good, he wouldn't put us through anything we couldn't handle, but he will push us to be better, be more resilient, be wiser. He has a plan bigger than we can possibly imagine! So I suppose the next question is... Where will I venture to next?? because look how magnificent it is out there 💙 #triciacenteneratravels #excited #inspired #empowered

Arrive with enthusiasm to every waking moment of your life.. because every second counts ✖️✖️ What I wouldn't give to have one more day with you, one more minute, one more hug. You would have been 31 today, you would've hated turning this old so we are throwing you a party and are going to celebrate your life ❤️ I love & miss you so much baby cakes...We all do! #ilovehelenabel #bestfriend

Always a beach baby.. Such an animal lover! To find out where this is check out - don't worry Sydney siders I don't give it away completely ✌️✌️ #Australia #triciacenteneratravels

Sydney secrets & my love for the beach continues ✖️ new blog post up

This may not be the most glamorous photo but it's a true reflection of what us girls really look like while getting facials. Lol! I attended 3 weddings this week, 2 being destination weddings, 1 I was a bridesmaid. I needed this collagen facial so bad & I'm following it up with Revlight. Thanks @facialcarectrph you guys make me feel beautiful even when I'm totally exhausted. #facialcarecenterph

Sometimes the smallest act of love can take up the biggest space in someone's heart. I'm so thankful for my family 💙 My wedding date for @lifesourtrip wedding.. Kidding. Love you @maggie_centenera #sisterlove #familyfirst #lifesourtrip

Don't say it unless you mean it ❤️ Congratulations to my cousin for marrying a beautiful, strong woman. You two are my new inspiration couple, thank you @lifesourtrip #lifesourtrip

Travelling alone gives you time to reflect. Time to laugh at yourself for all the silly things you've done. Time to be proud of yourself for all the good you've done. Me time. We all need it! It gives you perspective 💙 #triciacenteneratravels

February Preview Magazine 2017 Issue ✖️ Thanks @previewph & @luisespiritu.. I just love this spread supporting local Filipino designers.

STOP, I don't have time for bullsh*t today ✖️ February cover shoot for @megastyleph #MEGAstyleXHM | 📷 @johannedalogdog

..... fairytales do come true @rocioolbes I love you xx #antoniorocio2017

Bridesmaid duties are officially over.. But now @rocioolbes we will forever be your guardian angels. We love you ❤️ our stunning dresses were of course by the spectacular @rajolaurel #antoniorocio2017