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Gainz from @jmont_fitness

Only a few lbs difference, which is why I always say ''screw the scale''. It didn't happen overnight, a trasformation takes time. I had to learn to be patient . Since January my macros changed, I eat more carbs ( you need carbs to grow🍑) and I'm doing less cardio. Gaining strength throughout my entire body has been the greatest feeling in the world💪🏼It's crazy what a few months and some dedication to a goal can do, my body fat has decreased drastically!! And my booty.... hello!!!🍑 I've to thanks all the good carbs, all the sweat and all the deadlifts & squats I did in the past months. Nothing happens overnight but don't get discouraged, start today and be focused on your goals💪🏼💫@fit_cello

2015 vs 2017 BEAST 💪🏻👉🏻 @romanelanceford

2013 vs 2016 😱 @jacobmeredithh

My six month transformation. On the left, I was continuing to eat whatever I wanted and not really caring what I put into my body. On the right, I had been counting macros and eating healthy for around 2 months. Diet is the key to success. You can workout all day, every day but will not see the results you want to see without controlling what you put into your body. Follow @hac_fit for workouts, motivation, and to follow along on the journey with me✊️

Go check out @ryannacefit for his fitness tips and secrets! He lost 100lbs in 22 months! He has been helping numerous amounts of people achieve their fitness goals ever since! Give him a follow and check out his fat-loss transformation video that is in his bio!

❌LEFT SIDE👈🏼 I restricted calories. Didn't know what I was doing. Worked out every time a ate something bad. Even multiple times a day. I was not happy. I developed an eating disorder👎🏼 I didn't get a lot of nutrition. I did a ton of cardio. I was at my lightest weight. I was very crabby and emotional. I had a lot of negative thoughts about myself.
✅RIGHT SIDE👉🏼 Eating whatever I want. I'm happier then I've ever been. No eating disorder. Barely any cardio for meee😇 I'm at my heaviest weight, but the best shape I've ever been in. I am very positive and I love what I do everyday. I'm finally found the balance to staying healthy and fit!💕
🔵Keep working towards your goals. Making small changes and improvements everyday will help you get there. All it takes is hard work and persistence. 😊💕 @heatherevo

Awesome 6 month transformation by @georgiyboy__

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