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Trevor  eBook available -- "Open Crumb Mastery." For details, here's the link . . .

Leaven: 100% hydration, bread flour, 5 hours old. This was fed at about a 1:2:2 ratio (my starter is 60% hydration, so I actually use a little bit more water than flour to get it to 100% hydration). Very active. Proofed at low 80's F, it was already tripled (maybe a bit more) after just 5 hours. Good fermentation is *the* key to an open crumb (followed by proper dough handling, of course). I typically use my leaven within 3 to 5 hours, but I could've used this at just 2 hours if I wanted to (it was already quite bubbly and noticeably risen), or even 6 to 8 hours without it being significantly overfermented. The key to an active leaven is an active starter. It all begins with the starter. #opencrumbmastery

Blisters and crumb. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž #opencrumbmastery

Another shot from that last loaf. #opencrumbmastery

Really nice crumb on this one. This is the same loaf from yesterday's shaping video. To encourage a more even crumb structure, I let it rise a little further during bulk (about 50% volume increase) and gave it a few extra folds. Quite pleased with the results. #opencrumbmastery

Simple shaping. Sort of a hybrid - - it starts with the opening folds of cinching, then finishes with the ending rollover of stitching. Requires less handling than stitching, but is more gentle than cinching. Quick and efficient. Sometimes it needs a little tightening at the end, like this loaf, but not always. Works best with somewhat proofier dough because it requires more internal structure to hold a shape than either cinching or stitching does. This has been my shaping method of choice lately. #opencrumbmastery #campbellsdoughknife

Found this photo from a few loaves back and rather liked it. #opencrumbmastery

Easy preshaping. 😏 #opencrumbmastery

Just thought this looked kinda cool.

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