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Tre Marquis  Christian|Husband|Father - All redeemed by God's glorious grace!

Doing it for the gram!!!

...table for 6. 😁

First Order.

Daddy Daughter Dance!!!

Took her out driving on the streets behind our house where there are no cars or people. She only crashed once...😬

Jamaica for da gold mon!

Forever is a long time,
with Christ we'll live it through
Our love shatters time,
throw the clocks from the roof
Remember our song,
we've danced it so long
Yes, let's do it once more,
I'll take your hand to the floor
Over and over again
Our love, it turns to a hymn
United a picture of Christ
The Church as His beautiful bride
Remember this time
Look at God's blessing
Our love blends together,
You are my beginning
Violins fade, our love grows
Everyday from a blossom til we become a rose

Until Christ returns
Or we get called home
Remember this song, for your love, our love lives on... Happy Valentines Day! I love you!!

Snuggle time!

Intro to hip hop


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