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Trev Rich  God 1st | Denver | LA | Ya Momma House

I been going through so much personal shit that I keep to myself just so you gotta find out in my music. From traveling to new territory and being the new guy, to my life flashing before my eyes and making it out of that shit but now dealing with the after math of my actions, to woman problems, to how life was before, during, and will be after Cash Money. If you don’t know me yet you bout to. Was lucky that God gave me Clarity through all this. With that being said #TrevBack with a historic takeover, joining Rosa on KS1075 FM for a full hour previewing new Music from his latest project “Clarity.” Listen from anywhere in the world at 5/27 from 11-midnight. The Prep will still drop on 5/25 and that will be the first 2 singles off of Clarity. Make sure y’all tune in and get the scoop. The real one. 🚫🤖🔫

Never been scared of the dark. It taught me how to move in the light.

Getting my second wind. Festival Shawty. Thank you @303magazine 🚫🤖🔫

It’s always dope when people want my autograph but the look on people’s face when I ask for theirs is priceless. Fans signing my jackets at every show has become a thing. Just don’t steal my shit man come up with yo own boost. Been reading this jacket since I woke up. Whoever wrote “The sun will shine on you.” and drew the Sun on my pocket I love you.

This coulda been the Balance 2 cover if it existed. Look like a Word up magazine spread. My brudda

#ThePrep 5/25 Burbank

Out Now! #STUNT and y’all wish my brother and the dopest Dj in the world a happy birthday! @djsquizzytaylor 🚫🤖🔫 fool!!!

Tomorrow. #STUNT @djsquizzytaylor first single.

Happy Mother’s Day

Only kick this shit for the young and hopeless. Anti-Robot shit fool. 🚫🤖🔫 #DoobieClubMedium

I’m about to let it all go. #Payback2 #ThePrep 5/25 ! Drop them 🖤🖤🖤’s. (Preorder link bio.)

Preparing for what’s to come. Anti-robot shit fool. 5/25 🤯🤯🤯 #ThePrep
Can the choir say 🗣TrevBack

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