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Trey  Not much to tell. Take pictures and collect coins when I can 😀 home is Aiken, SC 🇺🇸 PayPal F&F:

I know you said there was no sharing, tagging or all of that crap involved but I bother you enough with other questions so I'm following the rest of the lemmings here. Not that I have the winning kind of luck anymore but here is is bud and by the way, congratulations on the 4K followers! That really is impressive! @scope_it_out_az #Scopes4kPayDirtGAW

Looking for a good site/app for #bitcoin and could use some help. Thanks!

When the #depression is just so bad you don't feel like going on anymore but you don't have a choice but to continue in silence. When you used to be able to put on a fake smile to hide it all and no one knew and now you just feel so lost because you have no clue what you may have to do next. You physically can't cry but you want to so badly. Yeah. That's me.


Found this beautiful piece of history today at the post office! Nothing special or worth money but still old and history

@coin_and_curio for winning the Harris Laughlin $7 .999 silver coin!!!
Sorry for your loss @scope_it_out_az @david_chucklez_thehunter @aikencoinshop and @j.jayhall
I'm hoping to run another raffle this Sunday!!! @coin_and_curio DM me your details bud!!!

Only 4 more spots left on this raffle people!! Hurry and get in on this before all of the spots are full! $3 per spot and 4 spots left!!!
#harraslaughlin #harrahscasino #pokerchip #silver #silverraffle #silverporn #silverraffle #silverbullion #silverstacker #silverstacking

Don't forget my Raffle!!! 8 spots left at $3 each shipping and tracking included to 🇺🇸only (🇨🇦friends will be able to get in on future raffles since this is my first)
#bullionforlife #silverporn #silverbullion #silversavedmeonce #silverraffle #silver #pokerchip #harrahscasino #harraslaughlin

Love coming to my local #coinshop they always have the coolest stuff in stock!!!
@aikencoinshop @aikensc #shoplocal #silver #silverporn #silverbullion #bullionforlife #silversavedmeonce #AikenCoinShop

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