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Fall: When the bounty & fruits of our labor are gathered. Leaves & dead weight fall while everything gets the opportunity to cleanse & renew again.🍁 I fall in love with the simplicity & depth of the Fall season. Such as these leaves I stumbled (“falled” a.k.a “fell”) across (literally) this morning while grabbing a cup of coffee ☕️ I fall in love every time I see the vividness in color & uniqueness of every single leaf. (Just like the uniqueness in every human) 🍂What I guess I am trying to say is Fall is immensely beautiful because its a great reminder of renewal in life. It teaches us that renewal comes at a price so the blooming of flowers & fruits can come back healthier & more vibrant.⭐️Last year’s flower is wilted. Its gone. Petals that once fallen are fallen forever. Those flowers do not return in the spring, however, rather they are replaced. Renewal is paid. 🥀A reminder to let the dead things fall. Everything will come back with radiance & vibrance. ✨Life is the principle of constant self-renewal, it is constantly renewing & remaking & changing & transfiguring itself. 💕 (I actually left my phone in the car on purpose while I went to grab a coffee but noticed the simplicity in how colorful & beautiful these leaves were. So I went back to capture this moment in time) #ItsTheLittleThings #ThatMakeBigThingsHappen #AndComeAlive
#ILoveFall #FallingHard

Often forgotten by most ppl. 💕
#Flow #MindLikeWater

1st #babybump photo 💁🏻Truthfully, I simply haven’t posted a bump photo yet because I really haven’t started showing till now. Seems to have happened overnight too. 👶🏻 Weight gain throughout my 1st pregnancy hasn’t been all too much on my mind especially because I actually don’t know what I would consider my “starting” weight to be since I got pregnant right after a show (which means I was at my leanest/low weight).🤷🏻‍♀️ All I know is that it’s been slow & steady and all my weight gain has gone to my boobs & mostly my booty 😝 #winning If I️ could have it my way, I️ would walk around all day with no pants on...💁🏻 Thus far, this pregnancy has been really easy on me. No nausea, unless I need to eat but that’s normal for me anyways with baby or not! Appetite isn’t abnormal at all except I want absolutely nothing to do with anything remotely sweet....Vivid dreams but normally, I have them anyways. 😌 Oh!! How could I forget! Last night, I felt baby’s first kicks! ❤️❤️It’s just another reminder of how amazing our bodies are. #ImGrowingAFreakingHuman #StillInAwe


Not that this matters one bit..but at 17 weeks preggo I’ve had my first hankering of a craving 💁🏻It’s not what you would think it would be.. and in fact, I drove all the way across town...in “rush hour” traffic... & in the snow, up hill, both ways.... just for this freaking salad....🤷🏻‍♀️(jk about the hills & snow...who am I️ kidding, I️ live in California) 🌴☀️Currently, I’m repulsed by anything that sounds remotely sweet. So just give me all the fats & micronutrients instead 🙌🏽I️ still DONT know what the sex of this mighty baby is... but old wives tales would 👉🏼 to a 👶🏻💙 but obviously they’re not scientifically backed. 🤦🏻‍♀️Looking forward to the sweet surprise soon because I’m not very patient waiting to know 💁🏻 Anyhoo, here’s a mini update...I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ #cravings #cravingsolved #17weekspregnant

If we’re not growing, we’re dying. 🍃🍂🍁#growthgamestrong

So today I did a thang 💁🏻 I went and did a “float” today. 1,000lbs of epsom salt in about 10in deep of water. Which allows your body to float freely and relax without gravity interfering. It’s a complete sensory deprivation chamber. Sounds like fun, right?! For some, it takes getting used to but completely worth it. 😊My body feels more relaxed now without my occasional neck and mid back stiffness and I’m already planning for a wonderful night of sleep 😴 I’ll be back next week for some more🤗 #truerest #podselfie

In honor of my 10yr high school reunion this weekend, I’m throwing it back! What amazing memories & people I have had to opportunity to come across throughout those years! I love you all! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already!! #TimeFlies #nostalgia #loveyou #missyou


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