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Airplane. Hotel. Repeat.  Photos taken by me over the last 20 years of traveling for work (and pleasure) and being a big spoiled travel baby. Always a window seat.

America is beautiful. Just look at her.

The Pacific at sunset. Gold and glitter. I don’t normally take photos right into the sun, but here, the waves glimmer with the last moments of the day’a sun....magical.

Mars? Something from a science fiction movie? No, just the approach to Salt Lake City. Our country is wondrous, and never ceases to amaze me, even landscapes I’ve seen many many times still make me stop and stare....and share.

I love flowers. Love. Mostly, I love giving them...but like in all things, you must have an appreciation for the breadth, subtlety and detail which creates something beautiful. Learn your flowers, men. It’s a part of being cultured. Being romantic. It pays dividends in life.

Something to make you all 😂 silly, silly boy. I love how he goes counterclockwise for a while, then BAM! Clockwise. Goofball.

Long, LONG, trying and challenging week. Thankfully the weather was accommodating, finally. Nothing is easy, but at least sometimes it can be pleasing to the eye.

Saint-Sulpice. More than 200 years to construct and dating back to the 13th century, it’s a mixture of architecture from classical gothic to rococo influences. The energy inside this cavernous Church is palpable. Like most of Paris, it has an incredible history in its origin, design and series of construction’s Paris through and through.

This. This is what I want. It might look like I’m on vacation a lot, but I need a vacation. An actual vacation, full of.....nothing.

It’s extra spring this year. It’s like nature was as frustrated with the weather as we all have been and now.....blessed spring. Glorious, over-the-top bursting at the seams spring. A much earned reward is the best reward.

The Louvre under skies which are as interesting as anything inside. Why is it that everywhere I look in Paris is visually compelling?

Summer. Where are you? We had a wonderful few days in the northeast and now...chilly again. Beach, sun, warm water...if you won’t come to me, I will seek you out. Soon. Very, very soon....

Something silly, but from something beautiful. The Jardin du Luxembourg has a relaxing, recharging energy that only asks that you pause for a moment, and breathe in life. Put it on your bucket list...put it at the top.

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