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Keep it flowing πŸ’§

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It doesnt have to be perfect. We dont have to be perfect. Humans arent perfect. "Perfect" isnt real, and if it was it would be boring.

Trying to be too perfect (and inevitability failing) is a fast way to create guilt and shame for yourself and judgment towards others for not living up to the perfect standard.

Giving ourselves permission to be bad goes a long way towards releasing our own internal judgment while helping absolve those around us. It can actually be relieving to witness someone close do bad shit because it relieves pressure on ourselves.

Yes, we should still hold ourselves to high standards of adding value to society. And we should help each other move towards our full potentials. But if we let our shadows out to play it can release a lot of negative baggage... and make life more fun!


Up up up! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

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Breathe deep

πŸ€” Sometimes you dont know you want something until you have it.
Sometimes you dont know how important something is until its gone. πŸ€”


Just under 2 years ago I spent the winter in a basement in seattle, sleeping on a fold out couch, with no savings, no cash flow, humiliated across the internet, unhireable, unemployable, desperately trying to launch my business so I could take full control of my life.

This year I have been everywhere, done everything, how I wanted, with who I wanted, for whom I wanted, becoming who I wanted.

Every day I wake up, I thank God-
I do not take this for granted.
I will not waste this opportunity.
I will give back as much as I can.
I will do my best to serve as many people as powerfully as I can to help them achieve their desires in life and achieve their full potential.

If you are trying to get there, write me and I can help. Its possible. And once you get started it will happen faster than you think.

When u try to go on a cool hike but have to stop every 1.2 seconds to take pictures πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ πŸ˜€

Half the people dont do what they say. They fail to keep resolutions to others and flake on their own lives. They attract unreliable people who dont follow through on mutual plans.

With the simple process of doing what you say you can transform your life into anything you wish. You attract reliable people who you can plan around and depend on.

Your word is your most important asset. Be sparing with the commitments you make and follow through even when it becomes inconvenient. Will be worth it.

Decisions are permanent;
actions cant be undone.
At the same time
Life is temporary;
even the sun will go out.
Live forward

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