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  🙏🏽 But God, 💡 @thepurposebae 🌏 Currently spreading light and speaking life around the world.

That’s like oil and water, it just doesn’t mix well.

God gave me this glow ✨🙌🏽 #TreasureTakesZambia

What I love the most about Africa is the people. They are truly so kind and polite. They welcomed me here like they’ve known me for years. After church, the girls told me that they couldn’t wait to meet me. Honestly, hearing them say that meant the world to me. Knowing that I’m able to impact in another country is a wonderful testimony of how big my God is. He see’s no barriers when it comes to sharing the Gospel. #TreasureTakesZambia

Many people go through life believing the lie that God is looking for “perfection” when in actuality he’s only looking for an open vessel. Our God is the master of using unworthy people to do wonderful things - I’m so glad I’m one of those unworthy people 💕 #TreasureTakesZambia

If I had to name this year of my life as a chapter in a book it would be - The Birth Of Obedience. Labor isn’t easy but the joy of seeing the fruit. My God 🙌🏽 So I wanna know what’s your chapter called? 👀

Meet Gertrude. She’s apart of the TuliOne family. Today, we went on a field trip to a farm. The whole day she was attached to my hip yet she never said much to me. Looking back now, that reminds me of Jesus. Sometimes, he may not speak audibly to you but he’s always there - attached to your hip. Thank you Gertrude for inspiring me ✨ #TreasureTakesZambia

Oh and even though you can’t tell in this picture - she has the cutest smile!

So I just got word that they’ve asked me to deliver the message on Sunday for church 😱

If you want to ask me if I’m nervous, I will say yes. Was I prepared for this? No. Do I have my message ready? No. If I can be honest, I still don’t know why God is calling me out of all people. It’s funny because everyone I’m usually around always call me a minister or preacher of some sort. On the other hand, I have never thought to claim that title. Why? Because I know that carries a lot of weight and pressure. Pressure that I’m not I’m ready for. But I know that my obedience to the call that God is placing on my life is less about me but more about the people who need His word. I’m only a vessel - so I pray that he pours something great inside of me. #TreasureTakesZambia

It is HIS grace that will keep you even when you don’t want to be kept. Thank you, God.

God is not a man that he should lie. He is not unjust, in due season every harvester will reap what they have sown.

This past week, I told God if you called me to go on this trip, I know you’ll provide everything I need. If you’ve called me to it you’ll provide the provision.

Wednesday, someone sowed a seed of $50 to me. I went to Target and got toiletries and etc. I told myself if this is all you have you have to make it last. Still I heard God telling me to get what I needed. Yesterday, someone sowed a seed of $150. I brought snacks for the plane. Then I told myself make sure you save the rest because if this is you have for Africa you need to make it last. Then I heard God tell me, there’s more where that came from... okay God.

Today, I got to church with $80 for my trip. In my heart, I wasn’t worrying one bit because if that’s what God gave I knew it would be enough. I’m like God, we gone make this work no matter what. Listen, after church service today I left with ten fold. But it’s not about the money, the thing is I SURRENDERED. I surrendered what I thought I wanted for what he knew I needed. So I’ll ask you, are you trusting yourself more than you trust God? He wants to provide all your needs, but are you giving him room to do that?

Thank you to Pastor Keith & my Factory Family for being so obedient to this move of God. He’s going to bless you no doubt about that. #GodIsFaithful #SwipeLeft

How long are you willing to wait on your prayers to be answered?

3 years... that’s how long I’ve had this passport. That’s how long I had to wait for the promises of God to be fulfilled.

For 3 years, I knew I wanted to travel the world. I tried applying for study abroad in college. I didn’t raise enough money to go on the trip. I tried applying for flight attendant jobs. I didn’t get pass the first interview. I learned in those moments that it wasn’t that God didn’t want me to travel. Notice how I said “I tried” but I learned that when it’s God you don’t have to try. It’s already given to you. But you have to be willing to wait on until he allows you to access it. Before, it was about what I wanted. Now, it’s about what God has ALREADY designed for me.

I’m just going to use this moment to prophesy over my life and anyone else who receives it. Say this with me, “I will honor God with the purpose he’s graced me with, I will share my testimony and the goodness of God across the globe, and I will walk in favor and be blessed when I come and go. In Jesus name!”

99.9% of the things God will call you to will not make sense to the natural eye.

In March, I humbled myself and got a job at a juice bar even though I had the credentials to work at “better job.” My natural eye only saw a juice bar but supernaturally and behind the scenes God was using that job to lead me to an opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity to fellowship with a family that would soon invite me to go on a trip to Africa (all expenses paid). Sunday, I’ll be leaving to go on that trip. But that isn’t it... God graced me with the opportunity to also share my testimony to 100+ women at a conference. He wasn’t lying when they said exceedingly + abundantly.

I don’t know about you but I’m glad faith doesn’t make sense. If my faith made sense, I wouldn’t taking on the opportunity to be the first in my family to travel to a third world country. And know that God is no respecter of persons, if he did it for me I’m sure he can do it for you too.

Never mastering happy, always choosing joy. Notice how I said “choose” because the choice is always yours. I guarantee you can find SOMETHING to be joyful about today... I woke up alive and well. If you never did anything else Jesus, I promise that’s enough for me 🙌🏽

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