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iPhone Photographer ⋅ Scotland  Rachel | Travel + food photographer / Life doesn't look like this / Profile📸 @najii66 / Learn photography in Edinburgh with my @airbnb experience

Devastated to see the beautiful Glasgow School of Art gutted by fire again, after 4 years of painstaking restoration. Such an important part of our cultural heritage, the home of so many past and future generations of artists. Here’s hoping the building can somehow rise Phoenix-like from the wreckage (this was taken on the @glasgowschoolart architectural walking tour last year) // #travelswithmyphone #peoplemakeglasgow

Summer dilemma sorted. Have booked one-way tickets to Italy. Today’s battering from #stormhector is tempting me to just leave our planning at that and enjoy a future filled with pizza, ice cream and hazy summer days. What do you reckon? // #travelswithmyphone #theprettycities #igerslucca

How’s your Monday going? I’ve suddenly realised there’s only 3 weeks left until the summer holidays and we’ve made exactly zero plans! Alternating between mad panic at lack of childcare and the total joy of an empty calendar free to be filled with adventures and ice cream. Give me all your ideas please lovely people // #travelswithmyphone #caughtflowerhanded #shotoniphone

Had an absolute ball at @musselburghracecourse today. Haven’t been to the races in years so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s been such a fun atmosphere. I love all the little rituals involved, and of course the excitement of the races themselves. (No, I didn’t win anything). Thanks for your hospitality @musselburghracecourse // #travelswithmyphone #musselburghracecourse shot on my #Nikon D610 and 70-200mm lens, iPhone occasionally won’t quite cut it!

Ventured to Morningside today. It’s only about a mile from home but somehow I hardly ever go there. Anyway, the point of the expedition was that my camera has been serviced and has a clean sensor ready for @musselburghracecourse tomorrow which I’m super excited about. There’s still a few early bird tickets on sale until midnight, maybe see you there. Now all I need to do is figure out what to wear 👒🎩💃🥂 // #travelswithmyphone #musselburghraces #igersedinburgh

A busy day of painting and prep ready for our graduation exhibition @expos18ed which opens tomorrow. So exciting to see everyone’s hard work translated into brilliant big photos on the walls. Edinburgh folk, DM me if you’d like an invite to the opening night tomorrow, or pop by, the exhibition will be up at @ootbdrillhall from Wednesday until Thursday 14th June // #printyourwork

I wander down this street almost every morning. And on my @airbnb experience, and it may be a little instagram-famous, but there’s always something pretty to see. In other news, school sports day today. Brilliant fun, but I was *that* proud/embarrassing mum shouting encouragement while taking pictures with a 200mm lens. Not quite what I bought it for, but does the trick! //#theprettycities #igersedinburgh #travelswithmyphone

Watching an Edinburgh street being transformed into foggy 1930s London complete with gorgeous vintage cars careering past and a shiny red Routemaster bus from @theoriginalredbus was really a magical conjuring trick. It’s all for a film called “Gareth Jones” directed by Agnieska Holland. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for it later this year // #thisisedinburgh #travelswithmyphone #scotlandisnow

Spot anything unusual? Nope, it’s not the zombie apocalypse, but they’re filming some period drama so they’ve helpfully removed all the cars, street signs and other modern clutter. Looks much better and saves me tidying up in photoshop! #whp🙂

The sun’s out, the magnolia is blooming and I’ve handed in my final project after two years studying. Off to celebrate tonight with a swanky dinner with @buckandbirch and @mirankchauhan That is all! (I’ll pop my final photography portfolio into stories if you want to have a nosey at what I’ve been up to) // #friyay #igersedinburgh

Yoo hoo! I’m still here. Would love to say that I’ve been taking some sort of principled break from social media, but actually, I’ve just been too busy to 'gram anything. Who knew that work, being a full time student, building a new house and maintaining some sort of family life and sanity could be a little tricky? .
Anyway, there’s lots to celebrate, my favourite blossom tree is almost in full bloom, and in a few weeks I’ll be back her a bit more regularly. If you fancy being a generous soul, you can contribute to our fund raising for our graduation exhibition, I’ve popped the gofundme link in my bio. We have baked, begged and otherwise pestered nearly half way to the £2k we need to be able to put on the show. (Edinburgh folks, come by for a beer, opening night is Tuesday 5th June).
Thanks to all of you for your sweet messages of concern, I’ve missed chatting with you and all your wonderful pictures, back soon, promise 😘 // #inspiredbypetals #theprettycities #igersedinburgh

What’s the best way to banish a bad case of post holiday meh? Cuddling a 12-hour-old lamb seems to have done the trick. This one has now stopped whining about being bored ... // #WHPimbored #thelittleadventurer #shotoniphone #portaitmode

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