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Trei Hill 

Came to this man just a couple weeks ago to start building some set decor and props and I ended up with a new mentor. Got to see another side of him at his sculpture exhibit today and it just reminds me how blessed we are when artists create with passion and a heart of servitude. #atlantaartist

SCAD tested, now we’re getting SAG-AFTRA approved!! #scadfilm #indiefilm #atlantafilm #federationtemple #preproduction

PREPRODUCTION! Actors start your engines!! 🏁🏎#atlantafilm #federationtemple #indiefilm #scadfilm #castingcall

That one time I really wanted some water and I used my super human speed frivolously instead of for the good of others. I’m not proud, but my thirst is quenched. This is @vishvesh_bakshi vfx/camera skills just screwing around at the house for a couple hours. Can’t wait for postproduction, you guys are amazing! #visualeffects #scifi #cameratest #indiefilm #federationtemple #atlantafilm

We’re here all weekend, 1st round’s on me...

Given any and every chance to fly, and I WILL fly. I may pee a little... but fly, I will. #fremontstreet #slotzilla

In Vegas modestly celebrating, I promise I didn’t plan this... At my old bar, we served these guys drinks after tough loses so happy for them! DC championship town baby, we got one! DMV STAND UP!#ALLCAPS #stanleycupfinals #hometeam #dmv

STAY TUNED FOR THE OFFICIAL LINK check out my soulful Queensbridge brethren I live for moments when the planets align and opportunities to do a favor for a good, well-deserving friend come along. Ever since I met him I know him for being in the lab cooking SOULFUL tracks and one of my personal favorite artists. @jbonkaz music video “Up All Night” featuring @jerrinika Super talented cast and crew, looking forward to the next one. What a fun summer coming up!!

Holy metadata, Looking forward to quick break, then make some epic summer movies with my peeps! Someone pay me to organize your bins #postproduction #scadgrad #avidcertified

Most meaningful game in DC in 2 decades!! #ALLCAPS #DMV #stanleycup

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