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Trenton McDade  Professional Mixed Martial Artist. Skateboarder.

Saturday, July 14th/2018. Frontside Nosegrind to Manual off the curb. 📹 credit: @bberkland #skate #skateboarding

Tuesday, July 10th/2018. Turkey Leg Tuesday’s with Trent McDade. Shout out @glassysunhaters for helping me look semi-cool as I waltz around Disney in my favorite purple shirt. #Disney #magickingdom #vegan

Sunday, June 24th/2018. Definitely not Mystical and Kung Fuey. #yoga #fail #humor 📹 credit: @jenniflynnmcdade

Sunday, June 10th/2018. I heard Toys R Us was going out of business because they didn’t carry The exclusive premium “Trenton McDade Action Figure!” 📹 credit: @bberkland @toysrus #skate #skateboarding #sk8

Friday, June 1st/2018. Ollie over a trash can. #skate #skateboard #ollie

Monday, May 21st/2018. I ♥️ Skateboarding. I stole my style from an 8 year old kid that competed in the 2017 Tampa Am. 📹 credit: @bberkland #skate #skateboarding

Sunday, May 13th/2018. Happy Mother’s Day to every single mother out there trying to provide a better future for their young. #TheClash #JumpRope #training

Saturday, Cinco de Mayo/2018. You bet your ass, You are what you eat. #BatMan #icecream

Monday, April 30th/2018. My sweet Grandmother gave me this Bucket hat to hide this Afro Bowl-Cut that I’ve been sporting. P.S this Turkey Leg is 🔥 #Disney #Vegan #hollywood

Wednesday, April 18th/2018. Frontside Nosegrind, Tailslide and 5-0 on the Bench to Rock. 📹 credit: @bberkland #skate #skateboarding

Friday, April 13th/2018. Frontside and Backside Boardslide on The John Young Skatepark handrail. 📹 credit: @bberkland #skateboard #skate

Thursday, April 12th/2018. I’m so thankful to be healthy. I injured my left knee last year in June. The knee injury caused me to become irritable and to create unnecessary mental demons that I battled the rest of 2017. The moral of the story is to not lose yourself and to not base so much of your happiness on the physical. #Roadwork #lecture #justshutup 📸 credit : 🌳

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