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Andy Larson  Trash Bags top legit official gram launch point, @magneticghost for all things not

Trash Bags in the wild, DC edition w @bigs189 getting prepped for that long holiday weekend hauling that charcoal grill home w his Superfund

Fresh website “in stock” section update, all of these and more ready to go, check it out

@iffypinto on the capacity report for the new “Recycler” backpack. Looks small, still maxes out at 18 beverages, a light sweater, keys, phone, and whatever else small you have with you.

Trash Bags in the wild mpls 🛫 to Copenhagen 🛬 edition w the space junk making bike flight for @jay_sayer a breeze.

Trash Bags in the wild, extremely #swisneyland edition w @kurierzentrale . Oh, to ride around Switzerland, it’s beautiful. I still think about the Basel to Milan ride over the Apls all the time, one of the best rides I’ve ever done.

Thanks @iffypinto @evangeometro @richardbeefnoodle for modeling the new Recycler casual commuter backpack for me, you are all diamonds 💎

New bag alert 🚨! The first run of the limited edition “Recycler” casual commuter backpack just went live—- these use interesting and new (to Trash) fabrics like wool, waxed canvas / waxed cotton cloth, goretex, cotton canvas, and light nylon pack cloth. Perfect summer ruck sack, snag one now from the website “in stock” section before they are gone. Raw fabric quantities are ultra limited for these, so each one is very likely to be its own unique bag, forever and ever. First run of seven up now, $175 if you want to #callnow check the insta story for more pics #callnowimmediately #trashmessengerbags

Trash Bags in the wild, Christchurch, New Zealand edition w @energymessengers

Working w materials like waxed cotton cloth, wool suit cloth remnants, cotton canvas, goretex, 500d pack cloth, in addition to the usual stuff for the new limited run casual commuter bag—-going to drop the first run of ‘em on Friday. These will be the “Recycler” playing off the wool remnants. Each one will be different and based off of whatever limited quantity of these interesting materials I can source. Makes a good change of pace from the usual huge backpacks we’re constantly kicking out.

Couple of fresh Garbage Trucks and a bunch of Can Crushers in an “in stock” section update that just went up, check em and try to wreck em.

@mplsmachine retired his 6.5 year old Incinerator for a crisp new Inferno. It was the second Incinerator I ever made, and it was still on the job. after six years plus of daily abuse a bag truly reaches the floppy stage of life, and it’s best served to hang up in the wall as a trophy and start over on the new one.

Trash Bags in the wild: “we got 15+ inches of snow this weekend in Minneapolis” edition, so @foxstaraven used his vortex to make the trek to the sledding hill. #trashmessengerbags #sledlife #carrysledolympics

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