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#RoyalMcgee 馃嚨馃嚟  Visual alchemist. Human vortex. Modern-day mystic. Nakatayo tayo sa balikat ng mga higante.

Hanging out among the Cypress trees and water lilies with swamp people and their four legged swamp friends.

馃 This flick, taken at particular time in my life, summarizes my journey.

When the crab crawls into our consciousness, we are reminded of the cyclical nature of our lives and that we don't have to walk a straight and narrow path up the mountain.

The crab knows this and tap dances left, and shuffles to the right, and takes the lesser known paths of least resistance.

The crab prompts us to protect ourselves when necessary but our armor should be shed from time to time in order to cultivate growth.

To grow is to put yourself out there, exposing your vulnerable sides. Such is life for the humble crab.

Houston! Come out today for the Floating World Kimono art show at Cindy Lisica Gallery in Montrose!

It is a collection of kimonos by @tinazulu in collaboration with numerous artists, including yours truly. Come say hi! Bring the homies!

Spirit guides

Thankful for the soft breeze.
Thankful for the warm sun.
Thankful for the healing waters.
Thankful for the bountiful earth.

Beloved Immortals...that's who we are.

Ever think back on the day and realize when you woke up that morning, you had no earthly idea that events would unfold in such unexpected and magical ways?

The stars aligned PERFECTLY last night.

We met Yukimi Nagano, the lead singer of Little Dragon, after their OTHERWORLDLY performance last night.

Not only did we meet her but we gifted her the collaboration kimono that @tinazulu and I put together.

So now she owns and wears a piece of my heART.


When people ask vegans if we get tired of eating salad all the time.

I made a Mayan hot chocolate float!

The dark chocolate is from our trip to Chiapas, Mexico and I made it with hemp milk.

Ice cream is Rockiest Road from @nadamoo!

#whatveganseat #vegan

I'm so excited to finally receive these beautiful earrings made by a kindred soul, @thepeoplesink!

The beads are attached to mini gongs made by the people of Lake Sebu inspired by the brass gongs of the T'boli tribe.

Love to my people! 馃嚨馃嚟 Maraming salamat for the wonderful medicine, kaibigan!

Travel light, bring only the necessities, and keep moving forward.

A how-to on discovering new worlds.

30x48. Acrylic on canvas.

Finally finished this! Sorry for the slight glare at the top. Thanks for looking!

"And you travel like an asteroid"

Despite what you hear about people, most of us aren't so bad.

Let your heart sing, let your body speak poetry, and may you influence others to do so.

San Crist贸bal de las Casas, thank you for bringing out the artists, the poets, the lovers, and the warm hearted people who are drawn to your magnetism.

There's something about you.

San Crist贸bal de las Casas at night.

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