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@daniellegetsfit91 After realizing I needed to change, I’ve lost 153 pounds through exercise and proper nutrition. I started my June 1, 2017 and still going strong 💪🏼💪🏼

When you really want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen. I went from playing basketball and eating whatever i wanted to a Classic Physique champion striving to become an IFBB Pro. God Makes a way and im living proof. -Train Like You’re N 2nd Place- @coyusjustlifts

Transformation from january to july 2018. Follow @tcaato for more motivation.

Hapiness is a choice, your choice ! So be the person who will step forward and do what is right. Have a nice day.! More fitness / lifestyle motivation @lubko_hajas ! 💪🏻🔥

Transformation from @crazychris91

Transformation from @josebfitness

Best seller is back in stock👌🏻 #DedicatedNutrition

The best tasting proteine shake you will ever have😏 #DedicatedNutrition

If you only knew how many times I thought I couldn't do a certain exercise or lift/squat a certain weight. Do a certain amount of reps. It can actually be frequently. It can be so automatic for us to support our limiting thoughts. To believe something is impossible before we even try. Sometimes, this belief can prevent us from ever starting

That first time we push ourself, or someone else pushes us, to do something that seems impossible, and we finish, not only is it exciting but we create a new pathway in our brain. We now have experience of doing what we thought we couldn't do. And that experience will stay with us. I am where I am today because of pushing myself, or others pushing me, to do what I once thought was impossible.

We are powerful BEings. More then we will EVER know. We can do more then we will ever be able to experience. There's always gonna be someone out there that had the same limitation you believe you have, yet they've conquered through it to recieve the result you want. WHY NOT YOU? This is why we have to keep trying. We have to keep pushing ourself. We have to let go of our limitations. We have to tear down our barriers. We have to keep risking the impossible. Because in reality, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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