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travisjerome  I wish I was a pirate ⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️ Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Survivor World Traveler All around swell dude. I dated your sister.

So I bought my car for 3900 dollars to save on gas as a second vehicle. In 7 years it's saved me $21,500 in fuel less the car cost $17601. I'd say being pragmatic and not having to drive my truck everywhere is ok with me. It's pays to be "that guy". I averaged fuel because who remembers $4 gas. That's sucked. #imkindacheap #scionxb #fatguyinalittlecar

I miss this munchkin. Next time I see her she will probably sphrachen zee deutchs and running amuck. Cutest kid in the world. #uncleoftheyear

The power of this dood. So many don't know but I had him registered as a service dog a few years back. He alerts when something isn't right. Tonight driving home I had chest pains that kept getting worse and just mentally was foggy. He kept trying to get in my lap and pawing at me. My potassium was at 1.9. A bi product of my diuretics. So here I sit on a Friday night in Page AZ getting pumped full of potassium, which burns like hell, getting sorted out. #hurleydog #cardiomyopathy #chf #goldendoodle #alertdog

I'm gonna miss this monkey. Such a happy kiddo. #uncleoftheyear

Little smiles. #uncleoftheyear

Cuties puppy in the world. Don't tell Hurley. #uncleoftheyear

Severely swollen feet/legs. Consequences of not eating right, to much fluid, driving to many hours straight and not being a good heart patient. Diuretics and compression socks tonight. Looks like I'm not gonna fall asleep. #chf #heartprobs #heartfailure #cardiomyopathy

The 14 hour drive was worth it to see this little strüdel. Be still my heart Adelaide. #uncleoftheyear #niece #germanniece #suchbigeyes

So great to see my best friend Brooke. She's always stood on her toes in pictures. We are ying and yang of friends for over 21 years. I#bestfriends #highschoolfriends

Get my dog a skinny girlfriend with acid washed jeans dark lipstick and a big floppy hat and he'd be the perfect #hipster #goldendoodle #forfranandjack #wearIGdoodlefamily #doodleroadtrip

On our way go slc via Las Vegas. Any vegas doods wanna meet for a pee break? #wanderindood #thedoodabides #goldendoodle

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