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  THE Video👇🏼

✍🏼Favorite character. If you watch MHA, who’s yours? 🤘🏼

Copped a fookin meany van, shit so vicious. Finally acquired my dream car. The big body odyssey. This shit got hella buttons. And no, I will not pick up your kids for you. Fuck them and their soccer practice.

PEEK A BOO NIGGA!!! Lol, scared the shit out of you. I be foolin hella babies with that too, shit lowkey terrifying.

You niggas ain’t NEVER seen a fresh white tee like this. I’m fuckin GLEAMIN ON YOU NIGGAS!😂 subscribe to my YouTube also (TravieBLACK) link in bio bb’s.

I really don’t draw much. But I enjoy anything that takes me out of my head. Shout out to @mayara_scarlet for the reference photo.


Hello...I am here to give you this. I love you, therefore I am here to provide you with a fatty discount! Yup, exactly. 65% off. You like music, ay that’s dope! Me too! So you need you one of these. I use it on the daily fr fr ( I would say this even if I didn’t because I’m tryna sell you this but shhh 🤫)....I really do use it tho. So again, I love you & I miss you bb. Cop you one!
LINK IS IN MY BIO!! 😤 and also here:

Hands off the hotel snacks, unless you feel like taking out a loan.
FULL VIDEO link in my bio ladies & girls :)

I dare you to pull up on the gang. My bounty only like $12.50 tho, but I’m working on it. 🙄 I’m finna do bad shit. 😤😈

When her mouf game crazy like she said it was and now you timid. #relatablecaption #Willyoupleasefollowmenow #WhenYouToldHerYouWere6foot8ButYouReallyACoo5foot2

Hello, from the dark side in. Does anybody here wanna be my friend?

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