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Living the dream in Bozeman.  Art, photography and fun is what it's all about.

So I learned something new last night, turns out it is actually the Quaking Aspen trees that are responsible for the cotton blizzards happening around Bozeman right now. Apparently a long snowy winter and cool wet spring have juiced up their reproductive instincts! It's crazy right now! #springblizzard

Printing fond memories today! Marc going where's Waldo on the last day of the old Bridger Riblet chair 2010. #bestskiinginamerica #grizgrams #whitecreekart @marcparent92

It's literally snowing cotton in our back yard from the cottonwood trees. #farfromordinary @dougwebermt

When Practice is rained out, then it gets nice - time to shoot goals! Unleash the mullet! @blitzz_fc_official #dadcoach

The soccer rocker mullet might be in its prime form right now. 😆 He does look tuff on the field. #beastmode @blitzz_fc_official

Mikey and Drake, most attitude on the pitch! @blitzz_fc_official

A little windy for soccer Saturday in Great Falls. @blitzz_fc_official

Best little bar in Big Sky, find it if you can. Happy almost last day again! @trsimonson406 #biggestskiinginamerica haha

Bluebird Big Sky days are fun. Is it just me, or does it seem like the logo on the tram is upside down. This is the view you get, a lot. #justsayin. No #grizgrams here 😜

This crew always having a good time! Thanks for another season of fun and so much snow @bridgerbowl !! The real last day this time. Have a great summer everybody, see ya on the river! #grizgrams #bbowlslidin

To ski or not to ski is that the question? @andrewwells4 and @bvadesign debating about something on almost last day. #grizgrams #saddleup

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