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MAP Training  Full online personal training services! Nutritional guidelines 🍽 Workout Regimens 🏋🏻‍♂️ Video tutorials 🎥 Owned/Operated by Pro athlete @gregsiewers14

The MAP Training Yoga Instructor!
His sessions just seems to be a lot of downward dog though... 🐕🤨

Breakfast anyone? 🥚🥦
Cauliflower egg white cup recipe was a total success! Just another great recipe coming out in the MAP Training cookbook!

Sometimes you just have to rely on your will to win and have #NOQUIT to make it through. 🐺

Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
Just one word to keep in mind the next time you feel like a move is too hard or a workout is too intense.🔥

Today’s push-up challenge! 🔥🙇🏻‍♂️ (wait for it...)
Don’t mind the little spectator 🐕👀


Being “busy,” “tired,” and/or “lazy” are no longer excuses for not staying on track with your meal plan! .
When you’re feeling one (or all) of these ways, try adding a whey concentrate shake to your day instead of grabbing fast food 🍟🍩 or skipping a meal all together ☠️
Whey concentrate is designed to absorb in your body similarly to how a whole food protein would. Filling 1x snack or meal a day with one of these shakes can help keep your muscles fed and your metabolism healthy 🔥, but most importantly, keep you on track with your FIT eating!
Besides, why wouldn’t you want a peanut butter cup flavored shake in the middle of the day!? 🥜🍫🤤
Trying to pick a protein for yourself? Feel free to message me for help!!

Grilled Salmon, Garlic Spinach & mixed cauliflower rice 🐟🍃🍽
Made in under 10min. & a perfect fit into any fit meal plan!

To all the paintball players out there that want to be better athletes & healthier people;
You can get 10% off now through Sunday at midnight on all MAP Training programs!
Use code NXL at checkout💰

When times get hard...
When you don’t feel like it...
When things aren’t going your way...
At all costs....

More recipes for the MAP Training cookbook!
A perfect breakfast & personal favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Protein Waffles!! 👀🔥

A lesson on FAILURE;
Hitting failure in a workout is actually a success in disguise. It’s a sign that you’re working at your highest capacity.
The result of these failures is, inevitably, PROGRESS!
Don’t be afraid to fail...or add a little kick to get that extra rep!

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