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Tribal Expression  Calgary's Finest Body Modification Studio • Professional Body Piercing • Dermal Anchors • Scarification/Branding • Tattoo Removal • Custom Jewelry

This perfect septum piercing was performed by our junior piercer @chroniccomet on @piercer.apprentice.steph 👌They went with a @tribal.made 16g titanium CBB anodized peach to match her other rose gold nostril jewelry.💖Hailey is taking limited piercing appointments! Call @tribalexpression to book in with Hailey and hear about our special limited time offer on piercings! 403-210-2442

Our team of goldsmiths @tribalexpression created this gorgeous 14k solid gold seam ring with a hammered texture finish 😍These pieces are available in yellow, rose, or white gold! We have a few in stock right now @tribalexpression and they can go in variety of healed piercings, they look particularly amazing in healed daith or septum piercings! 💜

More client selfies from the weekend!! Happy healing @nauntie and @nanettefilippo😊
Piercing by Dee with @tribal.made #titanium #14kgold #captivebeadrings
#tribalexpression #calgarysfinest #403piercingshop #tribalmade #bodypiercing #bodyjewelry

Nose piercings galore so far today @tribalexpression Sheena came in and got a second nostril piercing done using a @tribal.made titanium CBR anodized a dreamy chocolate bronze colour 😍 Carla came in and got her septum pierced using a @tribal.made shiny high polish titanium CBB 👌Dee had the pleasure of piercing these lovely ladies this morning with these simple statement pieces!

Joey came in this week and wanted to get some easy to hide piercings due to his job. Dee did his rad vertical industrial piercing and septum piercing! Both piercings are done using @tribal.made high polish titanium jewelry. His septum was pierced with a CBB so it can be easily flipped up and hidden and his unique industrial piercing is perfectly tucked in his ear so it is not easily noticeable. We love doing unique ear projects like this @tribalexpression 👌

@tribalexpression has more new arrivals and they are outta this world!! ✨✨These gorgeous hand crafted pieces are made by Calgarys very own Rick Gilmour and are one of a kind!! Made from solid bronze, brass and stainless steel they are fabricated to last a lifetime⭐ Sold exclusively at #tribalexpression #calgarysfinest #403piercingshop

Mike Ireland Grant (Mike Exotikmods) had the pleasure of piercing this clients tragus using this beautiful yellow gold Choctaw end set with a coral accent from body vision los angeles Tribal Expression. She's also wearing a 14k yellow gold ring with a Tigers Eye captive bead in her orbital lobe made by our in-house goldsmith @tribalexpression #calgarysfinest #403piercingshop

It has arrived!!! 🙆 Tribal Expression is now carrying #BodyGems Jewelry💎💎 These beautiful pieces won't last long but don't worry, we can custom order anything your ❤ desires from www.bodygems😍Stop by the shop any day from 11-7pm to take a 👀!! @tribalexpression #calgarysfinest #403piercingshop

I always love to see old familiar faces:) Thanks for coming in @itsakatystory for a new daith piercing and a ton of new jewelry!! Piercing by Dee @tribalexpression #calgarysfinest #403piercingshop

Selfies in between piercings @tribalexpression😆 Thanks for stopping by ladies!!🖒#tribalexpression #calgarysfinest #403piercingshop

Our new @tribal.made titanium jointed segment rings are super easy to insert and remove on your own! Our piercer Dee @tribalexpression is here to show you how smoothly this piece can be inserted into her healed tragus piercing! 😃This unique piece of jewelry is available and on sale now @tribalexpression and is also available for wholesale @tribal.made 👌

@tribal.made is proud to introduce a BRAND NEW product, our 16g Jointed Segment Rings👌 On sale NOW @tribalexpression and for wholesale at 🌟Beautifully Made-Tribal Made🌟
#TribalMade #Titanium #bodypiercing #bodyjewelry #calgarysfinest #403piercingshop

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