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Sometimes we forget to stop amidst everything that's going on in life and smile, maybe even take a picture! Thanks to my playing partners @stephencurry30 @aaronrodgers12 for a great time on the course today! Special shout-out to @nomad_customs for hooking up the Jays!#fresherthanyouraverage #jaysonmyfeet #aacgolf #americancenturychampionship @acchampionship #edgewoodtahoe

Great day on the links today. Not my best golf but I was in good company! Fun fact for all of you-Dell Curry and I played a year together when I played for the Milwaukee Bucks and many times he would bring Steph and Seth to practice with us. I guess that paid off😜 What your kids see they will be!!!!! @stephencurry30 @kyle_lowry7 #vincecarter #dellcurry #accgolf @acchampionship #jaysonmyfeet #jordan3s #laketahoe #edgewood #mykids @gfore

Good morning everyone! Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present! Enjoy your day wherever you are! Choose positivity! #edgewood #myfathersdaygift @vesselbags #basketballhalloffame @acchampionship #laketahoe #harrahs #cali #nevada #stateline

I spent the day with my family and great friends on the golf course today. My swing is coming along slowly but surely. Shout out to @taylormadegolf for hooking me up with the 790 irons, M3 driver and a few dozen TPX's! The ball go far!!!!😳 Tomorrow I'm paired with @stephencurry30 and pops (Dell Curry) at 843am. That's alot of threes😜Come check us out if you're in the area. @acchampionship #edgewood #laketahoe #taylormadegolf #jaysonmyfeet @gfore @vesselbags @jumpman23 #summerfun #3splease

Great round of golf with the fellas @aaronrodgers12 @ajhawk_50 @eblofer we are getting our games tuned up for the weekend! They took my money today! Thank you @clearcreektahoe for having us on your beautiful property! #americancenturychampionship #jaysonmyfeet

This is Melreese golf course, or International links. If you've ever been to Miami its the course that is located right next to Miami international airport. This week there is a proposal to tear a majority of the course down and build a soccer stadium there. Melreese has an awesome First Tee program that is ran out of this course that really teaches young children the game of golf and gives them a public place to play. Not to mention all the great tournaments and events the course hosts. If you're familiar with Miami at all, there aren't too many public courses for our kids to play at. This post is my intention to inform you of what's going on. As citizens of this city you have the right to choose by voting. Whatever you choose is your right!!! I wasn't coerced or paid to post any of this. I know and appreciate the good people who work at the course and I have worked with the kids that participate in the First Tee program there, so whether a soccer stadium is built or not sports teams in this city require your support so don't jump on your high horse about a soccer stadium if you don't support the Marlins, Dolphins, or Heat!! (Season ticket support) This Thursday July 12th at 1:45 there will be a town hall meeting on whether or not this stadium should be built. Whatever you choose, now is the time to speak up!! If you wanna keep this beautiful plot of land as it is and keep this stadium from being built wear orange in solidarity to the meeting or sign this petition online. #whatsayyou @prestigegolf @firstteemiami

After the German annexation of Austria, President Roosevelt called for an international conference to discuss the plight of Jews desperate to flee Nazi rule. In July 1938, delegates from 32 countries met in France to address the refugee crisis.
At the Evian Conference, delegates discussed a long-term solution to the problem, but many claimed their country would not welcome new immigrants. Most countries, including the US, feared that an increase of refugees would cause further economic hardships, but some spoke bluntly about not wanting to admit Jews.

The American press criticized the participants at Evian for their inaction. As Time magazine concluded: “All nations present expressed sympathy for the refugees but few offered to allow them within their boundaries.” so take a moment to think how we all cringed and cried when we heard about what the Nazis did to the Jewish people back then. The one question that alot of people asked was, "Why didn't we do more as a country to help them then". Well, if you're paying attention to what's happening with immigrants in this country now, does it answer your question?? Alot of people are making excuses on why immigrants shouldn't be allowed into our country. Sounds eerily familiar🤔🧐😒. Remember in high school when your teacher told you that we learn from the faults of our history so we don't repeat them? I guess we didn't listen! It turns out that some people aren't as strong as they thought they would be when it became our turn to fight for those that can't fight for themselves!!! Stop being afraid and be courageous!!! #feardoesnotexist #ushmm #courage #bestrong #beselfless #speakupforothersinneed

Luck=when preparation and opportunity go on a date! 🤓 #theearlybirdcatchestwoworms #tpcriverhighlands

There's nothing like having a place to sit and think, or make a phone call! Where's your spot? #happyplace

Our kids are going through so much more these days than what we went through when we were kids. It seems that today's youth are overdosing on video games and in some cases too many meds. Let's stop making excuses for our children and hold ourselves more accountable. If you want your children to stay off a therapists couch when they get older you better sit them down on your couch now and talk to them! All that our kids want is someone to listen to them and to love them! If we parents can't be this way everyday for our kids be prepared for monthly visits to god knows where😳 #beanexampletoyourkids #ilovemykids #hugyourkidseveryday

I just finished reading "The Choice", and I highly recommend this to everyone. It is a story about a woman named Dr. Edith Eva Eger who was sent to Auschwitz as a teenager. She witnessed death on all sides of her at a young age. She lived her whole life trying to make sense of the countless lives that were taken from her early in her childhood but she never gave up on herself. She built herself back so much stronger that she began to help other people in their lives deal with tragedy and failures in their own life. The adversity that we all go through grows us and makes us stronger, wiser people. We all must stand tall in trying times. We will come out on the other side better people. What I have learned from this book is to never say "why me", when going through tough times but to say "why not me" because I am capable of handling anything in my life and so are you all!! Read the book and you will understand! Thank you @carolynngfriedman for the suggestion #bestrong #thechoice #editheger

No matter what happens to us in our lives we always have the choice to decide to learn from our experiences. When life deals us a bad hand do not be a victim! Do not allow people to make you feel like you aren't worthy! Take responsibility for your actions and move forward! In every tough situation there is a silver lining, find it!! Our painful experiences aren't a liability-they're a gift. They give us perspective and meaning, an opportunity to find our unique purpose and our strength. It's time we stop hanging underneath other peoples umbrellas and then complain that we are getting wet! Choose your own path going forward and no matter what happens you are the one in the driver's seat! Bring your own umbrella to the storm and don't forget to sing in the rain!! #bestrong #gowithcourage #youaregoodenough #thechoice

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