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hm. i guess it's about time i size down? // About 8+ years ago, i was nearing 240 lbs... *squeezing* myself into a men's size 36 pants. Over the course of 4 years, i lost close to 30 lbs and was fitting into my 36s decently. I maintained around 210 for the next 4 years until about 5 months ago when i was motivated to lose a few extra pounds — not for any reason other than to feel better, to alleviate knee pains, and to hopefully look better too! Today, i weighed in at 194 lbs... and i noticed that i now have a lot more room! // #portioncontrol #limitcarbsandsugar #keepactive #shoppingfor34s

i had seen the first 2 episodes of #ThisIsUs a while ago... pretty much binge watched the next 7 today...... SO MUCH FEELS! #8moreepidodestogo

The #DSYSVolleyball club is in its 2nd year and the #U13 team in its debut season... and w/ a lot of teamwork and gritty play, we made it to the semi finals and lost in the deciding set! There are some amazing teams and individual players in our age group — the coaches and parents are all so proud of how our girls played over the course of this ginormous 3-day tourney! // #CapitolHillVolleyballClassic

day 2 of 3 days of all things #volleyball... we'll be here until 9:30p or so 😳// #CapitolHillVolleyballClassic #DSYSVolleyball #U13

just 8 courts out of the 122 courts at the #CapitolHillVolleyballClassic! Go #DSYSVolleyball #U13

4:34am... apparently lots on my mind... i went to bed at midnight... i tossed and turned the whole night... and i was already awake before i decided to "capture time"... and then it took me nearly an hour to fall back asleep to get in an hour of shuteye before getting up for the day and work. BAH! #gotinsomegoodthinking #gonnabealongday #needmorecaffeine

let's be mindful that while we celebrate "love" this #ValentinesDay, there are those whose hearts ache for relationships that may not be, are broken, or have been lost.