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All we are is energy! We have to stop identifying ourselves as a color or race! Think about this; When a person dies the body still lays there right in front of you. That body no longer contains the person you once knew. The energy of that body is gone. That is truly who we are! ENERGY!!!! What is inside our bodies is what truly counts. Not what is on the outside! 🤔 Think about the world around you and the people in it. What you will realize is, in the death of every human the universe is telling us plain and simple; I don't take the body, I take the soul! Your wealth, color, height, weight, religion doesnt matter. What's in your heart and soul is your ticket!!!!! Get on the soul train!!! #behuman #recognizevibes #justtry-umph

You can say what you want about this issue but it just looks bad. It's simple. UGLY!!! We are so worried about our safety in this country that we will stoop to these measures! Separating children from their families??? Wow, it seems that I've read that somewhere before #lilacgirls #thechoice #bornsurvivors #thepharmacistofauschwitz reading is fundamental! This world that we live in is not just about America or you and I. Be human and stop and think about others and what's right. What if they took your kids from you? Other people need help and you just might be the person that lends them a hand. In years to come will we deny this ever happened just so we can live a comfortable life free of judgement. Denial seems to be going around these days. If youre mad at what I'm saying just unfollow me. I actually care about people other than myself or my family. If you don't like it please unfollow me no need to announce your plans. #neveragain seems to be right now #wwjs #beinghumanisnolongerinfashion #humanismyparty #hateislearnedbehavior #stopthewhataboutism

I walked out of the theater smiling because @uncledrewfilm delivered some pretty good laughs last night. It comes out on June 29th so make sure you take your family with you on a movie date! They will surely enjoy it! Kyrie, Shaq, Reggie, Cwebb, Nate and Lisa all did an incredible job! #movienights #featurefilmfridays #movieRAYtings ⭐️⭐️⭐️

With @jabariparker, going through a few of my favorite shooting drills. @jumpman23 @bucks #nikenychq #babyblue32

Until we meet again!!! #home

My current read! I can't put it down!!! What are you guys reading? #readingisfundamental

This man is Johan Van Hulst. He passed away on March 22 2018. He lived to be 107 years old. He was a Dutch school director from the Netherlands. In 1943, three years after Germany invaded the Netherlands, he was working at a college in Amsterdam. The college shared a yard with a day care facility that had been taken over by the Nazis as a detainment center for children awaiting deportation. The children were facing certain death! Van Hulst helped the resistance by passing the children over the hedge between the two buildings and then hid the children in his building until the children were picked up and smuggled to safety. These weren't his kids!! He just knew that he had to do something. Van Hulsts greatest dilemma was making sure too many children weren't smuggled out, thus alarming the Nazis. For the rest of his life he lived in pain knowing all the children that he left behind were sent to their deaths. He saved over 600 children's lives then. To this date, think about the number of people that are living today because of those 600 lives that were saved! Johan Van Hulst didn't care about being a hero. He just knew that these kids lives needed saving. He knew his life was at risk if he was caught but saving others was more important to him. We all must do something for someone else. Try helping someone you don't know that needs help. It's always the human thing to do. There is adversity around us every day, but out of that adversity you see real leaders and true heroes born! What will history say about you when you pass on! #righteousamongthenations #yadvashem #ushmm #heroes #thenetherlands

The bridge is over! The bridge is over! There's nothing like getting your work in early!!! Thank you #Sheila for @thewerth #krsone #rickenbacker #keybiscayne

Yesterday trump said at a rally that black people have been voting for Democrats for over a hundred years! 😳????? Dare I say "fake news". The 15th Amendment was ratified in 1870, which gave the right to vote to all men regardless of there race, color or previous condition of servitude. The problem back then was that state and local governments put policies in place that were meant to discourage and prevent black people from exercising that right. Not until 1965, when the Voting Rights Act was signed into law were some of those issues addressed! So just a little history for you people. Black folks have not even been voting for a 100 years! If we even tried we would've been killed! Its a new day now people! When it's time to vote, we must show up in droves! Knowledge is power! Educate yourself and nobody can subjugate you! #resist #whenyouknowbetterdobetter #thetimeisnow #zeitgeistmovement #whatwillhistorysayaboutus #youjustcantsaywhateveryouwant #filter #wordsmatter

42 and still gettin after it! Don't let this old guy beat you to the gold!!! Getting older doesn't mean you give up on yourself!#staymovin #6amsuccess #thegrindisinthedirt #grownman

Today we visited Lake Stevens Middle school. With the help of a few of my good friends we built a new state of the art computer lab and what a great day we had meeting so many smiling, energetic faces. Thank you @loewsmiami #cdw @acer #jpsports @metrosignsinc #orinmayers #anndelaspozas #superintendentcarvahlo A special shout out to Principal Jorge Bulnes! What a special individual! We all need a principal like this. This man had his kids excited and on point. We must not sit around waiting for others to improve our communities. We must be the change and help make the changes necessary so our kids can have the resources necessary to compete with other children around he world! I know every one can't give money but you certainly can give your time. That's more valuable than money! All our children want is for someone to show them that they care! #LSM #eachoneteachone #ifyouknowbetterdobetter #Rayofhope #whattheyseetheywillbe #miamigardens #dadeschools

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