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What always runs but never walks,
often murmurs but never talks,
has a bed but never sleeps,
has a mouth but never eats?

Going to a Say Anything show tonight! Here's my two favorite shirts. Both are from 2004. Both have been very heavily sweated upon.

Puddles in the park yesterday with @earthflow and her bottle of rum.

Nature and shit

Antlers, a hammock chair, and an almost tuned guitar.

Found this little sleepy bat out on the trail yesterday. Pretty sure all that crime fighting he does as a vigilante has him tuckered out.


WhiskeyAnything #BlowJobShots

Update: This little squirrely scout is doing much better!

Found this little guy last night. He seemed hurt, had a little bloody nose, plus he let me get so close. So we gave him a safe cozy place to sleep so no little night critters would come and snatch him up.

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