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My Transformation from March 6, 2016-Now
Growing up I had very little self confidence, but now I found something I’m good at and that is my obsession.. In this last year I’ve learned Never let anyone or hate get in the way of your vision and set goals.. Just get up and go do it... small changes but I’m happy with were I’m at and this is only the beginning

Get 10% discount @ www.DedicatedNutrition.eu with code "TRANSFORMATION10" @dedicatednutrition #TeamDedicated

Get 10% discount @ www.DedicatedNutrition.eu with code "TRANSFORMATION10" @dedicatednutrition #TeamDedicated

Get 10% discount @ www.DedicatedNutrition.eu with code "TRANSFORMATION10" @dedicatednutrition #TeamDedicated

Bulk vs shredd😱💪🏻 @andreideiu_

Little by little becomes a lot, don't ever give up on your goals. Check out @phinewwind transformation.

Amazing #transformation by @indy_s_g 💪🏽! • I don’t like to call it a transformation but rather #progress. I remember taking the picture on the left and thinking “what have I done to myself” • I’d trained consistently for years but reached a point where I wasn’t #focused enough. It wasn’t too bad, I looked #big in clothes and could still lift #heavy #weights but didn’t feel confident. I weighed around 88kg and bodyfat would have been above 20% • It’s been steady progress and a year or so later I hit the pic on the right, sitting in at 93kg and 7.5% bodyfat
• The biggest challenge I have had is I don’t work a 9-5 job. Working in investment banking means 12 hour days or more, sometimes weekends, travelling for meetings etc. • Everyone has their own challenges, but you just need to adapt!
• It’s easy for people to judge you but unless they know the level of dedication, focus and sacrifice needed they will never understand the self satisfaction and courage you get from achieving a physical transformation, it allows you to realise you can achieve any goal if you put your mind to it: financial, educational, emotional, eat a pack of Oreos in 5 seconds. Because it’s not easy
• Every challenge is a test, you just have to find a way to adapt and still achieve your goals #corpfitness

Here is @Aussiemaria she has transformed her body in 6 months losing 10kgs.

Done walking in the mornings and watching her diet which included cutting out red meat.

She has gained a lot of confidence and now smiles when she looks into the mirror. Follow @aussiemaria for more of her weightloss journey.

Crazy motivating to see old pictures and see how far you’ve come. Makes me excited for the future. Feeling more comfortable in my own skin day by day, and that’s all that really matters I guess right? Progress is truly an addiction. @ethanjcosgrove

I worked hard the past 4 years to get these results, I have 2 chronic illnesses ( diabetes & chronic Lyme disease ) so it was not easy. If you really want something you can find a way. Follow me for more inspiration and some positive vibes @cynthiahouben_

I @allbusinessfitness was determined to go Pro for over 15 years....It finally happened.
Giving up on your dreams is a mistake. Grip and Rip until EVERYTHING you Want
is accomplished.

🔴Bulk life VS shredded life!🔴 Dropped 10kg in 15 weeks for this comp!
Follow me for more of my journey and see how I accomplished this in such a short space of time! @chesterbirch

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