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A lake on the way up to the summit.

You guys all know I love this place.

Dear MN, MN Friends, & Family,
Although, I love you all. I wanted to remind you the reasons I'm not moving back to MN. Winter is coming.

An old picture of David and I, when I was trying to figure out which shoe. He goes, "what about me?" So, I grabbed him and it turned out to be a pretty classic picture.

A throwback to New York since I mostly post nature stuff. I kinda want to go back.

My kid is going to look back at his childhood and remember that he was fortunate and humbled enough to experience all the places he's gone.
Humility is the greatest trait a person can have but the toughest to teach. I think about that all time. How do I teach my kid this place? His friends get $150 zuca backpacks. They have gaming stations. This and that. More and more stuff.
I decided to give him what he needs. A place to live within our means. Big enough but not extra. A car that gets us from A to B. Clothes that are nice but not expensive. Lastly, experiences that are invaluable.
Now, you all know why I drove a 2003 Honda Civic with 250,000 miles on it until my hand was forced recently to buy a new car (I know...finally).

In this moment, I decided to move to San Diego. We landed in Solana Beach 3 years ago. I can't believe it's already been 3 years. Now, we're in Pacific Beach but Solana will always be my favorite.

Minnesota Nice.

When David had a boy bun and a lizard crawling on him.

I don't have creative captions. Love him.

#Sunsets in MN.

Happy Fourth! Happy to be in MN.

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