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Hello...I am here to give you this. I love you, therefore I am here to provide you with a fatty discount! Yup, exactly. 65% off. You like music, ay that’s dope! Me too! So you need you one of these. I use it on the daily fr fr ( I would say this even if I didn’t because I’m tryna sell you this but shhh 🤫)....I really do use it tho. So again, I love you & I miss you bb. Cop you one!
LINK IS IN MY BIO!! 😤 and also here:

Hands off the hotel snacks, unless you feel like taking out a loan.
FULL VIDEO link in my bio ladies & girls :)

I dare you to pull up on the gang. My bounty only like $12.50 tho, but I’m working on it. 🙄 I’m finna do bad shit. 😤😈

When her mouf game crazy like she said it was and now you timid. #relatablecaption #Willyoupleasefollowmenow #WhenYouToldHerYouWere6foot8ButYouReallyACoo5foot2

Hello, from the dark side in. Does anybody here wanna be my friend?

I ain’t got shit to say

I can’t color...........yet. (Kakashi or Obito?)

I’ve decided to go on tour and do this exact thing in various chipotles across the country.



Brush ya toofises, AND brush your tongue too...people really forget that.....STOP FORGETTING THAT. Make sure you not out here melting people verbally. You ain’t never had to use a heater cuz breathing keep you warm in the winter. Whenever you stop to talk to someone from your car they say it was a drive by. Smh come on man, let’s get ya mouth polished. Electric toothbrushes be costing big BANDZ sometimes, so check me out: 👇🏼 Cop dis Elite Sonic Toothbrush
USE MY CODE: Travie7 for 75% off (LINK IN BIO) #AD

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