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Trei Hill  Indie Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Avid Certified

Today’s far off lock up features an algorithm that cures hunger... maybe, I’ll lyk when I’ve cracked the code, or when we company move whichever comes first #whereinthehellami

Just a sample of all the hard work from our crew and cast last weekend. A true example of what happens when a whole lot of brilliant, talented, people get together to tell a story. So thankful you guys chose my production. More info coming soon! #atlantafilm #indiefilm #scadatlanta

Shout out to my Jedi brethren and him wrapping on his short film, Man in the Mirror, tonight. So thankful to have such a loyal, hard-working cinephile to share filmmaking goals and rebel force banter with #indiefilm #atlantafilm #nerdsruletheworld

A year ago today, me and my best friend, @robinehill88 got all our peeps together, from Maryland, to Amsterdam, to Boston and beyond... and turnt The W Midtown the F UPPPPP!!! All 4 u Duchess ❤️ #weddinganniversary

Came to this man just a couple weeks ago to start building some set decor and props and I ended up with a new mentor. Got to see another side of him at his sculpture exhibit today and it just reminds me how blessed we are when artists create with passion and a heart of servitude. #atlantaartist

SCAD tested, now we’re getting SAG-AFTRA approved!! #scadfilm #indiefilm #atlantafilm #federationtemple #preproduction

PREPRODUCTION! Actors start your engines!! 🏁🏎#atlantafilm #federationtemple #indiefilm #scadfilm #castingcall

That one time I really wanted some water and I used my super human speed frivolously instead of for the good of others. I’m not proud, but my thirst is quenched. This is @vishvesh_bakshi vfx/camera skills just screwing around at the house for a couple hours. Can’t wait for postproduction, you guys are amazing! #visualeffects #scifi #cameratest #indiefilm #federationtemple #atlantafilm

We’re here all weekend, 1st round’s on me...

Given any and every chance to fly, and I WILL fly. I may pee a little... but fly, I will. #fremontstreet #slotzilla

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