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I watched @creedmovie today and I was inspired to get out and run after the movie! @michaelbjordan was incredible! Go see it in theaters now! Watching this movie was a reminder to me and us all that when (not if) we get knocked down we must get back up! Life is not easy and every single day there is someone or something that will get in our way and keep us from moving forward! Those are the forces of negativity! Don't let them win!! The easy way out is not the best way and we must not be afraid of hard work! So for all of you that had a tough day, week or month, dust yourself off and be ready for a fight tomorrow. Make sure your opponent knows that you are not an easy win and that YOU ARE COMING!! We all are either going into a storm, in a storm or coming out of a storm! Recognize where you are, prepare and fight!! Tomorrow is waiting for us all to conquer! #Creed2 #rocky #winningisneverquitting

I’m so proud of my big little guy! He plays basketball, runs track and cross-country, sings and plays the piano, and now he has a piece of art for sale during #artbaselmiami. Expose your children to everything people! They will tell you they don’t wanna do something now but later in life they will thank you for it! Life is a battle so we must equip our kids with all the weapons they need to succeed in this war we call life! #eachoneteachone #mykidsarethebest

Thank you @thenbpa for allowing me to play a small part! #eachoneteachone

It's impossible to stand next to the ocean and not to feel inspired! That place where land ends and infinite possibilities begin! Photos by @biancavidale #Dominican #theteeth #thekidisnotmyson😜 #abs-olutely #garbagetan #lightskinnedbutadark🤦🏾‍♂️ #davidortizchildrensfund

La Dominica Republica con El Ortiz #davidortizchildrensfund @davidortiz @casadecampodr #DR #theteeth

I’m so proud of the work #jasonterry @moneymone33 @mforte22 @jabariparker are doing in their communities! I'm equally as proud of my Ray of Hope Foundation and the many volunteers that help us to equip middle schools with new computer labs! We need to reduce the digital divide and give all students equal access to technology. @PlayersTribune #TakeAction #AmFamPartner #eachoneteachone #whattheyseetheywillbe

Back in 2012 my son Walker and I went to Washington D.C. For @jdrf children's Congress to speak in front of Congress to the @NIH for special diabetes funding! We wanted to make sure that our voices were heard and that our elected officials continued to understand how important it was to continue funding diabetes research! Walker was diagnosed with type-1 in 2008 at the age of 17 months old. He is an awesome young man that loves sports and is just an all-around great person!
As Walker and millions of people around the world are dealing with this deadly disease I strive to be the [Life-Changing or Make A Difference] type! Being a parent of a child with type-1 diabetes I’m doing all that I can to help raise awareness and drive research for better treatments and one day a cure. I hope you will join efforts with me & consider donating to @JDRF this #GivingTuesday. You can help bring us even closer to the next breakthrough in #T1D research. #Imthetype Learn more here: #diabetethis #novemberisdiabetesawarenessmonth #findacure

Sometimes the necessary vantage point is from someone else's shoes #facts

This happened 80 years ago and in today's day and age persecution of groups of people, religions, races still happens today. Why have we not learned our lessons! It wasnt only in the Netherlands 80 years ago keeping people out of their country that were seeking refuge but many other countries as well! Now in the US we have sent troops to the border! For what? Just put yourselves in the shoes of someone seeking refuge. History will ask us why we didn't do more! In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends! Don't be so over privileged that you don't care! Remember, when you're accustomed to privilege equality feels like oppression! We are a great country we can help! #shame #weknowbetter-maybenot #toomuchhate #allpeoplearewelcome #giveusyourhuddledmassesyearningtobreathefree

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Life is full of give and take! Give thanks and take nothing for granted! #gobblegobble #eatwell #givethanks #familyiseverything

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