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Carla Radames 💋  ✿ ❝ ℓσσкιиg fσя мє, вσуѕ? ❞ ✿ ~ ➷➹➷ⒸⓁⓄⓃⒺ ⓄⒻ ⒶⒹⒶ ⓌⓄⓃⒼ ➷➹➷ ~ ❥- Roleplay Account ~

{} Carla half smirks in a kiss she was surprisingly pulled into. A kiss that could have been a mistake, a kiss that must've been mistaken.. Leon probably thinking She was Ada Wong. But oh boy Carla wasn't gunna pull back any time soon. Leon's warmth from the embrace and lips pressing against her's is like medicine, it makes her feel stronger, energized, and most definitely confident. Carla sensed Ada's presence, her confidence boosting even more. Ada just saw her man kissing another woman! That Woman being herself!! Carla wrapped her arm around Leon's shoulder and stick her middle finger right at Ada. Carla was enjoying this way more then she should~ {}
💋// Leon x Carla: Opened //

{} Carla chuckled, smirking as her eyes flickered curiously. Mixed emotions going threw her veins like electricity. She had to say something fast before this gets any worse.. {}
"Alright hotshot.. step away from me before you end up attacking." .
💋// Piers x Carla RP: opened //

💋Rules ! 💋
{}1: No Controlling My Character {}
{}2: Romance/Fantasy/Drama is only allowed! (Since I'm only good at those two..) {}
{}3: Please Don't Abuse or hurt my character unless I give you permission to do so. {}
{}4: I completely understand if English isn't your first language but please try to have some type of good grammar. 💕{}
{}5: Please tell me if I ever offend you or if your ever getting bored of the roleplay- I will always try to make it better or start a new one if your not comfortable with it~ {}
{}6: Erotica/Cursing is allowed. {}
{}7: I'm not an impatient person, I'll will wait for your response and not bother that much, I'll probably bother you once- and that's when 2 weeks past, but after that I won't bother you no more! please though, do the same with me and not bug and push me to respond, life is getting pretty difficult right now. {}8: PLEASE BE DESCRIPTIVE! 2-3 paragraphs or more!! I hate when I take time into writing a entire paragraph or more and then only get a one sentence back- like, really? I have too much of a big imagination to just be getting 1
sentence in responses 😩{}
{}9:Have fun!! I'm not a rude person, i will make sure your enjoying the roleplay as much as I am. :)
If you agree to all of my rules and will make sure 100% that you'll follow them.. please, PM me if your ever up to roleplay!
Thank You. 🌺

// ignore

{}Carla's heels clicking echo all around as she walked across the rocky road. When she spotted a intact sturdy rock, she immediately sat on it and threw her leg across her knee, a tiny smile resting on her pink lips. This was her first time approaching her audience.. of course she needed a good introduction.{} "Hello All, just wanted to stop by and say that I can't wait to talk to each and everyone one of you.. I'm not as evil as I may seem, so don't be afraid. I don't bite.." {}She scoffed, putting her arms behind her.{}
//Hi!! Admin here~ just wanna stop by real quick to tell you guys about this account! .. okay, so.. this account is use for roleplaying and only roleplaying. Descriptive Romance Roleplay's to be exact. So I'm A L W A Y S gunna be in character in every post I post and every comment I reply to unless it has ' // ' then that means I'M talking, not Carla. :) so uh.. if you ever wanna roleplay just hmu and we'll talk about it and continue from there! ..Kay~ bai!! //
~ 💋

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