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Cheer or Run. #SimplePlan

Every Tuesday night @the504th hits the streets. 7pm tonight, Jackson Square. #NFS #AlwaysGoOut #BTG

Monday. Time to work. 🐱: Mr. Wu
📷: @mollysondecatur

Emmy and her mom (Linda). •
The two women in these photos are the best, and I’m better for knowing them. Several years ago Linda was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The truth is I never knew her before that. However I am lucky enough to spend every day of my life with the reflection of her. Strong, smart, funny, driven, kind, beautiful women. This October, Emmy, her family, and friends are holding a fundraiser for The Alzheimer’s Foundation. If you have a chance to get away for the weekend and can join us in Water Mill it would really mean the world to us. If you are unable to attend but have a few bucks that you can donate, it would also mean the world to us. The blue link in my bio will take you to the site to sign up/donate. •
Lastly, I just want to thank everyone that reads this post. If you sign up, thank you. If you donate, thank you! If you like this post, thank you! Every little bit helps, and I promise this cause is the closest to my heart. 🙏🏼

Just wanted to send a little love to @snakefarmco on the new gear drop today!

A photo of when we could still smoke in bars. #MrWu #Ashtray #carbondating 📷: @mmimages

Pictured above is the bag that went to the summit of #MtRainier with me. Two weeks ago today I was lucky enough to reach the top with @denalilander and @questshotit in our pursuit to reach the high point in every state (#pact350). Here the bag sits, two weeks later at the base of the stairs at home. Still unpacked. Maybe it’s the perfect metaphor for that adventure, and my inability to unpack it and be able to “share” it with everyone else. I look at it every day and think about the promises I made to myself on that mountain. I keep thinking about how blessed I am in the friendships I share with so many. I keep thinking about the planet’s ability to break you and build you back up stronger. At some point I’ll write more about the trip, I’ll post some of the great photos that Quest took, and share some of the lessons learned from Denali. But for right now it’s still all packed away in this bag. • PS• Major thank you to @_chase_nelson_ @dominic_cifelli @alanpdavis and the rest of the @rmiexpeditions team that got us all home safe. •PSS• I’ll get the bag off the floor today @thecureforme.

#tbt to a hot summer night in New Orleans with two of the best! Hope we can recreate this (minus the humidity) photo tonight!!

“We measure our lives through our dogs.” •
I have fought back tears all day. I wrote my Mom and said that she was able to read humans as well as any animal I have ever seen. She knew what everyone needed from her. •
She was a hunter. A runner. A guard. A listener. A leader. A follower. A snuggler. A snorer. A dishwasher. A swimmer. A chaser. A nail model. A spotter. A co-pilot. She was the best.

Edit: the bobcat carnival contest has a winner and she goes by the handle of @flahertybee! She guessed $429, actual total - $428.60! •
When my sister (@tierneym17) and I were kids we went to West Jeff Elementary (Go Bobcats!!!). Every year they held school carnival. At this event they had a table with all these jars filled with different things, pennies, jelly beans, crayons, etc. You’d guess and if you won you got to keep the jar. •
So today I have a contest. I’m headed to the bank to make a two year deposit. (Water bottle for scale is 33.8FL OZ)

Rules of contest:
Tag a friend. Guess what you think the total in the jar is. Tomorrow at 11am I will post the total amount and the winner. I’ll Venmo/Chase Quick Pay the winner $50 at 10am. Guess as many times as you want but must be following me, and tag a new friend for every guess. #Bobcat #Contest #Winner #FiftyDollars

Tech Sgt John Chapman will be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor today. Long over due. Unreal the sacrifices that are made on all of our behalf by such a small number of men and women. #RobertsRidge #CCT #FirstThere

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