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Tré Cools' Official Homie!  Green Day rocks! We accept fan art, stories, and photos with Tre and the band to be posted here! New owners @eleanor_w93 @fcalvomb @ashpxnk

45? Are you kidding me? Happy Birthday mr. Tré Cool! Hope you have a wonderful day and a blast of year! #45andbetterthanweall ~ Baco

What a TOUR, what a BLAST!!! Hope all our friends in South America enjoyed as much as the guys did, where have you seen them this year? ~ Baco

Wonderful pic, just another day at the office!!! Anybody from São Paulo? ~ Baco

#Repost @foreverly__
Green Day - RevRad São Paulo 🇧🇷💚

Me @ school right now -Ash

Isn't it one of the cutest pictures you have ever seen? ~ Baco

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Young @trecool.

To all in the Bay Area: if you want to donate and or volunteer, please drop supplies off at @1234gorecords in Oakland, CA. I’m in Southern California right now and it seems like California is totally burning. There’s over 12 fires here throughout the state right now. If you’re able to, make a donation💕

Happy anniversary to these two lovebirds!❤️

SAT’s are gonna murder me tomorroww😭🔫 -Ash🤘🏼

Who misses the Foxboro Hottubs as much as I do? -Ash🤘🏼

Who else is a drummer? I've been playing for 7 years now, and keep learning each and every day!
That's @trecool 's kit, @sjcdrums, @zildjiancompany, @dwdrums... WHAT A BEAST!

Drums: SJC maple with Revolution Radio custom graphic finish
A. 6.5×14 aluminum snare
B. 9×13 tom
C. 16×16 floor tom
D. 16×18 floor tom
E. 18×22 bass drum

Cymbals: Zildjian
1. 14″ hi-hats (A Rock top/A Dyno Beat bottom)
2. 19″ K Dark Thin crash
3. 19″ A Custom Medium crash
4. 22″ Tré Cool Custom ride
5. 22″ Constantinople Hi Bell Thin High ride
6. 19″ K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash

Heads: Remo Coated Emperor snare batter and Hazy Ambassador snare-side, Coated Emperor tom batters and Clear Ambassador resonants, and Clear Powerstroke 3 bass drum batter and Ebony Powerstroke 3 front head

Sticks: Zildjian Tré Cool signature model

Hardware: DW 9000 series hi-hat and cymbal stands, 5000 series single bass drum pedal

Accessories: Bicycle bugle horn

Keep drumming! ~ Baco

Recently @trecool was quoted in a magazine saying that "at least once per day someone new he meets thanks him for his band inspiring them to learn to play music, and that he feels that is success"

Some really, really, really amazing fan art of Billie from @greenart_idiot !!❤️ these are actually fucking amazing wow!

Send videos of you guys playing @greenday songs! We'll post our favorite one! P.S. this is me playing with my guitar pick from @billiejoearmstrong ~ Eleanor

How are you guys doing?? -Ash🤘🏼

Can we just agree that Tré actually looks good in every picture ever? What a photogenic motherfucker😂 -Ash🖤🤘🏼

Awesome drawing inspired from a Green Day show of @trecool from @trenotascool

Tré will be September's cover of Modern Drummer! Go get one before I buy them all 😍 ~ Baco

My favorite photo of Tre! ~Eleanor

What are your guys favorite bands (other than Green Day of course lol)?? I’m in some serious need of some new music :) -Ash❤️

What's everyone's favorite song from #revrad? 🌈

Rest In Peace Rocky Armstrong 😭❤️

Hey guys! This is Ashley and I’m the third new owner on this account :) I can’t wait to meet all of you guys and make some new friends so dm me anytime! And if you want, you can follow my personal @ashpxnk :) A big thanks to Jelle for handing over this account to us, I promise we won’t disappoint! This is also a picture from the Rose Bowl show that I got, sorry it’s not that high quality 😂 -Ash :)

Hey lads!!! This is @baco_drum, and I'll be watching from you all the stuff related with Tré!
I'm so happy I can be writing this today and I hope we'll get to make Jelle really happy (Thanks buddy!). Dunno what else to say, we'd like to hear and see things all over the world, keep posting and tagging us!
Love - BD🚀

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Hey guys! My name is Eleanor and I'm one of the new owners here. Follow me @eleanor_w93. Thank you to Jelle for giving me the opportunity to help run this account. We want this account to be a platform for fans to showcase their stories, photos, and art work. So DM us anytime. Here is Tre killing it on the drums in Camden NJ on 8/31/17. If you look on the second photo I am in the very front in the blue. Thanks and rock on!

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