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Travis Van Winkle  My initials are TV-I'm on TV. Travis means to travel-I travel. Part of my last name is Winkle-that rhymes with Stinkle-I don't stinkle. Welcome➡️

After 5 years, that's a series wrap on @thelastshiptnt! An experience that taught me so much about being a man. This opportunity gave me the platform I needed to grow into who I am today. This will be my first birthday since 2012 coming up in November that I won't be on set to celebrate.. crazy.. it's 2017. Thanks to the @usnavy and to all branches of the military for your service and dedication to make this world better. To the cast.. I love you. To the crew.. I love you. To the writers/producers.. I love you. Danny Green.. Thanks for the memories. Signing out.

My boy @jay_peace7 is one of the best dancers I ever seen. This guy is a @buildon alum with tons of community service hours and a school in Kauta Village, Malawi he helped build. Huge heart. This kid has it all. He is a Detroit native and can be a professional dancer here in LA. If anyone has any connects and want to help this kid fly.. reach out to him!!!! Love you J!

5 seasons of seeing the ladies use these in the makeup trailer.. why not. Are they supposed to be ON my 👀's?

Last year I threw @jesser_k a birthday party and had her friends write down well-wishes for the upcoming year she was about to embark on. We shoved them into an old Edison bottle and she was instructed to break the bottle and read the letters a year from then, just before her next birthday. Last night we cracked open that son of a B! #SpecialMoment #SpecialLady

Reporting for duty

Impromptu date night with a 🐧

#Repost @bridgetregan ・・・
Thanks to the BEST CREW everrrr. And thanks to @perksidecoffeetruck for the ☕️☕️☕️AND thanks to Jasmine for making this hilarious sign. #thelastship @thelastshiptnt

Clue: new addiction.

Trip to GA to see Mr Milo .. Nina was happy to meet her human cousin/Life vests are better worn like diapers/face masks are painful as F to take off/friends since the early 90's/my mom is the sweetest! #GA #Roots

If you haven't watched @thelastshiptnt season 4 premier .. Do. It's an exciting ride from beginning to end.. I'm so proud to be a part of this show! Plus I have a beard men in mountains would be jealous of. #TheLastShipTNT w/buddies @bridgetregan @kevin_m_martin

I'M BACK after a month and a half social media detox! But I have to share my top 3 reasons for taking a break first: 1) Social media gets in my head and takes up too much of my thought space .. "what am I going to post, what do I say that's of value, did they like it, how do I get more followers like others have, is my life as good as theirs, damn I can't stop connecting my worth to this shit" etc. 2) We don't know the effects social media has on our minds ability to experience the present moment because when everything is shared in hopes to receive likes or 'inspire' others, we are being manipulated from simply just living to live. 3) Social media highlights only the 'good' moments and the truth is life is filled with a lot of pain/confusion/dissatisfaction/dullness/comparison/loneliness and this is all left out. Long story short.. we only share half of who we are. This can have an effect on how we view others. Their life is better, more full, interesting, love filled. The truth is, it's not. Your life is awesome too, but this shit makes us compare and thus despair. El No Bueno! I'm certain we can all relate. If not, share with me your secrets please! With all this said, I'm back on the horse.. but this time my horse has armor on.. I wearing a kevlar suit on my soul and I installed a bullshit detector in my spirit. With that said, HELLO! Good too see you. It's good to be seen.

My man @quddustv and the lovely @coachcarmina have a workshop this weekend that will give you all the tools you need to be the real you on-camera. If you are a host, an actor, on camera personality, or just someone who is looking for some insight on your creative voice, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU #Repost @camerareadynow ・・・
It's about lighting up the world! 🌎💫
What if you're actually the one who will change the world? Do you believe that's possible? And if you do, what's in the way of that being a reality? Are you ready and willing to do what it takes to elevate so that you can actually change the world? If your answer is yes and you want to have a blast in the process with our community of mountain movers, apply at the link in our bio for The Camera Ready Experience in LA the weekend of June 24/25 💃🏽🚀

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