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Trey Ratcliff  @TreyRatcliff I'm a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys & the dude from & Browncoat. New Zealand.

Here's my friend Sam and his amazing art car! Everyone is in costume the entire time as that little steampunk house rolls around the world. Even his camera here is authentic, over 100 years old.
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Going Live on YouTube at the top of the hour - tune in to win on the following link
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One morning at sunrise out at the @burningman temple I saw @edenmuse randomly. She wasn't even posing or anything... I think she's just kinda like that all the time.
#burningman #portrait #burnergirls #temple #sunrise

People wear the most amazing costumes out there. Some people work on them all year long. This lady built a dress that lit from the inside.
#BurningMan #Burningman2018 #fashion #dress #costume

Tomorrow I begin the long trek out to the @burningman desert again. It's not easy getting all the way there from New Zealand... but I'm meeting my Kiwi friend Rene and my Brazilian from Jo in Reno in not too long now... then still a lot more prep work to do!
#BurningMan #Burningman2018 #friends #travel #travelphotography #burnergirls

Get the 29 new presets here: ...for Lightroom AND Luminar!
I'm excited to release these 29 really fun and beautiful presets ("looks") for you! I've been perfecting them for the last eight years as I shoot photos of people and art at festivals around the world. Plus these also work great in other environments too, as you'll see in the sample photos and videos. And even better, you can get them for Lightroom or Luminar. If you don't have Luminar, you can get that at
You'll notice that my festival photos have a few different sorts of "looks" and now you can have them all. There are seven different filters that give you different sorts of sandstorm/Mad Max cinematic looks. There's a handful of photos for with some gnarly black & white situations. Last, my favorite, there are a variety of desaturated, low-contrast looks that give the photos an amazing feeling.

And last, please come share your new creations inside our friendly Facebook group at
#preset #looks #filter #lightroom #luminar #photography #festival

I know a lot of people are really afraid of going to @burningman because they are worried about getting dirty. It's not that big of a deal at all, once you get used to it. It's all more like a powder than dirt, I'd say. Imagine Johnson & Johnson's baby powder all over you, all the time. It's not bad at all... and, well, one way I think about it is that it's "on the outside of my spaceship" - this is the same thing I think when I have to pick up dog poop and stuff. Also, even though I've talked about this guide a lot, I still get many questions about how to protect your photo gear, so here is a link to my Camera Survival Guide
#burningman #Burningman2018 #camera #survival #photography

A tremendous marionette spent all week on the playa @burningman , controlled by a bunch of humans. Every day she would wear new outfits and talk, making observations of everything she saw around her. Here, on the burn night, she decided to go nude.
#burningman #Burningman2017 #marionette #art #sunset

Every day during @burningman I try to squeeze in a little bit of yoga and meditation action. It's all over the place there, so it's kind of impossible to forget. There's sort of an unofficial "program" of all the events at all the camps. Every day there are honestly over 50 yoga classes to choose from as well as hundreds of other activities. And, of course, everything is free there.
#burningman #yoga #exercise #ritual #art

The amazing Space Whale! One of the coolest things about this is it would sing whale songs all the time and then occasionally you could hear science lectures.
#burningman #space #whale #spacewhale #art @burningman

This is @haileyoutland wandering around a little lost at her own @burningman camp one day. She tells me she's looking for two tickets this year, so if you have any ideas, contact her directly on her Insta.
#BurningMan #BurningMan2018 #burnergirls #portrait #tickets

Every year at @burningman I see a bunch of these sand-tornado-things... they are quite fun to chase on your bike because you can get caught in the winds... stop pedaling, and it just kind of whips you around and around and around and take a ton of photos.
#burningman #sandstorm #twist #twister #bike

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