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Travis Van Winkle  My initials are TV-I'm on TV. Travis means to travel-I travel. Part of my last name is Winkle-that rhymes with Stinkle-I definitely stinkle. Welcome➡️

Imagine I posted this yesterday. Not today. Yesterday. #EveryDayInMay #25 📸@carloalbertoorecchia

Taking good👮 a little too far w/the talented @rjmitte #Squad85 #EveryDayInMay #24

7 more days of posting every day has me like.. #EveryDayInMay #23 #MeetTheSpartans #WayBackWednesday #AG

Me when I get excited #EveryDayInMay #22

We suck. Humans are the most destructive creatures on the planet. #EveryDayInMay #21 📸@justinhofman

Dog’s Best Friend #EveryDayInMay #20 📸@carloalbertoorecchia

This morning I decided to run my first cross country race at #MalibuStateCreekPark with the intention to break the course record and win the whole damn thing — well, I regret to inform you I overshot the mark and missed breaking the record by 6 minutes. I did however, win the race and got 1st place out of 55 people!! Thank you to all the professional cross country racers that decided to stay home and sleep in today. My experience.. First 3 miles = Enjoyable. Last 4 miles = TORTURE. Do it again = Absolutely. #11K #🏅#EveryDayInMay #19 #AG

@washingtonpost published an article today titled: “2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than service members.” #WTF

For self tape auditions you have to ‘slate’ and say your name and height. This is one of my favorites. Thanks @iamtimfox for fudging my name... idiot ;) #EveryDayInMay #17

Sometimes you just need a little prayer to ground you, connect you, and remind you that we are more then just our individual flesh suits and brains. #BuildSpiritualCommunity #EveryDayInMay #16 🗣@meredith_lamarche 🎹@armanraub

I remember when I first learned to drive. I almost crashed into the side of my high school. I had trouble remembering which was the gas and which the brake. Well.. it’s Lyrik’s turn to learn one of the fundamentals of driving before driverless vehicles become our reality. Parallel Parking 101. #EveryDayInMay #15 #Vlog

I love having talented friends that share their voice with the world. So excited for everyone to dive into this! CHOOSE WONDER OVER WORRY is a book for navigating life’s challenges—projects that fail, imposter syndrome, feeling envious or anxious or stuck—all of those, “Am I good enough? What if I fail? What will people think of me?” moments.

When you’re looking for clarity, courage, or permission to pursue what’s true for you… @heyamberrae thank you for giving us #ChooseWonderOverWorry link to book in my bio! Here is a phenomenal review by a phenomenal writer: "Powerful, practical, and honest, Choose Wonder Over Worry is the boldest invitation of all: to be your truest self and pursue the calling that is yours and yours alone." — Steven Pressfield, New York Times bestselling author of The War of Art

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