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Today is the day πŸ’œ my heart is so full. This is my momma!

So excited for what is about to happen. So beautiful, ma. πŸ’œ #BridalShower

My little girl is turning 3 in exactly a month and a day from now! Goodness, time does fly. I've been looking at old pictures of her and she has really been growing beautifully every day. Every season brings forth a new challenge to parenting, new habits to develop, a lot of encouragements to her, and also a few rebukes... well, at her age, A LOT of rebukes. But we make sure we do it correctly and that our love and belief in her always outweighs the mistakes she makes and will make. Parenting surely is fun especially when you do it intentionally. I love getting to know my daughter and I looooove how she calls me her best friend. I'm getting emotional with the fact that my baby is getting bigger but I'm also very excited for her to grow up. I'm most excited about doing devo dates with her one dayyyy! πŸ’œ

Life is not just about what is given to you. It is more about what you do with what is given to you. Sometimes, we get something great yet not know what to do with it. Other times we get something simple but we make a masterpiece out of it. It is all about the right mindset. Our lives are as exciting as we think it is. β€’
Anyway, wow! I found this photo of me and my look was so different. I was 20 lbs lighter plus an extremely long hair with bangs. Hehe. I'm actually glad I explored when it comes to having different looks. My favorite beauty/fashion statement is always Michelle Phan's line- "LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO HAVE ONE LOOK". But not that I have enjoyed my short hair look, I think I am going to start letting my hair grow long again. πŸ’œ

I will always be the number one person who will believe in you, in your heart, and in what you can do. And if in pursuit of your dream, you fail, the last thing you'll hear from me is "I told you so". Instead, I'll hold you close until you are ready to get back up to try again. πŸ’œ I am wife your wife and your greatest friend. I love you guuuurl.

It's not that social media is fake; it's just that it is not everything. Fake is when we post something that didn't really happen. Normal is when we choose what we share and post. I mean, doesn't everyone use social media that way? Nothing is wrong in choosing what parts of our lives we share. Just because we don't expose every inch of our lives, doesn't mean it's not real anymore. ALL social media platforms are filtered but most are still real. Some are more open than others but everyone gets to choose how much they want to share. And that is absolutely normal and okay. Don't let the fear of being tagged as "fake" stop you from sharing certain moments in your life that truly brought you joy, laughter, fun, lessons, and growth.

Taziana and Tamika. My baby girl and my baby sister. I love them so much. I suuuper miss our nightly cuddles and our "lesson time" before bed. I get twice more love, fun, and even challenge πŸ˜… when I am with them. They are still so young and probably so clueless about how much they brighten up my days. Ughhh I love these girls to bitsss!

My baby and my not so baby cousin. Sun bae and Hoo bae. Am I correct? Or tell me. Hehehe. πŸ™ˆπŸ’œ

My greatest riches are not money and material things. It is the heart, love, and presence of things that no amount of money can buy. I don't have much in my hands but my arms, heart, and soul is overflowing. I am sooooo rich. πŸ’œ

I'm not as patient and loving as I thought. Before getting to know the Lord, I was an extremely different person even at home. I was very self centered that I always throw my sister out the room if I felt the tiniest disturbance. I was also used to throwing a fit without considering what others felt at home. What mattered was... me. How I felt and what brings me comfort. When Taziana and Mark came, I thought I was COMPLETELY over any drop of selfishness in me. I thought I was already all about caring and loving others. Last week, I saw a part of my heart that needed to be dealt with. I still needed to be more loving and patient. We spent the weekend in our home in Laguna and when the kids wanted them to play, I would politely ask them to go play somewhere else. Well, there were other things. But I realized that I should be more intentional towards other people as well. I don't want to be selective with who I show grace and kindness to. I want to extend the joy we have in our family to others. So yeah, that's where my heart is recently. It matters so much to always evaluate our hearts so that we can grow. It wasn't easy for me to realize that I am actually impatient and harsh sometimes because I wanted to believe I was okay. But sometimes, we have to face the not-so-good side of ours so that we can work on it. πŸ’œ

The biggest reason why I COMPLETELY surrendered my life to the Lord is because of HER life. I was lost, broken, and hopeless. But I was still trying so hard to be in control. I was still trying so hard to do thing MY way- my own selfish and prideful ways. I was okay with starting over and I was okay being a mess. I could bear with all the pain and the lifelessness I felt. Well, no. I wasn't okay. I was breaking and I was dying. But I thought I could always go through it. I thought could always get it right with the Lord once my pride strikes me down. I wasn't afraid in losing my own life because I didn't know the value of it in the first place.
Then, she came. When she did I thought I was right where I said I would never be: a teenage mom who was unsure of her boyfriend's commitment to me (well we are happily married now. Praise God πŸ™ˆπŸ’œ). I knew her life depended so much on mine. I knew her life would reflect a lot of how her mom lived her life. I knew that I would be her first role model, that I would be a model of her character, her values, and even when it comes to her standards in relationships. I also knew that if I kept being who I was, if I kept being the teenage girl who cared of no one but herself and her pleasures, then my daughter would probably end up just like me. That's what completely broke me. The thought of being responsible for her pain, her emptiness, her hopelessness. I wanted her to have a simple but joyful life. That is when I decided that I wanted COMPLETE CHANGE. I gave the Lord the complete control over all areas in my life because I know He would mold me into a mom that my daughter would need. The process had a lot of breaking. I had habits to break, relationships (friendships) I had to let go of, desires I had to lose. The Lord had to empty me. But when the Lord empties, He makes sure to fill until it is overflowing. He filled me with a desire for family and ministry, He filled me with liking for habits that bring growth, and He filled me with so much people who show me & my daughter unconditional love. As if that wasn't enough, God filled my life with my daughter's joy. He filled me with meaning, with purpose, with love, with peace.

Life is a party with both of you by my side. I love being best friends with both of them. I love how the bonding we have built and continue to build together. Mark and I have been friends much longer than Taziana has lived in this life but we're always showing her that mommy and daddy are also her best friends- she can have fun with us and get real with us. But yknow, we're the kind of friends that would rebuke her when she is wrong and will give her the tough love that she needs for her growth πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ’œ Tazi isn't only growing up looking like Mark; she's also getting his wackiness and liking for food. She's SO INTO PASTRIES. Could really eat more pancakes than I can. Hahaha. #TurningF18tchy

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