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Why am I thinking about dragons now ?

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Just finished my portrait of Green Day entitled "PatRIOTs". I hand painted all of the lyrics to the #revolutionradio album to render the likenesses of @billiejoearmstrong @mikedirnt and @trecool If you guys like the painting, it would be an honor and a privilege for me to give it to you as a gift. It measures 50 x 84 inches in size, and is acrylic paint on canvas. 🎸🎤🥁🤘🏻
Check out this amazing piece of art

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Keep up the good work young man!

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My favorite part about being a Green Day fan is that to us, they're not just a band, and to them, we're not just a fan base, we're a family
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Hello there everybody! Think I am managing school year 12/12 now well enough, that I can spent some time on here again! And school is finally coming to an end! University here I come...soon... Lately I've apparently been tagged/mentioned in a lot of photos of the tour by you guys!
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I'm in shock! How could you vote Trump for president? A man that might be 'entertaining' but is basically harassing human beings with every step he takes. I know that this election became a tough choice for North America, but I can only hope that you will not-with this move- have destroyed your country. I hope that the next time elections happen, you will choose more wisely. To those people/states who did not vote for Trump, thank you for for not supporting a man, that says 'immigrants out' and has a wife, who herself is an immigrant, well third wife. And I have one more thing to ask you guys to do: Please be more interested in politics and please think about taking part in politics! That was the words on Wednesday, have a nice day!

With "Bang Bang" Green Day, brought so many memories back, that I had with their fans... Now I can't wait for the new album, which you please shouldn't forget to preorder!

Just wanted to say that I am save. Though it is crazy that at a Place I have visited not that long ago a very stupid Person was able to kill so many young people .... For those who do not know, what I am talking about: I live in munich where yesterday a Shooting spree happened and 9 People and The shooter died ... Thoughts go out to the victims and their families....

This world is so strange to me ... Wish we could all kind of live in peace but nah said humanity. To anyone struggling/being mocked/harassed/etc. try to hang on and stay safe, don't change the way you live/love. I wish I could really help and not just try to talk certain sense into people, while they don't have ears. We're heathens...

Staying in School, plaing stageball-a mix of baseball soccer and fohtech- trying edge blending and running around on the rooftop of the School and doing other stuff #mysundays

Ok so this year I got my choir teacher to sing sth of the American Idiot Musical. Turns out he couldn't pick one song and we now sing a Medley(Last Night on Earth, Boulevard of Broken Dreams,more last night on earth, Wake me up when September Ends, 21 Guns and at the end some more Last night on Earth). So well I could sing the solo (said my teacher) I still would have to do some kind of casting and then get the solo but I could do it ... But should I ? I mean yeah I know the lyrics since the songs came out but hell Should I ? .... And another thought: CAN PEOPLE JUST STOP MAKING FAKE ACCOUNTS YOU MAKE ME FEEL "STRESSED OUT" ... Picture taken from @trecoolrocks

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