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Future home of Travis C. Anything

I build cool stuff in cool places sometimes when Im feeling cool.

Blurry summer

There isn't anybody who nose what I mean like this guy..

Scored big time on the raspberries today. Didn't take any of the mushrooms, but I should have. There was a fuck ton.


Wearing a scarf when it's 82 degrees out, wearing sunglasses when it's night time. I'm not even sure who's sunglasses those were. I just woke up with a text from a stranger with like 8 pictures of me looking like this. Not sure what was going on there, it's kind of weird though. Either way, it seemed like I should post it. Thanks stranger.

Mango Comapeño. On tap. God damn right.

Scratched up this sweet cowboy checkers game board out on the river yesterday. It's actually called "nine man's morris" but cowboy checkers sounds way cooler.


The stream was cold, but so were the Mint Juleps..

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