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justin tranter  Songwriter/Lesbian Impersonater.

Does anyone know the best place to donate money to help?

If we don't ALL speak out against Nazis now, if we don't ALL speak out against white supremacist now, their hate will take over before we know it. It's happened before, it can happen again.

If you're not angry and saying something about our president siding with Nazis then you are part of the problem. NAZIS.

If you won't denounce Nazis but denounce a man who resigned because you won't denounce Nazis, you might be a Nazi. And a white supremacist. And a homophobe. And a misogynist.

It's hard to post/think about things that don't involve the insane hate happening in our country. But I won't let them take my joy. This magical ditty is I co-wrote with my boos is coming later this week and I'm very excited!!

The "president" spewed hate speech on the campaign trail, put known anti semites and racists in the White House, and now the hoods are off. This is so scary. Hate won't solve their problems. Exclusion doesn't help anyone or anything. I'm gonna love my friends and family extra hard today. (Ps after last night can we stop saying "white nationalist" and "alt-right" and say what it really is? KKK, Nazi, Racists, Homophobic.)

Thank you SO much @outmagazine for presenting me with the Power Of Originality award last night. To share the stage with @donlemoncnn was pretty darn special. As I said in this lil vid it was so chic to be on the Power 50 list especially since it was so diverse. If the LGBTQ community can't embrace diversity, how can we expect the rest of the world to embrace us. (Ps YES to my lesbian art teacher look)

Queen Kesha. 7 years of friendship have involved things like running into each other at 2am at 7-Eleven, saving each other at industry parties, my band touring with you, and now cowriters. Getting in the studio with you and @rickyreed is def a life highlight. This album coming out was a long time coming and you deserve every single amazing thing that's going to come from it. #findingyou #boots (ps our subtle outfits from 4 years ago are slaying my life.) @iiswhoiis


Dear World meet @wesperiod! Rapper, singer, writer, producer, weirdo, and sweetheart. About 6 weeks ago he played me this song and it's been my fav song ever since. Go to @spotify now to listen to the emotional yet fun as fuck #TrapStar.

The time zone I'm's already Thursday. #tbt to this subtle moment.

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