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Francis  👿 Angery true chu2 ☝️ #singleridersonly

Happy Birthday Yoshiko! Thank you again for being the lovable chu2 that you are, and for making my Love Live! experience possible 😈💓 Here's me posing with a custom unibliz neso courtesy of @nyanoha

Cosplaying #kanzakihideri from #blendsanime was one of my favorite experiences at #animeexpo2018 :^)

#animeexpo2018 marks exactly 3 years in the Love Live! fandom for me. Seeing people's reactions to #brohane continues to be my highlight in all my years of attending cons. I love taking selfies and chatting with other Love Livers even if just for a little bit!

Not really sure what the future holds for me, but I will see Aqours through until the end :")

(Reposted photo from the official Love Live Staff Twitter)

When I heard Aqours was coming to LA to perform a 'full-live', I was skeptical at first and mostly unenthusiastic, mostly because I knew it would never match the experience of attending a live in Japan. BUT last moment I decided on buying a ticket less than 24 hours before the live, because regardless about I feel about AX, I should attend regardless to support the hard-working seiyuu.

What unfolded before my eyes at 'Yuuki wa doko ni' from arguably the best seats in the venue, the very back (when would you EVER say this at ANY concert) was the most beautiful display of solidarity from Love Live fans of all walks and colors of life, coming together for a unified cause, to show just how much we appreciate Aqours and all of the hard work they do for us. The seiyuu will remember this experience for a lifetime. As soon as I heard Anchan's faltering voice and onset of tears during her solo when she realized what we were doing, I knew we had accomplished what I thought to be impossible with 7,000 fans. The creators and coordinators of the Aqourainbow project, and the audience that helped make it happen, can have yet one more thing to look forward to; this moment will hopefully be replicated by Japanese LL fans and that we now have claim to fame a new penlight tradition!

So yes, while attending a live in Japan is an unforgettable experience - to partake in our own Yousoroad/Kananrail moment, and the closest feeling of audience participation that is second only to the UO ocean for u's, is unforgettable in its own right. Thank you Aqours, @aqourainbow team, and all of the international Love Live fans. 🌈

Surprise! Had lots of fun today as BRODERI 💪😤✌️

Last photo from this set by @jrafanan and @tran_scendental from ALA, I saved the best for last~
The Mijuku Dreamer outfit is one of my favorite Yohane outfits so I'm really happy I had a chance to cosplay it :"D

Here I am cosplaying as yohane in the shark sleeping bag from one of the episodes #itsjoke

I have a post for TBT today! If this picture and pose looks familiar, it's because I wanted @jrafanan to re-create the shot that @sploradorali took of me exactly one year ago at ALA! I really like this comparison as it shows just how much growth I've experienced over the past year 🤔

I sorta miss cosplaying GB Nico but I never figured out which outfit to do next. Actually, I don't know which Brohane outfit I'll be doing next either :")

I had a blast at Katsucon! Attending my first out-of-state con was the best decision I've ever made! I am so happy I got to finally meet some friends from IG I've been following for a while now, as well as new friends who have helped make this weekend the best con experience I've had to date!
Also, this comes a little late, but thank you everyone for 1k followers! :") The best part about cosplaying #brohane is getting to meet so many dedicated fans from this fandom, and the compliments I've received this weekend truly made my day. I am so thankful to have so many fans supporting me, and I hope I can continue to be a positive influence for others as well!

I loved Katsucon so much that I will definitely be back next year! :"D 📸:@anbudomedia

Brohane wishes you a Happy Halloween! 🎃

Photography: @jrafanan
Cosplay Stylist: @tran_scendental
Lighting Assist: @daemonomics

I'm pretty exhausted and lost my voice from going to 2 live viewings in a day, but I couldn't have been happier with yesterday's LL experience! (well, minus my scouting haha)

The highlight song for me had to have been Daydream Warrior, it was as lit as I imagined it to be, but I was blown away at all their performances! The girls have been working so hard since I saw them in February and you can really see it in the 2nd live!

It was so nice hanging out with fellow trash and chatting with everyone even just for a little bit! And it makes me so happy anytime recognizes me from IG, thanks for saying hi! :') What made this experience better from the first was that the community felt a lot closer this time around. People running up to wota in the theater, sharing UOs with those around you, the way Love Live brings everyone together at these LVs is a beautiful thing!

Hope everyone that went this weekend had a great time! I also love my new Aqours happi :D

I was Nico last weekend at the School Idol Movie! Enjoy one of my only selfies taken that day :')

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