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Do you have a dog? I really want one again 😫. A nice big husky or wolfdog.

Would you climb this tree? I wonder why we stop doing certain things when we're adults 🤔. Sometimes at work, I think, "None of this shit is gonna matter to me when I'm 70 or 80. I'm not gonna look back and go, damn, I should've worked harder on that project. I'm gonna think I should've went on that trip when I still had my health. I should've went on that hike when I still had my legs."

Have you been to Zion? My first time!

How far can your kids hike?
I dunno how far is too far or too hard. He out ran me on this one. So, I assume it was building up his tolerance whatever I was doing before 😂.

And Be Humble.
How do you teach kids to be humble?

Seek and wonder. What's s kid thinking about at the top of a mountain?

What's (one of) your most embarrassing moments? Me? So many. Where do I start?

I didn't lock the plane bathroom and a middle aged man opened the door. Had to fly the rest of the flight with him.

I crossed a street and slipped and fell but did it by doing the splits.

Would you do a night hike?
A night hike we did over the weekend. I wanted to set the city lights. David whooped us all the way up the mountain.

Would you take this picture? It is as high as it looks. But, fun it twas. @kimcanwin

Would you jump in this water hole?
Sometimes, the water raises as high as the rock I'm sitting on and above in minutes.

What's the most important thing you've learned in your career?
Me: If a client wants to do things the long way, fuck it. Go ahead. We can things the long way or the short way. I get paid either way. The amount of energy required to argue otherwise isn't even worth the effort. As long as I made my case and clearly stated facts, then let's do it the long way. I just extended my job security. At the end of the day, I'm not saving lives. I'm just an app developer not our lord and savior.

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Have you ever seen a bison up close?
They're so gigantic. We were driving through when they were migrating through the park.

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