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T R V Z R P L Y  "Don't Change Horses in Midstream." -Dad

That's a shit ton of brass.

I absolutely love Jordan Peterson. His Videos on YouTube, Podcasts hosts/guests, writing and lectures. If you have a problem with him being a Pronoun Warrior, you probably need to clean out your own closet first, and challenge yourself. Look him up, and I hope he inspires you to think and look at the world more intelligently. #jordanpeterson #mapsofmeaning #freedomofspeech

I believe in Aliens, I also believe that there is a Reptillian Agenda. These are spaceships we are making for the Illuminati aka Deep State aka Initiated Freemasons aka Priory of Sion who control our planet. These are going to be installed at The Bohemian Grove and the next Builderberg group meeting so they can travel in between dimension and to their moon base. Pretty sweet huh?

Today's Soundtrack #suederazors

Sick setup bro, is that brass Vegan?

One more day till the best band on the planet destroys San Diego. @giudaofficial

Thank goodness this is the last week that I have to deal with this traffic on the 15 Fwy. Twice a week after work to my woodworking class at Palomar College has drained me. Thank goodness for good music.

That's a lot of Brass.

It has to do with his heritage? #twinpeaks #loglady #deputechiefhawk

You ever see the neural pathways of a worms brain sequenced and mapped out? No? Well here you you go! Matt Dunn nailed it! @tmldunn #sdai @sandiegoartinstitute #extraordinarycollusion

We welcomed in the first day of Summer here in San Diego. Now I'm going to enjoy #margaritamonth with this fine refreshment by #pradobalboapark . The Verde Margarita will hopefully cool us down on this warm Summer Night in #Americasfinest. Who wants to get Jacuzzi Wasted in this fine cocktail.

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