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Aight so here it go...this speaker bang, I really do use it everyday. Not just cuz I’m tryna sell this to you. It’s water proof so I can keep it on me during the super soaker championship. There’s a microphone on it. So if you don’t have a car you can pretend like you do and you talkin to em through the speakers, and then have ya homie make some car noises and you straight.
My code gon slide you a cooooo 65% off. ($130) If you need/want that. Then go head and run them pockets man. Link is in my bio.
Bet. Thanks, I love you, and I miss you. I’ll see you when I come home bb. My feet been itchin again, I think we been taken over by fleas again. I saw 9 fleas battling at the end of the bed last night....oh shit my fault this was meant for my wife, idk how it ended up in my caption. Oops, well shit. Bye.


Give a fuck how you feeeeeeel



I mean...fuck it.

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For like the last 3 weeks or so I been drawing a lil bit. This is something that I wanna pick up. So this is all practice, i'm a rookie just learning through trial and error right now. I'm DEFINITELY just learning to work with markers as you can see mine a lil messy haha. I got a lot to complete and a lot I wanna draw. Im mostly gonna focus on my favorite amines and things revolving around that. I see all the mistakes I've made etc. I have a goal to tighten up on them and be able to eventually do these without a reference pictures. But it's all for fun so I don't take it too serious. Even though you gotta have patience cuz I be wanting to lowkey spazz out when my mind and hand don't be cooperating lmao (You can swipe to see the full pics)

PEEEEW PEW PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW! Haha y'all prolly thought you was getting shot at right now. Sorry for scaring you. Look man this not a ray gun in my hand. It's all good. This a spin brush, just like that big thicc ass fidget spinner in the top of the pic. Which ALSO reminds me that I'm bout to get some spinners to throw on the big body Honda Odyssey that I'm finna cop. ANYWAYS, this spin brush in my hands is used to fight crime (there's different sizes for the face, I got the big body for da body on it right now.) It's gonna help you fight all the dirt and scumbags that appear on ya face and/or body. With it being so hot and my AC being broke. All I do is sweat and sit here like an old ass gusher stuck to the Inside of a hot pocket sleeve. So I been using it to wash my face and it feels good. I be thinking Ima get pregnant sometimes cuz it feel so nice. Ok super gnarly dude. Now you can almost get pregnant too...for the low. With my code that's gon drop 70% off the price....you're welcome. Thanks. Ok you're welcome again....thanks? Yep that's what I'm here for. I am vessel to be used bb girl. #ad
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I'm standing here looking like a GTA loading screen. Standing here on this earth built like a Lego movie stunt double. Gaaaahh damn, I look like a machoke but my grandparents was 1/2 diglet. Sheesh. Anyways...... This shirt available for you and yours. All of y'all that been part of this "That's Art" for years on my channel. You can cop dis (link in bio) look even if you don't wanna wear it. Yo dog just threw up some lucky charms and relish...clean it up with my shirt. Oh you lactose intolerant but went to an ice cream buffet last night & you just ran out of toilet paper?? Aye, BET! Go ahead and use this shirt. Yo in the car gettin some top and you........well you get the point. Shit coooooo.

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